Security is not just one issue for London 2012, video from MSN, note by Larry Eder

Security is part of any and all events of any size or stature. It is, unfortunately, just part of modern life.

2012 London Olympic stadium.jpgLondon 2012 Stadium, (August 2011), photo by Larry Eder

We have attached a short video that we found from the app Taptu, which I use on my iphone to keep track of various news feeds.

When RBR was in London this past summer for the AVIVA Meeting, we were fortunate to visit near the London 2012 stadium site. At that time, one of our friends explained that the security around the London Olympics has been there since the first concrete was poured on the stadium. Not only are there various security groups from UK, but also US, Interpol, and others. As the video notes, there are other threats besides terrorism. Protests from various groups and plain old thievery are two of the groups that the local police and security forces have to consider.

As the focus of world attention for three plus weeks, (actually about 114 days, when one adds in the ParaOlympics and related events), one has to be careful what one wishes for.  Gaining media attention when 10,000 media representatives will be coursing around London next summer will not be that hard.

Yet, it is one of the lesser known areas, and least appreciated areas of putting on a major event.

Here is the video we were suggesting that you watch:

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