100 Reasons why Athletics is the Best sport in the world! Reasons 21-40, from www.spikesmag.com, note by Larry Eder

Anyone who does not get number 25, that track & field is the heart of the Olympics, just does not get sports, period. Here are reasons 21-40 from our friends at www.Spikesmag.com

Part two

To mark 100 years of the IAAF, SPIKES has come up with 100 reasons to celebrate the world's number one sport. So in no particular order, here are reasons 20-40...

21. It's what the people want
Global TV audience figures are difficult to substantiate, but looking at national figures, athletics really does grab the world's attention every four years. London 2012 delivered British broadcaster BBC record audiences.

22. Tweet tweet
Social media sizzled at 2,360 tweets per second as Bolt clocked 9.63 to win gold in London. That's a new world record of 100m in 22,000 tweets.

23. Choose your pace
From the rough and tumble of the steeplechase to the ultimate test of physicality and tactical nous in middle distance, athletics is a battleground of races packed with heroes, villains and legendary rivalries.

24. Usain Bolt
The God-like superstar of contemporary athletics who transcends the sport like no other athlete in history. He has a cool signature pose, too.

25. It's the heart of the Olympics
Swimming, cycling and basketball are all very good, but, really deep down everyone knows the Olympic Games is all about athletics; the beating heart of the Olympic movement. How cool is that?

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