Red Bull Presents The Athlete Machine (Kluge), video by Red Bull, Athlete Machine from, deep thoughts from Larry Eder

This is a funny, yet strange video. Red Bull has done many things to get their name in the 24 hour media circus, and this time, well, it is pretty funny too and ingenious. All to deliver a can of Red Bull. 

We were sent this under the guise of LoLo Jones hurdling for the first time since London. Now, being inquisitive sorts, and also that, like LoLo Jones 360,000 plus twitter followers (58,000 in May), we like to see LoLo Jones hurdle, we embedded the video.

Fun, Rube Goldbergesque, inventive, and, most of all, well done. Red Bull wins the RBR first annual Rube Goldberg award for fun, inventive, goofy approaches to modern issues. This time,
with the help of, Red Bull figured out how to deliver a can of Red Bull in a quite inventive way. 


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