RunBlogRun's Event of Day Six: Bondarenko Wins High Jump, by Larry Eder

Bohdan Bondarenko, photo by

Bondarenko was the man on day six of the world championships in Moscow. His gold medal performance and the hint of what he can do in the future made him RunBlogRun's Event of the Day! 

RunBlogRun's Event for Day Six: Men's HIgh Jump

The Men's high jump was one of the most exciting events during the Moscow World Championships, and is our pick for the Event of Day Six. It is all about one athlete, Bohdan Bondarenko! 

Bohdan Bondarenko surprised many in Monaco, just before the World Championships with his huge 2.41 meter jump and then, made a game attempt at 2.46 meters, one centimeter above the current World Record of 2.45 meters. 

At the World Championships, Bondarenko was challenged by London gold medalist Ivan Ukhov, London silver medalist Erik Kynard, and Olympic bronze medalist Derek Drouin, Robbie Grabberz and Mutaz Barshim.

It got interesting at 2.32 meters, as Ukhov, Barshim, Drouin, and Bondarenko cleared the height. Then, Bondarenko cleared 2.36m, and 2.38 meters on his first attempt. Barshim cleared 2.38m, on his second attempt and Derek Drouin cleared 2.38m on his third attempt. 

Neither Barshim nor Drouin cleared 2.41 meters, but Ukhov, who had missed at 2.38m, used his last two attempts to go for the win, at 2.41 meters, and missed. 

Bondarenko had cleared 2.41 meters, taking the gold. Now, it was time for some fun! 

Then, he entertained his 50,000 loyal fans as he made three game attempts at the height of 2.46 meters, a new world record. 

His first attempt was not really that good. His second attempt showed some promise, but his third, just showed an exhausted athlete. 

Bohdan Bondarenko got what he came to Moscow for: the gold medal and he will get the world record in the future, #moscow2013

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