Saucony RBR Summer Mileage Program, Week Six, Day Six, by

Saucony Shay XC, courtesy of Saucony Running 

In fine tuning your training, the value of a coach can not be underestimated. As you get into shape, there is a fine line between under training and over training. If you have a concern that the week six of training is too much, then keep the Saturday run as a modest 30 minute run. If you would like to race, then, consider the race, but have objectives. Using the race as a hill workout and a good final finish practice is a great way to run a 5k or 6k race. Always remember, warming up and cooling down. 
Saucony RBR Summer Mileage Program, Week Six, Day Six

Saturday: Warm Up, 30 minute run, Cooldown, or, if you need a competition, then find a 5k-6k hilly race and work the hills and the work on a strong finish. Always warm up and cool down after workouts. 

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