Saucony RBR Summer Mileage Program, Week Eleven, Day Three, from RunBlogRun

Cross season is in it's first week. As I was returning back from Brussels, and driving through Cambridge, Wisconsin, I saw the local cross country team out for their workout. It was 91 degrees and the guys and girls were, well feeling it. 

Remember, in hot weather, wear light colored clothing, including a hat. Drink before and after workouts-water and diluted sports drinks. By sports drinks, I mean real ones, like Gatorade, not the other carbonated junk. Diluting Gatorade and keeping it cold allows your body to absorb it faster. 

Great snack suggestions: celery and peanut butter, powerBar and low fat chocolate milk, diluted Gatorade and serving of almonds, peanuts, or, an apple. Make an apple better? Add some peanut butter. Fuel the mortal engine! (That means eat well so you can run well!). 


Molly Huddel, Shalane Flanagan, photo by 
Saucony RBR Fall Mileage Program, Week Eleven, Day Three

Wednesday: Warmup, 45-50 minutes of running, 8 times 150 meters strideouts, at current 800m to 1,500m speed, then gentle cooldown

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