What will possibly happen after Rita Jeptoo's hearing this week? A View from Kenya, by Justin Lagat

The hearing for Rita Jeptoo, disgraced Kenyan marathoner, is to be held on January 14, 2015. Justin Lagat wrote about his concerns on how this hearing, which could be described indelicately as a soap opera, will end. 

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Rita Jeptoo, photo by PhotoRun.net

The Rita Jeptoo drug positive is not Kenya's Lance Armstrong moment. That will come. The Jeptoo tragedy, which resembles a very bad Russian play, has some curious characters. 

What will possibly happen after Rita Jeptoo's hearing this week?
While her management has been talking and distancing itself from Rita Jeptoo's doping scandal, Rita has been silent, neither denying nor accepting their allegations. But, with the hearing now set for Thursday this week, it is expected that Jeptoo shall finally be able to speak up, below is what many are anxiously awaiting to know.
Will it be a two year or a four year ban? 
Jeptoo's "A" sample was tested sometime in September last year. The new WADA code that require convicted cheats to serve a four year ban took effect from the 1st of January this year and now that a verdict is yet to be given out, it remains to be seen whether she will be the first athlete to get a four year ban under the new code. Will the judges use the old or the current code in determining Jeptoo's fate this week? Another factor that will determine Jeptoo's duration of ban will be her cooperation with the WADA officials during their investigations; which leads us to the next question.
Will Jeptoo implicate others in this case? 
Athletics Kenya has summoned Jeptoo's manager, Federico Rosa; her coach, Claudio Berardelli; her former husband, Noah Busienei and other of her relatives to appear before the panel on Thursday.
Which of her titles will be revoked? 
What we can be certain for now is that Ednah Kiplagat will now be consequently declared the winner of the 2013/2014 WMM title and that Mare Dibaba will become the 2014 Chicago marathon women's winner. What we are eager to know is whether Jeptoo will offer to return the prize money she won in Chicago and in other races that she has won since 2011, if her former husband's claims are to be substantiated during the hearing.
Will the World Marathon Majors ever invite Jeptoo again to their races after she ends her ban? 
World Marathon Majors have been at the forefront in the fight against doping in our sport and one of their policies is that they will not invite athletes who have ever violated the IAAF doping regulations in their races. This means that Jeptoo will never again run in Tokyo, Boston, London, Chicago, Berlin or New York City marathons.
Lastly, will Jeptoo accept the bans that will be issued to her, or will she appeal the ruling? 
She requested for her "B" sample to be tested when her "A" sample was found to be positive. 
We should be prepared for anything.

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