BBC Sportshour: How to break a record in Berlin! (audio)


Kipchoge_EluidM-Berlin13.JPGEliud Kipchoge, Berlin 2013, photo by

The team at BBC World Service are some of the most innovative people in sports media. They capture the essence of our sport with audio clips from around the world. I was lucky enough to spend time with them in Beijing and enjoy the fast pace and focus on detail. Ed Harry is the man you hear much of the time and his partners in sports radio are superb!

Here is the page that they did on the upcoming Berlin Marathon! Enjoy listening to some really exciting stories on the 2015 Berlin Marathon this weekend!

Here is the link that Ed Harry provided on their Berlin coverage:

We have broken it up below for you:

How to Break a Record in Berlin

The men's marathon world record has been broken on SIX separate occasions in Berlin. So what is it about this

particular race that enables the shortest times in the longest race.

Sportshour's Ed Harry on the route of the iconic Berlin Marathon

Berlin Race Director, Mark Milde on how to design a course that breaks records

Thomas Steffens ran the 1990 Berlin Marathon three days before German reunification.

The History Runner

There were still border controls... The authorities were still there... The uniforms were the same, but the
runners were very excited
Thomas Steffens

Thomas Steffens ran the marathon in 1990, three days before the reunification of Germany. Running into East Berlin,

checkpoints still in place, and back with the finish moved to the Brandenburg Gate.

Kipchoge: 'I need the world record in my name'

But will marathon runner Eliud Kipchoge look to break the record in Berlin this weekend?

Will Berlin Go Sub 2-Hours?

Author Ed Caesar on whether the sub two hour marathon will ever be run.

Is the secret in the sky?!

The forecast for race day

The Secret to Berlin Breaking Records

Berlin marathon race director Mark Milde explains why his course guarantees records.

Berlin Marathon on Twitter

How Can Berlin Go Quicker?

Berlin Marathon race director Mark Milde on making his course even quicker.

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