Greg Rutherford blasts 'awful' treatment of Paula Radcliffe, by Matt Majendie for Evening Standard


Paula Radcliffe has had a bad week.

She now should be doing much better. SKY News released a report that said she was NOT doping last night.

A staunch supporter of efforts to clean up the sport, Paula Radcliffe felt that her career and honesty were being attacked this week. She was obviously the unnamed British champion of London marathon in a poorly worded commentary in a Parlimentary hearing closed door event.

Here is how Greg Rutherford responded to it....

Rutherford-Powell-Beijing15.JPGGreg Rutherford, 2015 WC, and Mike Powell, 1991 WC and WR holder, photo by


Greg Rutherford blasts 'awful' treatment of Paula Radcliffe


Greg Rutherford believes Paula Radcliffe is being punished for the ills of the sport. The marathon world record holder has been in the spotlight since she was effectively outed by a Parliamentary committee as one of the athletes with supposedly suspicious readings in the leaked IAAF database of 12,000 blood samples.

"Things are being thrown at her in the same way as Mo Farah previously, when there's nothing to actually suggest that there's a problem," said Rutherford.

"Paula Radcliffe is one of the greatest athletes that Britain has ever had. To have to go through all this is horrible and a lot of clean athletes that have done well have had this at certain times.

"That's the problem with the sport. It's terrible to think that anybody who does well, then the insinuation from a lot of people immediately is that it must be drugs. It's sad."

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