Seventy runners plus one dog, on a 1,500 kilometer relay to deliver one pair of Diadora shoes! Diadora Making it Bright, by Larry Eder (sponsored by Diadora)


How many runners does it take to deliver one pair of Diadora N9000s?

Well, for this one lucky consumer in Barcelona, it took 70 runners plus one dog, a week to run, with package in hand, from Milano to Barcelona. The journey of 1,482 kilometers was captured on video, and in photos, by Diadora.

I was asked to write about the event (hence the term sponsored in the title), by the agency working on this project for Diadora. Truth is, I would have written about it any way, as Diadora gets it.

Running is about joy, per the Diadora mantra. Running takes us out of our doldrums, our daily drudgery and celebrates the present, whether in rain, snow, sun or clouds.

Enjoy the story of how Diadora delivered one pair of Diadora shoes to one lucky consumer, fifteen hundred kilometers away.

Updated March 8, 2016

Seventy runners plus one dog, on a 1,500 kilometer relay to deliver one pair of Diadora shoes

Diadora Making it Bright, by Larry Eder

(sponsored by Diadora)

Diadora 1.jpg

Contemplating the run

Diadora is a wonderfully eccentric Italian athletic footwear company, which has graced the feet of fine athletes, aspiring athletes, and people who just want cool shoes for some sixty years. Over here in California, we have known about Diadora for about the past three decades. I remember working with Diadora in the early 1990s, when Seb Coe, the two time 1,500m gold medalist, was a Diadora distributer.

Diadora is from the Greek, dia-dorea, which means, "to share gifts and honors." Diadora has been making running footwear, soccer boots and casual athletic footwear, worn around the world, for six wonderful decades. Being close to the world of sport is key. Diadora calls it being authentic. We call it a brand with principles.

But, in this world, where we at the Running Network review 47 brands of running footwear (including Diadora), how does one differentiate itself from the thundering herd?

Diadora did just that in February 2016. And they did it in a wonderfully fun, uniquely Italian approach to something pretty normal.

Diadora_IMG_5858.jpgUnique way to carry running shoes

The normal action, some might call it an everyday occurrence, was the delivery of one pair of shoes. Now, I do not know about you, but, when I get a new pair of shoes, it is still a wonderful occurrence. I open the box, crunch up the paper surrounding the shoe, and take the shoe in my hands, inhaling the smells of leather and newness.

A pair of Diadora shoes was ordered from the headquarters of manufacturing in Milan, by a consumer in Barcelona. This pair of N9000s, made in Milan, and placed in shoe box, with the Diadora moniker, "Make it Bright", with human hands, now ready for delivery. Pretty normale.

How to make that special?

Diadora_LB1A3012.jpgA relay through Southern Europe

Diadora organized a relay of seventy runners, aged 19 to 56, run the 1,482 kilometers through the scenic backdrop of souther Europe (Italy to France to Spain), with each runner handing off their precious cargo, this singular pair of Diadora running shoes. During the run, one could keep track of the package as the run progressed, at Check it out, the video is wonderful, the scenic running is inspirational and the delivery of the N9000s is touching.

I was asked to write about this, and it was not until I checked out the video, and saw the fun that normal humans were having, that I finally got it. Diadora told me that they want to put joy into running, hence their hashtag, "makeitbright".

One dog, seventy runners, and many memories were made as Diadora's relay of runners, from ten countries, ran across southern Europe. One guy was so interested in participating in the relay that he flew in a plane for the first time in his life!

But, I thought we would end with some thoughts from the Head of Communications for Diadora, Romina Zanchetta: " At Diadora, we have a slogan: "make it bright". This reflects everything we do and everything we stand for. We think this act of joy, letting all these people do what they love to make a special delivery for one lucky customer, was a unique chance to prove it. We hope people had fun taking part in this event, and that it will inspire to enjoy sports and the outdoors."

the box.jpgMake it Bright! (the box)

Running is about the joy it brings to us in everyday life. It is a fun story and should put a smile or your face, or as Diadora says, "Make it bright". Pass it along and share the journey. Surely, 70 runners running nearly 1,500 kilometers, from Milan, Italy to Barcelona, Spain, to deliver one pair of Diadora N9000s made the customers day. It sure made my day to view the relay.

I hope that it does yours!

Check out more about this Bright Delivery and view Diadora's behind the scenes documentation at

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