Is it time to let the Alberto Salazar pursuit go?


Salazar_Alberto1-USout15.jpgAlberto Salazar, in a moment of reflection, photo by

In a recent piece from the Telegraph,, the never ending story of the pursuit of Alberto Salazar and the Nike Oregon project was continued.

I have watched this piece develop over the past several years. I understand and appreciate the concerns about how doping has ravaged our sport. I have also watched inuenndo and rumors destroy people, and major news organizations use rumors, without proof, to publish pieces that, quite frankly, were never proved.

So, at this time, it seems that WADA and USADA have no real proof that can show that Alberto Salazar has violated doping protocals. Some athletes, who may have legitimate gripes with their former coach, have suggested actions by Mr. Salazar, but have not provided proof to authorities that doping violations actually happened.

Now, the recent media reports are that USADA will focus on Alberto Salazar to see if he violated USATF coaching rules and regulations, as they have not found any proof of doping violations? Am I getting this right? Two to three years of accusations, dozens of media articles, and still no proof?

Well, either the guy is way smarter than all those chasing him, or the rumors and accusations did not pan out. Now, this is part of the way doping damages our sport.

My humble suggestion is as follows: until there is proof, let it go. The damage has been done.

WADA and USADA have looked at the situation for nearly two years now, perhaps longer and it seems that we are no closer to a resolution than we were two years ago.

This hurts the process.

Let it go.

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