Deep Thoughts On MAINOVA Frankfurt Marathon


Saturday evening, October 29, I took a walk with our photographer friend, Victah Sailer of PhotoRun. Victah is a man who does everything with speed. He talks fast, He edits photos fast (average of 5000 for an event, he better), and he walks fast. In the 31 years that I have known this man, I have realized, even when we disagree on politics and sports, he has a heart of gold. I am very lucky for friends such as Victah.

After Victah left our walk (he walks 30 minutes at a time, several times a day. I, on the other hand, like to walk three to six miles at a time, depending on how my crisis du jour is going.

IMG_6476, deep thougths with larry .JPGThe Larry selfie, October 29, 2016, in Movenpick elevator, photo by Larry Eder

On the night before, Friday, in Frankfurt, Germany, I observed many things. I walked through downtown Frankfurt, reveling in the changes in the neigbhorhood by the Movenpick hotel. In 2013, one could still see the foxes, who revelled in the plethora of rabbits surrounding them. Now, the foxes are gone, the rabbits are large and lazy, and the boxer security dogs are not allowed to chase or eat those tastey morsels.

I also ventured, on Saturday night, into the Frankfurt Marathon Expo. The crowd was constant, as the booths, from ASICS, to Rono apparel, to natural food booths, entertained the running crowd and their families. The Schneider Electric Expo was much like running expos in the U.S. in the 1970s and 1980s: lots of discounted running clothes, and footwear, and lots of fun races to dream about.

In my deep thoughts audio, included here, you can pretend that you a hanging with me in downtown Frankfurt. If you were with me, we would probably grab a bratwurst and a tomato juice as well. You can do that on your own! Thanks to my broheem, Brian, who manages RunBlogRun, and produces my audio on SoundCloud.

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