Mainova Frankfurt Diaries: Cybrian Kotut: The Marathoner who wants to be marathon royalty


Don't get me wrong. I really like Cybrian Kotut. He is fast, he is friendly and he speaks very good English. In this day and age, I do not understand why brands or marathon directors for that matter, spend good money on someone who can not speak a global language when they are paid global money to run. In the mass media world, where there are 540 plus cable, terrestial and steaming video options, there must be a strong narrative to get the sports fan, even more the sports editor's attention.


Haile Gebrselassie got that, and he will be treasured the rest of his life. Kenenisa Bekele learnt that lesson and has worked on his English, and his story, to the point that an interview with Kenenisa can be exhilerating.

Well, Cybrian Kotut gets that. And if his running catches up with his enjoyable bravado, we will really have something with this young Kenyan.

At the press conference on Thursday, the majority of the conference is done in German, as it would be expected in Frankfurt, Germany. Part of the services that Frankfurt Marathon employs are Andy Edwards and Joerg Wenig are translations from German to English and English to German. Cybrian Kotut was quite relaxed in English, and the young Kenyan had alot to say.

Cybrian Kotut is the brother of marathon great Martin Lel. "Martin is more than my brother, he is like my coach." Cybrian spoke with a demanor and serious intent that one realized how important his brother Martin was to him and how much of a role he played in his life as an elite road racer.

At the ripe old age of 24, Cybrian has some really solid personal bests. 59:28 in the City-Pier-City Den Half Marathon in 2015. After that, it was the Milano Marathon (2015) in 2:08:55 for his debut. In April 2016, Cybrian Kotut ran through the historic streets of the City of Love, Paris, and won the Maraton de Paris, in 2:07:11.

Almost imediately after the race, Martin Lel spoke to his little brother about where he should run next. " My brother told me to go to Frankfurt for my next marathon."

So, with his coach, Claudio Bernedelli, and his brother, Martin Lel, Cybrian has prepared for the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon.

When first pressed, Mr. Kotut smiled and said, modestly, " I would like to run faster than 2:07:11."

He was then asked about his fitness, and Cybrian smiled widely and noted that he was in better shape than in Paris.

Again, Cybrian Kotut was asked what he would like to do in Frankfurt. " I would like to run my personal best. I think that I can run in the 2:05 time range."

When asked about races in prepartion for Mainova Frankfurt, Cybrian cited teh Cardiff Half Marathon, where he ran 61:04.

"I was happy with my time at Cardiff. It was not too fast, it meant that I have been training right for Frankfurt. " noted a thoughtful Cybrian Kotut.

Now, others might shake their heads in bewilderment, but for Cybrian this made great sense. Understand that Mr. Kotut ran 59:12 in New Dehli in 2014. This young man has wheels. Fast wheels, and he can put down the fear of hell and damnation if it comes down to a kick.

How will Cybrian Kotut do in Manova Frankfurt Marathon?

With Tadesse Tola, a man who is running slower and slower times in each marathon, and Mark Korir, a man who can feel a 2:04, , watch for a pack of three to five break off after 25 kilometers and, as the pace gets pushed, Kotut, Tola and Korir could be duking it out.

My guess is that Cybrian Kotut and Mark Korir are going on a vision quest for a 2:04. With the nice 47-50 F temperatures expected, little wind, and no rain, Kotut and Korir should put on a grand show.

We might see two men in the 2:04 time range!

Whatever the time, the race will be exciting and the finish, unique, as this is the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon!

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