Mainova Frankfurt Marathon Diaries: Mark Korir wins Frankfurt in 2:06:44!


Korir_Mark1-Frankfurt16.JPGMark Korir winning the Mainova Frankfurt Marathon, photo by

MenLeaders-Frankfurt16.JPGMen's leaders, Mainova Frankfurt: Mark Korir, Martin Kosgey, Cybrian Kotut, photo by

The 2016 Mainova Frankfurt Marathon was a huge success. Over 15,800 runners started the race, on a fine, cool, clear day at the end of October in Frankfurt, Germany. Mark Korir battled over the entire 42 kilometers, taking the last 4 kilometers to win the race. Mamitu Daska took the women's win, even with a irritated stomach, barely holding off Fate Tola.

Here's my story on the Men's race.

Mark Korir wins 2016 Mainova Frankfurt Marathon!

On a perfect day, little wind, and temperatures 8-10 Celsius, nearly 16,000 runners ventured onto the streets of the Mainova Frankfurt marathon. In the 35th edition, there were two fine elite races, with three men dueling until 1:58 into the race. The pack of 11 hit the halfway at 63:00, exactly what the pacemakers were instructed to do. Mark Korir, Cybrian Kotut and Martin Kosgey were the three contenders, with Vincent Rono, the reknowned pacemaker taking the three through 1:30:10 for 30k.

Vincent Rono pushed the pace several times, but the elite racers were reluctant to follow. There were times that the pacers and racers reminded me of an accordian.

And the race was off. Kotut, Korir and Kosgey ran together, until, some 28 minutes later, Mark Korir tested, and pulled away, first from Kotut, who complained after the race of a hamstring issue. Kosgey stayed with Korir for just a minute more. By 40k, reached in 2:00:04, Mark Korir had a clear lead, with 24 between Korir and Kosgey and Kotut.

As Mark Korir, the winner of the 2015 Maraton de Paris, pulled away from Martin Kosgey and Cybrian Kotut, the 2016 winner of the Marathon de Paris, Kosgey and Kotut battled.

Mark Korir won the 2016 Mainova Frankfurt Marathon in 2:06:44. In second, Martin Kosgey won in 2:07:23, wtih Cybrian Kotut in third in 2:07:29.

Curtis_Bobby1-Frankfurt16.JPGBobby Curtis, 4th, Mainova Frankfurt Marathon, photo by

Surprising in fourth was Bobby Curtis, USA, who ran a gutty run, moving from seventh to fourth in the last three kilometers, running 2:11:20, equal to his PB from 2014. Curtis stayed under 2:10:20 pace until just after 30 kilometers. Bobby Curtis hit the 10k in 30:47, the 15k in 46:07 and the halfway in 1:04:58. From 35 to 42 kilometers, Bobby moved from seventh to fourth, in the best marathon race he has shown in his five marathons!

2016 Mainova Frankfurt Marathon, top 10 men, 1. Mark Korir, KEN, 2:06:48, 2. Martin Kosgey, KEN, 2:07:22, 3. Cybrian Kotut, KEN, 2:07:29, 4. Bobby Curtis, USA, 2:11:20 PB, 5. Tadesse Tola Woldegeberai, ETH, 2:11:52, 6. Birhanue Adisse Achamie, U23, ETH, 2:12:19, 7. Weldu Negash Gebretsadik, NOR, 2:12:20, 8. Koen Naert, BEL, 2:12:27, 9. Moses Masai, KEN, 2:13:23, 10. Renae Cuneaz, ITA, 2:13:52, #frankfurtmarathon, #ffm2016, #mainova, #bmw, #asics, #runblogrun, #emenews, #schneiderelectric, #theshoeaddicts, #runningnetwork, #brooks, #runhappy, #justdoit, #nike, #adidas, #whyirunfrankfurt,

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