Mo Farah Explains (with links)


642615196.jpgMo Farah, photo by Getty Images/British Athletics

Mo Farah explains
LONDON (GBR): writes that Olympic winner Mo Farah has denied any accusations of wrongdoing after reports that his coach Alberto Salazar abused prescription medication and drug infusions on some of his runners.´"Its deeply frustrating that I'm having to make an announcement on this subject," he said. "I am a clean athlete who has never broken the rules in regards to substances, methods or dosages and it is upsetting that some parts of the media, despite the clear facts, continue to try to associate me with allegations of drug misuse. I'm unclear as to The Sunday Times's motivations towards me but I do understand that using my name and profile makes the story more interesting but its entirely unfair to make assertions when it is clear from their own statements that I have done nothing wrong. As I've said many times before we all should do everything we can to have a clean sport and it is entirely right that anyone who breaks the rules should be punished. However, this should be done through proper process and if USADA or any other Anti-Doping Body has evidence of wrongdoing they should publish it and take action rather than allow the media to be judge and jury." UK Athletics also denied any allegations of impropriety, saying in a statement to The Sunday Times: "To our knowledge, all doses administered and methods of administration have been fully in accordance with Wada approved protocol and guidelines."

Here's story in the London Times:

Here's story from Guardian on Mo Farah denying allegations made in London Times:

Here's final piece from Sean Ingle of the Guardian:

RunBlogRun opines: The story in London Times, seems to be a rehash of the 2015 and 2016 stories. Is this about finding if Mo Farah has cheated or knocking him down because he uses an American coach and trains in the U.S.? Not sure if there will ever be concrete evidence in any direction. It is one of the most damning parts of alleged doping in sport. So much is based on rumors.

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