2017 Stanford Invite Diaries: Exciting elite 10,000 meters in Palo Alto


The Stanford Invitational is known for its distance races. For me, it is the official opening of the outdoor season. My last indoor meet was in Serbia (March 3-5), and then, we wrote about the fine New Balance Indoor Champs and the NCAA Indoors.

The weather was perfect on March 31, as we sat in the stands, near the 100 meter start at Angell Field. The 5000 meter races were exciting, as Amy Aloise-Neale caught Karissa Schweizer just before the finish, 15:39.30 to 15:39.75, both in personal bests! In the men's 5000 meters, David Elliot waits until the very, very end, winning in a PB of 13:36.68 as four men fought over the 5000 meter elite race.

We were ready for the 10,000 meter races.

The women's race went out fast, sub 32 minute pace, as Kellyn Taylor, HOZA NAZ Elite, who took sixth in the Olympic Trials marathon and 4th in the Olympic Trials 10,000 meters, took the lead and began pushing the pace.

Stephanie Bruce, five days after racing in Uganda at the World Cross Country, was in hot pursuit, as was Eilish McColgan, 2017 European Indoor bronze medalist. Charlotte Taylor, San Francisco, was already running the race of her life.

The halfway was reached in 15:52, and Kellyn Taylor was quickly passed by Stephanie Bruce and Anna Rohrer, the Notre Dame sophomore in her 10,000m debut. Over the next ten laps, Rohrer and Bruce battled, as Charlotte Taylor took over third and McColgan and Kellyn Taylor battled over fourth and fifth.

Anna Rohrer has this long stride and high arm carry, and she continued to push. Stephanie Bruce would not let Rohrer go, and Charlotte Taylor was running hard in third. At 8400 meters, Anna Rohrer dropped the pace to sub five minute mile pace and tried to break Stephanie Bruce, but Stephanie was going no where.

At the bell, Anna Rohrer took off, but Stephanie Bruce was battling Rohrer, meter for meter. Anna Rohrer ended up winning in her debut, 31:58.99 to 31:59.88. Eilish McColgan took off over the last lap, regaining third place and running 32:10.59. Charlotte Taylor took fourth in 32:11.39. All four ran personal bests. In fifth, Kellyn Taylor ran 32:16.78.

Anna Rohrer has shown a strong aptitude for the 10,000 meters, and Stephanie Bruce continues to impress. Eilish McColgan needs to build her mid race strength as she can run fast over 10,000 meters and Charlotte Taylor was quite impressive. Kellyn Taylor ran a good opener, and will run faster and smarter this season.

Record Timing - RT Race Data - RT Race Timing - RT Timing Solutions

                     Stanford Invitational
           Stanford University -Stanford, California
Event 86  Women 10000 Meter Run #1/Invite
    Name                    Year School                  Finals
  1 Anna Rohrer                  Notre Dame            31:58.99
  2 Stephanie Bruce              NAZ Elite             31:59.88
  3 Eilish McColgan              Nike                  32:10.59
  4 Charlotte Taylor             San Francisco         32:11.80
  5 Kellyn Taylor                NAZ Elite             32:16.78
  6 bethany sachtleben           Saucony Hurricanes    32:50.70
  7 Mara Olson                   adidas RME            33:09.13
  8 Jamie Kempfer                Missouri              33:09.67
  9 Kinsey Gomez                 Skechers Per          33:12.20
 10 Bethan Knights               California            33:31.25
 11 Veronica Eder                Auburn                33:35.73
 12 Sharon Lokedi                Kansas                33:37.01
 13 Jordann McDermitt            Eastern Michigan      33:37.37
 14 Olivia Pratt                 Butler                33:46.03
 15 Anna Braswell                Ole Miss              33:47.22
 16 Kaylee Flanagan              Washington            33:52.48
 17 Jaci Smith                   Air Force             33:54.99
 18 Paige Stoner                 Syracuse              33:55.69
 19 Maggie Schmaedick            Oregon                33:56.32
 20 Gillian Schriever            Pittsburgh            34:05.13
 21 Mary Alex England            Ole Miss              34:07.45
 22 Emily Bean                   Ole Miss              34:07.57
 23 Amy Regan                    Stevens Institute     34:42.02
 -- Elianna Shwayder             Harvard                    DNF

FHT Copyright 2017

The 10,000 meters is a classic distance race. 25 laps around the track. If you are fit, if the conditions are good, and if you have a fast group of runners to run with, the 10,000 meters can be a fine experience.

This elite men's 10,000 meters as a fine field, with one purpose: to run fast, and get some qualifiers. A pack of eight runners broke off from field early on, and began churning strong laps, putting them in low 28 minute pace. Kemoy Campbell, NB/Jamaica, Ben Bruce, Martin Hehir, bot of HOKA NAZ Elite, Erik Peterson of Butler, Jerrell Mock of Colorado State, Alfred Chelanga of Alabama, and Abbabiya Simbassa of American Distance Project were all there. Martin Hejir pushed the pace as athletes continued to push the pace, as they got closer and closer to a strong 28 minute low pace.

With a lap to go, Kemoy Campbell, Abbabiya Simbasa, and Alfred Chelanga took off. Martin Hejir, who had lead near the end of the race held on, and Ben Bruce, former steeplechaser, was pushing himself on, running a sixteen second personal best (his wife had run a fifteen second PB in the women's elite 10,000 meters).

Using a 61.6 last lap, Abbabiya Simbasa ran 28:03.83 for the win. Alfred Chelanga ran 28:04.95 for second and Kemoy Campbell ran 28:06.40, a NR for the Jamaican.

Martin Hehir, 28:08.60 and Ben Bruce, 28:09.09, both joined the sub 28:10 club and put two HOKA NAZ Elite with some fast times for 2017.

Record Timing - RT Race Data - RT Race Timing - RT Timing Solutions

                     Stanford Invitational
           Stanford University -Stanford, California
Event 30  Men 10000 Meter Run #1/Invite
    Name                    Year School                  Finals
  1 Abbabiya Simbassa            American Dis          28:03.83
  2 Alfred Chelanga              Alabama               28:04.95
  3 Kemoy Campbell               New Balance           28:06.40
  4 Martin Hehir                 NAZ Elite             28:08.60
  5 Ben Bruce                    NAZ Elite             28:09.29
  6 Erik Peterson                Butler                28:11.02
  7 Jerrell Mock                 Colorado St.          28:11.80
  8 joseph gray                  Merrell               28:18.73
  9 Miguel Amador Montilla       Equipo Porvenir       28:30.55
 10 Antibahs Kosgei              Alabama               28:35.79
 11 George Parsons               North Carolina St.    28:43.74
 12 Clayton Young                BYU                   28:45.36
 13 Matthew Leach                Strava TC / rabbit    28:45.48
 14 Grant Fischer                Colorado St.          28:45.83
 15 Alex Short                   San Francisco         28:46.83
 16 Reed Fischer                 Drake                 28:47.86
 17 Matt Baxter                  Northern Arizona      28:48.02
 18 Scott Smith                  NAZ Elite             28:53.75
 19 Gilbert Kirui                Iona                  28:54.90
 20 Joel Reichow                 South Dakota St.      28:56.24
 21 Cory Glines                  Northern Arizona      29:13.14
 22 Brady Johnson                Portland              29:19.87
 23 jose pena                    Venezuela             29:38.56
 24 Craig Lutz                   NAZ Elite             29:39.13
 -- Aaron Braun                  NAZ Elite                  DNF

FHT Copyright 2017

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