Five Points we need to remember about Out of competition Drug Testing


Jeptoo_RitaFV-Bogota14.jpgRita Jeptoo, photo by

While it is truly sad that another Kenyan athlete has, per Atheltics Kenya, tested positive, it means that increased out of competition testing is working. Remember, Rita Jeptoo would never have been caught without out of competition testing.

1. The most efficient way to catch doping is to break up the cycles by out of competition testing.

Doping, in all of its forms, requires a time to infuse products into the system and a time to recover. By providing out of competition testing, checking blood and urine, the IAAF, in conjunction with Abbott World Marathon Majors is not only upping the game, but adding uncertainty into the equation so that dopers either up their game or call it a day. My guess? They will try to up their game.

2. Out of competition works because more tests are done on more athletes.

The way the Abbott World Marathon Majors program works is that the Abbott WMM provides the financial support plus lists of their invited athletes so that IAAF out of competition teams can test (we understand up to six times before a race) the elite athletes more often. Testing more often means that there is a larger chance to catch a doping athlete.

3. There are several ways that one knows doping controls are working, one is catching more athletes.

Marathoning is a global sport. There is lots of money around the world in marathoning. $15k for a moderate prize at the marathon can change a person's life. More testing means the likelihood of a doping athlete being caught is higher and higher.

4. Major athletes are being caught, which should give clean athletes more confidence. Look, doping controls is far from perfect. However, it is the thought of being caught, and when names like Rita Jeptoo and Jemima Sumgong are now in disgrace, then, anti-doping is working .

5. Athlete passports and out of competition testing can deeply effect the doping issues in the sport. Nothing will eradicate doping, but out of competition testing is having an effect. Times in most major marathons are slowing down in 2017. That happens for many reasons, but one of them is more effective global drug lestin

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