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RunBlogRun opines: I knew of Tom Fleming from the pages of Runner magazine and the results agate in newspapers. It was 1979 and Runner magazine, the publication of George Hirsch, was, a new, cool publication on the sport. Their coverage of the Boston Marathon that year was superb. I remember seeing the picture of Tom Fleming, a guy who had won two NYC Marathons and who made Bill Rodgers work for it. Years later, when I finally met Tom Fleming, through Jeff Benjamin, I believe, it was like we were old friends. Tom loved the sport on his shirt sleeve, the guy knew one speed, constantly fast, and he loved life, his family and he loved the sport.

-64ea1eaf8707f038.jpgTom Fleming, photo (AP/Files) in story

Tom Fleming and I would catch up several times. The last time was May 2014, when I intereviewed him at the RRCA convention, after his entrance into their Hall of Fame. It was an amazing conversation, as Tom loved the sport and spoke with emotion and enthusiasm.

I am so saddened by the loss of this amazingly alive, thoughtful and kind man. I am praying for his son, daughter, family and friends. Tom Fleming lived his live with vitality and humor, and that he was at a track meet when we lost him, is probably the way he would have wanted to pass away.

We will publish a piece that shows the respect that Tom Fleming deserves on RunBlogRun in the near future.

The following piece is from Staten Island Live:

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