2017 HOKA ONE ONE Postal Nationals Fall Cross Country Training Program, Week 12, Day 3, an easy day for Wednesday


The Fall cross country season is upon us. If you have been working out with us since June or July, you have 10-14 weeks under your belt, and you will do fine. If you have not, be patient and focus on being ready to race in October.

Here is an easy day workout, as we have a race day for tomorrow.

clifton 4.jpgEasy run day, photo from HOKA ONE ONE

Wednesday, September 7, 2017. warm up, easy 45-55 minute minute run, four times 150 meter stride outs, cooldown, easy stretching.

As you begin running again, please consider the HOKA ONE ONE training shoes.

To learn about our sponsor, please go to 2017 HOKA ONE ONE Postal Nationals, which opened August 15!

Want some inspiration? Then, check out the video below, which highlights the 2016 HOKA ONE ONE Postal Nationals. It should inspire you to ask coach if your team can compete in it. All teams are welcome and it is free! See how your team ranks across the U.S! Here's the video: http://www.runnerspace.com/video.php?video_id=190549#ooid=E2OHhiODE6d19qhv14SIqSXQX088IklV

Fall 2017 HOKA ONE ONE, Fall XC Training Program, week 12

Monday, warm up, one mile easy, 45 minutes, on grass, Fartlek workout, one minute hard, one minute

easy, 22 times, 4x 150 meter stride outs, one mile cooldown, easy stretching.

Tuesday, warm up, one mile easy, two miles, run 800 hard, jog 400m, run 1320 hard, jog 400 meters,

six times hills, 200 meters, pump arms, keep stride short going up, jog down hills, easy mile cooldown,

easy stretching.

Wednesday, warm up, easy 45-55 minute minute run, four times 150 meter stride outs, cooldown, easy


Thursday, warm up, warm up, early season race, jog 20 minutes, finish up with 8 times 40 seconds hard,

jog two minutes in between, then, easy 2 mile cooldown.

Friday, warm up, easy 45-50 minute run with four 150 meter stride outs, then cooldown

Saturday, warm up, early season cross country race, if not, easy 4 mile run, 4x150 meters, cooldown

Sunday, warm up, 75-80 minutes, in hills, cooldown

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