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The Track Man, Track Man, .JPGThis is a new book review from Jeff Benjamin. We ask Jeff to provide book reviews for @runblogrun, and this is one of his newest. The 2016 Olympic champion has two books out currently, and Jeff, of course, has reviewed both for us.

Tell you what - Chris Kwiatkowski has a record as a heckuva runner. With PRs such as a 13:51 5K , 28:56 10K , 48:17-10 miles and a 64:10 half-marathon, the former University of Oregon competitor (who also competed in the 2016 Olympic Marathon trials), has a performance resume' that others would kill for. Yet, Kwiatkowski, who works as an assistant coach at American University, aptly explains that he (like all of us) dreamt of an Olympic Gold Medal being put around his neck atop the podium for the world to see, a dream that for him, and almost all of us, never happened. However, Kwiatkowski claims to have seen the next best thing in his best friend Matthew Centrowitz.
In "The Track Man - Matthew Centrowitz", Kwiatkowski concisely and pointedly (The story consists of 7 short chapters) writes how the Rio Olympic Champion explains his philosophy and attitude towards the Sport which they both love. The reader will find out quickly that like with any serious relationship, it most definitely comes with a price that few are willing to pay in their pursuit of that which one loves. That philosophy influenced both of them through the coaching, advising and motivations of Dad Matt Centrowitz., himself an Olympian, world-class runner and coach. "Olympic blood flows between them," writes Kwiatkowski of their unique Father-Son relationship.
Last year Kwiatkowski teamed with Matt Sr. to help write his autobiography, "Like Father, Like Son"


To read Kwiatkowski's account of the Rio Olympic 1500 final is a surreal tribute to not only the qualities of the son competing, but also the father who watched live from the stands. The reader will have to keep in mind that that tribute came with the following of a dream and setting extremely high goals.
As stated before, Kwiatkowski had those dreams as well for himself and they didn't happen just like they haven't for 99.9% of us. This story, however, no doubt gives Kwiatkowski a rare quality of an energetic and emotional solace and inspiration from one who has had the unique shared experiences which cannot be bottled up and sold, a series of experiences with America's 1500 Olympic Champion and his Dad.
It is a quality rarely shared and known, and Kwiatkowski gladly shares it.
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