2017 Bank of America Chicago Marathon Presser, Part 2, Thursday, October 5, the mayor, Rahm Emmanuel speaks


Carey and Rahm, DW.jpgCarey Pinkowski introducing the Mayor, Rahm Emmanuel, photo by David Wearn

On the Monday before the Chicago Marathon, a horrific event happened in Las Vegas. Soon after that, it was revealed that the perpetrator had investigated Chicago as a focus of his terrible crimes. Since 9/11/01, major events have had to consider the facts that their event could be a target. Since April 15, 2013, when Boston Marathon was attacked, road races became accutely aware of this possibility. Kudos to Mayor Rahm Emmanuel and Executive Race Director, Carey Pinkowski , who handled the terrible events in Las Vegas without increasing the fear, but also providing a sense of comfort that Chicago was preparing for all situations.

Carey Pinkowski, AJE.jpgCarey Pinkowski, Executive Race Director for Bank of America Chicago Marathon, photo by Adam Johnson Eder/The Shoe Addicts

This is part 2 of the Thursday presser, and it should be a lesson for event directors on how to juggle the important need of providing information without adding to the fear and concern post Las Vegas.

Rahm from AJE.jpgRahm Emmanuel, Mayor, City of Chicago, photo by Adam Johnson Eder, The Shoe Addicts

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