2018 HOKA ONE ONE RunBlogRun Spring Training, 800m-5000m, week 5, day 4, lots of 300 meter repeats today


Week 5, building towards an exciting season

Early in season, 300 meters are good sessions to get you on the track. This is at mile pace. Last week you ran two sets and today, you are running three. The key to interval work? Take one set at a time, and focus on your training. Want to help build your kick? In the last set, run the last one as if you are kicking in a race. Break the 300m into three sections, increase the speed in each section as you get closer to the line.

20151212-ROSA0050.jpgTuning into the race, photo by Justin Britton

Cooldown well and stretch well today. You could be sore tomorrow!

Week 5, building towards success

Monday: warm up, 50 minutes, Holmer Fartlek, go out at good pace, and at half way, increase pace and run back a minute faster than first half, then, 4x250 meter stride outs, cooldown

Tuesday: warm up, Fartlek, six times 3 minutes at 5k pace , 2 minute jog, five minutes moderate pace, then, 8 times one minute hard, one minute easy, nine minutes moderate pace, then cooldown

Wednesday: warm up, Easy 55-60 minutes, cooldown, on soft ground, 4 x 150 meter stride outs

Thursday: warm up, three sets of 6 x 300 meters, at current mile race pace, with 100m jog, and 800 meter jog between sets, , cooldown, and long session of stretching.

Friday: warm up, 4 -5 miles easy, 4 times 150 meters stride outs, cooldown

Saturday: warm up, race 1k, mile or 800 meters, cooldown, if you do not race, then, two miles on track, sprint straights, jog turns, cooldown. Prefered race distance, 1k one week, 1 mile one week, 2 mile another. cooldown.

Sunday: Relaxed Long run, 70 minutes with friends, at pace you can talk. Long runs are all about the socializing and building endurance.

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