2018 RAK Half Marathon, all you need to know: Map, embed of course and link to live streaming!


DSC_0907.jpgWill these women break the WR? could be! photo by Brian Eder for RunBlogRun

DSC_0960.jpgBedan Karoki, who can beat him?, photo by Brian Eder for RunBlogRun

Okay sportsfans, the 2018 RAK Half marathon is going to be fast. Do not be surprised if the women's race is the big one, and that several women approach the world record, by that, I mean sub 1:05! This is a fast course, with perfect conditions and fit field!

Okay, here's the pdf for the course map:RAK_MAP.pdf

Here's embed of the Map video-very fast course!

And here's the link for the LIVE streaming: http://www.rakmarathon.org.

It will begin at 5.30 PM California time, 7:30 PM Chicago time and 8:30 PM New York time. Do not miss this! @runblogrun will provide social media commentary, splits, athlete photos, comments on race, from our Social Media Lab located at the finish line of the RAK Half Marathon.

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