Tori Bowie is the fastest woman in the world, and she's running the 60 meters


A few years ago, I recall a conversation with the Coach of Tori Bowie, Lance Brauman. Lance is a keen observer of all things athletics. I am wondering, aloud, what nuances of his athletes that Lance had not observed. Lance told me that Tori would be unstoppable once she believed in herself. It was short, delivered with the non chalance of a man who knew he was coaching a terrific athlete.

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In watching Tori Bowie over the last several years, her believing in herself, her confidence and her enjoyment of the moment have increased. In Beijing, Tori Bowie turned it on midway in the 100 meters, and it was like night and day. Tori told us after the 100 meters, where she won the bronze, that she liked the feeling of winning a medal. It was my belief, in 2015, that Tori Bowie was looking like a dangerous sprinter in any medal race she ran. They key was, did she believe it.

In 2016, in cool Rio, Tori Bowie took the silver in the 100 meters, bronze in the 200 meters, and gold on the 4x100 meters. Three medals, three events. Her smile was beatific. Surely, Tori Bowie liked the winning feeling, which she did. She was learning that, with the victories, came the media attention from the world of sports, and her sponsor. It can be overwhelming, but Tori Bowie, as she grew in confidence on the track, grew in confidence with the media.

In 2017, in London, Tori Bowie gave her all in winning the 100 meters, and put some serious bruises on her leg. The injury was to the point that Coach Bruaman was not sure that Tori Bowie would be healthy enough to run the 4x100 meters. I saw Tori early in the week and later in the week, and she was relaxed. After the 100 meters, the weight of the world was off her shoulder. The relay was about, if she ran it, winning and bringing home a relay medal, preferably a gold one, for her country.

This coming weeken, Tori Bowie is running the 60 meters. She wants to run in Birmingham, but, that requires making the team. The finest sprinter in the U.S., and dare I say, the world, should do well. In Birmingham, she will deal with Murielle Ahoure and Marie-Jose TaLou, the two fine sprinters from the Cote D'Ivoire, who lead the world at this time, for 2018. Tori has run 7.14 for the 60 meters. She will have to run a PB to win in Birmingham. That is, truly, possible and probably expected.

But, that will be decided in the Birmingham Arena, on a fast MONDO track. My guess, this young American woman will be there, in the thick of the sprint battles. Good luck Tori Bowie.

Thanks so much @trackandfieldnews for the cover... HUMBLED!

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