Interview with Lord Sebastian Coe, IAAF President at the IAAF World Indoor Championships


Seb Coe is the President of the IAAF. He took over the Federation during its lowest time in modern history. Coe survived the incarceration of Lamine Diack, the Russian drug crisis, and has been left with a sport that has a future that still may have some unpleasant things from its past.

Seb speaking to the Media .jpgLord Coe, with TV crews in Mixed Zone, (note Yiannis Nikolaou, IAAF Communications Manager, in purple shirt), photo by Larry Eder

A global federation is only as good as its members, and its leadership.

Seb Coe, for whatever reasons, seems still personally invigorated by his sport, and genuinely wants its future success.

We were fortunate to meet with Lord Coe on Saturday evening, as he was walking through the Mixed Zone, speaking with the BBC, Olympic TV, Czech TV and then, RunBlogRun.

I asked him a few questions. I wanted to see what were his favorite moments as a British citizen and his favorites as the leader of the global federation. Seb, being Seb, beat me to the punch on that one. My final question was, how do you deal with the two lords of modern sport, Entertainment and Real Sports?

His answer was thoughtful, as you would expect.

Below is our audio interview with Seb Coe, from 3 March 2018.

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