" I want Anthem People", Carl Lewis Teaches "The Perfect Method"


image1.jpegCarl Lewis teaching "The Perfect Method", photo by Jeff Benjamin

image1-2.jpegCarl Lewis working with some young athletes, photo by Jeff Benjamin

image1-3.jpegCarl Lewis, teaching "The Perfect Method", photo by Jeff Benjamin

image1-4.jpegCarl Lewis and the class, photo by Jeff Benjamin

image1-5.jpegJeff Benjamin, Carl Lewis, Carl's Perfect Method partner, Kerry Sprick, photo by Jeff Benjamin

What can one say about Carl Lewis?

The Greatest Olympian of all-time has become an integral part in the rise of his alma mater's track program these days , as the Houston Cougars put in quite a display al last week's NCAA Championships in Eugene. An assistant Coach under Leroy Burrell, Lewis made a decision to join the coaching ranks after the 2012 Olympics, determined to raise NCAA athletes at Houston to the world-class level.

But, just because one is a great athlete doesn't always mean that they can go on and become a great coach. Yet Lewis' athletic components of drive, focus, desire and attention to detail have without a doubt transitioned quite smoothly (like his form!) over into coaching, as also evidenced by "The Perfect Method" program he preaches.

Two months ago Lewis returned to his old high school Willingboro, in southern New Jersey. His goal- to train and teach youngsters how to improve themselves. In this rare and inspiring setting, the greatest Track & Field athlete of all put on a 2-hour display of passionate encouragement, coaching and technique which youth athletes using "The Perfect Method."

Yet to catch up to Carl Lewis the Coach is probably just as challenging (if not more so) as catching up to Carl Lewis the Runner & Jumper from 2-3 decades ago!

So here are some soundbites of this extraordinary session led by the animated Lewis, which began with a series of lengthy warmup drills:

"Always come ready to train -

no flip flops, track is not the beach!"

"Pushing a car is just like sprinting!"

"Stay on your toes stay low...It's all power pushing"

"Here's something about Track & Field-

learn how do it correctly and do it over & over & over until you just know it"

"Track & Field is not easy it's hard"

" Travk & Field deals with a 2 percent margin of success"

"When I was a freshman at Houston Cosch Tellez taught me the armsweep

And I practiced for an hour everyday in the mirror"

"The training I did in high school and College led me to missing parties- I never went to a party in school, but nowadays the parties all come to me!"

"Look at this tennis ball and watch how I throw it down....You want to push the Power to make it go higher"

"Stay tall...if you lean back you'll have no power"

"Slow & powerful is better than quick and fast...The power is in the push"

"100 meters is about efficiency"

"We want to make the perfect you...It's about trying to be the best you can be!"

"If you want to be great at something you have to give something!"

"I've been out of school a long time ...

As a coach I'm now in it to win it!"

"The Goal is to look back and say I was the best I can be!"

"I don't want the podium people, I want the anthem people!"

To learn more about the Perfect Method, please go to www.thePerfectmethod.net

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