2018 Rome DL Diary: After his victory in Rome, Conseslus Kipruto is focused on steeple WR at Monaco Herculis!


Kipruto_ConseslusFV-Rome18.jpgConseslus Kipruto, Rome DL, photo by PhotoRun.net

Conseslus Kipruto is the finest male steeplechaser in the world. He keeps the great tradition held for many years by Ezekial Kemboi. He continues to battle American Evan Jager and Moroccan Soufianne El Bakkali. These three men, along with Benjamin Kigen, are at the top of the food chain. Oh, and I have missed one, the hard charging Frenchman, Mahiedine Mekhissi-Bennebad, and we do not want to do that, if you get my drift.

Can Conseslus Kipruto break the World Record in the Men's steeplechase, held since 2004 by Saif Saeed Shaheen, of 7:53.63? As some will recall, Saif Saeed Shaheen (first represented Qatar in 2003) was the former Stephen Cherono, who moved from Kenya to Qatar, and Shaheen won the 2003 and 2005 World Champs steeplechases while representing Qatar.

Kipruto is a fine racer. 7:53 is a crazy fast time. He is going to need perfect weather, perfect pacing and the best field the sport can find.

After Rome, Consesus told the media: " I'm happy I won and the time was important for me-a world lead is good. I wasn't impressed after Shanghai and Eugene, so they helped me to wake up." Eugene woke up Conseslus, as Benjamin Kigen kicked his butt and Evan Jager ran him breathless, to the tape. If that was not a wake up call, then, well, call me a contrarian.

" Today though, I was ready and I used my experience here-after winning in the last two years-but I know I can run faster. I keep promising I will return here and I always keep my promises." added Kipruto.

Kipruto_ConseslusFH-London17.jpgKipruto, El Bakkali, Jager, Mekhissi-Benabbad, the steeplechase gang of four, photo by PhotoRun.net

Conseslus Kipruto is a pretty good hurdler. But Shaheen was a perfect hurdler. The guy had no wasted motion! I watched him race and I was, well, in awe.

Conseslus Kipruto is a better closer and his resolve is unquestioned. In a race for the record, Kipruto has to be careful. Such an attempt is the perfect place for Evan Jager to use that 3:32 1,500m speed and mow Kipruto down. Mekhissi-Benneabad and El Bakkali have amazing speed.

So, the zen question comes, little grasshopper, does Conseslus really want to go for the WR?

Conseslus Kipruto added the following quip to his quote in the mixed zone: " Now, I have four weeks to focus on training before attempting the world record in the Monaco Diamond League. I will put all of my effort in there - I'm ready for it."

Conseslus Kipruto has won Olympic gold and World Championship gold. The only thing left? The World record in the men's steeplechase.

Monaco Herculis the perfect stadium to attempt a WR, and with the fields put together in that stadium, it could see several men under 8 minutes. Stay tuned, sports fans.

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