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Lyles_Noah-Pre18.JPGNoah Lyles, 2018 Pre Classic, 200 meters, May 26, 2018, photo by

Noah Lyles is one of the finest 200 meter runners in our sport. On May 4, Noah Lyles won the first 200 meters of the Diamond League season, in Doha, Qatar. Noah ran 19.83 for the 200 meters, taking the lead over the last fifty meters, and starting 2018 as he ended his Diamond League season in 2017, with a win. On May 20, Noah took the 150 meters in the adidas Boost Boston Games, Noah ran 14.77, a very fast time for that seldom run distance. On May 26, at the Nike Prefontaine Classic, the only Diamond League meeting in North America, Noah Lyles dominated the 200 meter field by equalling the world leader, with his fine 19.69.

Lyles_Noah1a-Pre18.JPGNoah Lyles, 2018 Pre Classic 200 meters, May 26, 2018, photo by

Lots of people run fast, but Noah really seems to like what he does. As sport merges athletic performance and entertainment, the sport looks for the next generation of stars. Noah Lyles is a mere 20 years old. He is the future of the sport. As the sport searches for the next superstar, fans see the athletes who seem accessible, enjoy the sport and run amazing races. Noah Lyles has caught the attention of many fans, young and old.

We asked Lance Brauman, the coach of PURE Athletics, a high performance athletic club, focused on sprinters and jumpers, to speak about Noah Lyles, one of his athletes. Among the athletes who train with this club and Coach Brauman, are Noah Lyles, Josephus Lyles, Shaunae Miller-Uibo and Shakima Wimbley.

IMG_5253.jpgLance Brauman, photo by Mike Deering for The Shoe Addicts

Run Blog Run, 1. When you first met Noah, what struck you about his athleticism?
Lance Brauman: 1) We met at the USA trials in 2016 briefly, but didn't have a serious conversation about training until after He and is brother signed with adidas. The first time I saw him race in person was at the trials and the first thing that stood out to me was his composure while running the rounds and finals there.
Lyles_Noah200Q-OlyTr16.jpgNoah Lyles, 2016 U.S. Olympic Trials, 200 meters, photo by
RunBlogRun, 2. Last summer, Noah had some injury issues, how did you overcome them?
Lance Brauman: 2) Last years injury was kind of a freak thing. He felt it with about 80m to go in the Shanghai race. The timing of it was the worse part. If nationals would have been 2 weeks later he would have had a better shot at making the team. As far as over coming it he has done a really good job this year of doing all of the little things to keep his body strong.
Lyles_NoahQ-USOut17.jpgNoah Lyles, 2017 USATF Outdoors, 200 meters, photo by
RunBlogRun, 3. In his final race of the year, the DL, he ran a screaming turn and took control of the race. You had predicted a fine race to me, tell me how you knew?
Lance Brauman: 3) At the time training was going well and he was putting up times in his pre race sessions that showed he was ready to go. As a coach, you see these guys run everyday, so when certain sessions are fast you have a really good idea on how they should race.
RunBlogRun, 4. Noah is very enthusiastic. He actually likes the sport. How do you control that enthusiasm in workouts?
Lance Brauman: 4) With Noa, what you see on TV is really who he is. He enjoys the sport and the training! As far as controlling it, I really don't worry about that, he listens well and is very coachable!! He makes it fun to be at the track everyday.
Lyles_Noah1-BosOut18.jpgNoah Lyles, 2018 adidas Boost Boston Games, 150 meters, May 20, 2018, photo by
RunBlogRun, 5. Noah told media at Pre that he knows when you think he is fit, because you a)smile, b) rub your hands? How can you tell when Noah is ready for a race?
Lance Brauman: 5) I pretty much answered that in number 3
Lyles_NoahPC-Pre18.JPGNoah Lyles at the Pre Classic Presser, May 25, 2018, photo by
RunBlogRun, 6. Noah is built for the 200 meters. He looks fine around the turn, and his last 50 meters is dominating. How do you describe his talent?
Lance Brauman: 6) Obviously he is a very gifted athlete, but he also trains very hard. That's sometimes a very hard combination for a coach to find. I truly believe that he has the ability to be a force in this sport for a very long time.
Lyles_Noah-BosOut18.jpgNoah Lyles, 2018 adidas Boston Boost Games, May 20, 2018, photo by
RunBlogRun, 7. What will you be doing at USATF?
Lance Brauman: 7) We will sit down after the race in Jamaica this weekend and decide on the USATF champs plans from there.
RunBlogRun, 8. What are your plans for 2018?
Lance Brauman: 8) To try to continue to put together good races, while, at the same time, remembering that he is only 20 years old. So, pick and chose the right races and places to race without trying to over race him. The main goal being to have him ready at the end of the season to try and defend his DL Championship.
Lyles_Noah1a-Pre18.JPGNoah Lyles, 2018 Pre Classic, May 26, 2018, photo by
RunBlogRun, 9. Noah Lyles can run a very, very fast 200 meters. Will you allow him to concentrate on that event?
Lance Brauman: 9) The plan for this year is to continue to do some work on both the 100m and 200m.
RunBlogRun, 10. What spike is he racing in? What flat does he train in?
Lance Brauman: 10) Spike is the adidas Prime. Flat's vary a little bit.
RunBlogRun, 11. Noah seems to really enjoy the media so far? I wrote that Noah Lyles has the talent, drive and obvious love of the sport to be a star? Would you agree with that statement?
Lance Brauman: 11) Like I said earlier, he loves to run and compete and he is also ultra talented. Those make for a very good combination. As far as the media, what you see is who he is, which makes him fun to be around!
Lyles_NoahFH-Pre18.JPGNoah Lyles wins 2018 Pre Classic 200 meters, May 26, 2018, photo by

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