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Pascal Martinot Lagarde, Eilidh Doyle, Sven Arne Hansen, Rachel Miller, Jakub Ingebrigtsen, photo by European Athletics/Getty Images

So, here's the truth on Stuart Weir. I thought the guy was Scottish for several years, and used to write about him as Scottish. Stuart, being the nice guy he is, had to gently remind me several times that he was NOT Scottish. But, truth is, Stuart writes what he wants. I like his approach, whether it be on hagis, or about who is running the European Indoors. For three days in Glasgow, you will be entertained, and as my dear late mother, Marilu, would say, and you will enjoy it.


Svein Arne Hansen, European Athletics Presidentr and Joe FitzPatrick, Minister for Public Health, Sport and Wellbeing, photo by European Athletics/Getty Images

Stuart Weir and I enjoyed the SPAR British Trials and the Muller Indoor GP Birmingham together. I have headed back to the former colonies and Stuart will be covering the European Indoor Champs for RunBlogRun. This is his first piece on Glasgow 2019. Thanks to Stuart Weir for his coverage of our global sport. r

The 2019 NYRR Millrose Games was an amazing event. On February 9, Ajee'Wilson and Donavan Brazier rewrote the American records for 800 meters. The standing room only crowd was entertained through the entire event, with Ryan Crouser throwing 22.33m, the WL. In the grand traditions of the Millrose Games, the women's mile was won by Konstanza Klausterhalfen, two weeks after her 15:15 win for 5000m at the NB Indoor GP. Klausterhalfen ran 4:19.98, with Colleen Quigley, last year's winner in second in a PB of 4:22.86.

temp.jpegYomif Kejelcha, photo by Jeff Benjamin

In the men's mile, Yomif Kejelcha ran 3:48.46 for the mile, just .01 off Hicham El Guerrouj's WR. Yomif will attempt the WR again on March 3, 2019 at Boston U.

IMG_6788.jpegKonstanza Klausterhalfen, photo by Jeff Benjamin

Also, please continue to support Kemoy Campbell. Kemoy, a Jamaican Olympian and member of the Reebok Boston TC. Kemoy collapsed after running 1000m of the 3000 meters. Thanks to the fast actions of medical professionals at the track (including Robby Andrews' sister, an RN), Kemoy was resuciatated. After 14 days, Kemoy left the hospital and has a defibrilator. There is a Go Fund Me page set up to assist Kemoy in his medical expenses.

Today, is Thursday on the track. It is the longest day of the week. Today, we focus on 200m repeats and, after a 30 minute run, we finish up with 8 x 150m. I want you to be able finish tough when you are tired. Run the 30 minute run at a good pace, and come back, and work those 150 meters, then, cooldown well and change your wet clothes. It is attention to details like wet clothes that keeps you healthy and injury-free.

IMG_6143.jpgStay focused, Ce'Aira Brown, photo by Mike Deering/The Shoe Addicts

Thursday-warm up, 12-16 x 200m, 200m jog, 800m pace, 30 minute run, 8 x 150 m strideouts, cooldown

Conseslus Kipruto thinks WR!

ElBakkali-Kipruto-JagerFHL1-WorCH17.jpgEl Baakali, Kipruto, Jager, WC 2017, photo by PhotoRun.net
C. Kipruto thinks WR
NAIROBI (KEN): Olympic and world steeplechase champion Conseslus Kipruto is keen to break the 15-year-old world record of 7:53.63 this year. "I have two targets this year, to defend my World title in Doha and attempt to break the world record," he told Xinhua. "We need to reclaim that record from Qatar this year God willing."
Kipruto_Conseslus-Monaco18.jpgConseslus Kipruto, photo by PhotoRun.net

Cragg_Amy1a-USAxc19.jpgAmy Cragg, USATF XC 2019, photo by PhotoRun.net

Ward_Jared-Houston18.jpgJared Ward, Olympian, photo by PhotoRun.net

The Atlanta Track Club has come up with a fun and innovative way to promote the 2020 U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials, which they will host. Watch for our coverage of this fine event.

British+Athletics+is+hoping+to+bring+the+2019+European+Athletics+Indoor+Championships+to+Glasgow%27s+Emirates+Arena.jpgEmirates Arena, MONDO 200m Indoor Track, photo courtesy Inside the Games

ALBA (ITA): Italian company Mondo will be an Official Supplier of this weekend's European Athletics Indoor Championships in Glasgow, Scotland. Maurizio Stroppiana, MONDO Sport Division Manager, said, "Mondo has always been committed to athletics at 360 ° and we are honored that this hydraulic track installed here in Glasgow in 2012 continues to be used and appreciated by athletes. It is a structural solution that makes the building completely multi-purpose and allows it to be used for other events; today, more than ever, these solutions make it possible to find spaces for indoor athletics at its highest levels without restricting the resources of local communities, in line with our ideal of spreading this sport."

IMG_20190223_164827.jpgKamworor and Rodgers Kwemoi leading with about 1km to go as their manager Jos Hermens urges them on, photo by Justin Lagat

DSCN0375.JPGHelen Obiri doing a solo run, photo by Justin Lagat

DSCN0003.JPGThe crowd, Kenyan National Cross Country Champs, photo by Justin Lagat

The Kenyan National Cross Country Championships was held on Februay 23. Justin Lagat covered the event for RunBlogRun, as he has for nearly six years, giving us a View from Kenya each and every week.

Hassan_SifanFV-Millrose17.jpgSifan Hassan, photo by PhotoRun.net
Hassan thinks WR
BERLIN (GER): Eric Kiptanui will return to defend his Berlin Half-marathon title on 7 April, while world indoor 1500m champion Sifan Hassan heads the women's elite field. She even wants to attack the existing World record 64:51 by Joyciline Jepkosgei in October 2017 in Valencia. Kiptanui clocked 58:42 in last year's event, while Hassan set a European record of 65:15 in Copenhagen in September. Also in the field will be Germany's Richard Ringer, who will make his debut at the distance, and Philipp Pflieger, who ran 63:14 in the event last year.
Hassan_SifanFV-Millrose17.jpgSifan Hassan, photo by PhotoRun.net

BL2_7487_2019021651744847_20190217020351.JPGLaura Muir, photo by Getty Imagesr/British Athletics

On February 16, 2019, at the Arena Birmingham, Laura Muir set a new British indoor mile record of 4:18.75, the third fastest mile in indoor history. En route, Laura Muir broke her own 1,500m NR, with a fine 4:01.83. The race had many British fans, including the 7,500 in the arena and the millions watching from home, cheering for the gutty Scottish distance runner as she ran the final 700 meters all by her lonesome. Hitting the 800m in 2:12, Laura Muir covered the final 800m in 2:06.5, with a final 400 meters under 62 seconds!

What a way to end the Muller Indoor! The question is, who is this young women, on the cusp of global stardom, and why is she the marquee final event in many of the British events? Why does meet director Spencer Bardenrrr confidently place an event with Laura Muir at the end of the meetings, knowing that she is, next to Mo Farah, one of the biggest draws of British Athletics?

Well, read on, kind readers.

The European Indoor Championships is one of my favorite events! This is my first miss since 2011. We will have a team in Glasgow to cover the meeting, and will be enjoying the streaming video that European Athletics provides, which is one of the finest we see each year! Watch for upcoming stories and features.

Here's the preview from EME News!

1.jpgThe Emirates Arena, Glasgow, Scotland, photo by Management

I recall the win by Caster Semenya in Berlin in 2009. I also recall hearing the horrible booing of Ms. Semenya when she recieved her medal in 2009. Subsequent forensric research suggest the following: 1) Caster herself did not know why she was booed, and her staff, knowing of her issues, did not tell her, b) the IAAF could have dealt with the situation more humanely in 2008 and 2009, c) the situation is now a cause celebre, and has put the IAAF in a position, due only to themselves, as the sexual Grand Inquisitor.

Semenya_CasterA-Zurich18.jpgCaster Semenya, photo by PhotoRun.net

The following piece by Stuart Weir, on Caster Semenya, is a departure for Stuart. Both Stuart and I are troubled by this case. The truth is, it should have been managed by the IAAF much better in 2009. At this time, Caster Semenya has become the poster child for the categorization of female athletes. In a time when gender issues are at the forefront, Caster Semenya is a popular concern. (You also might enjoy Stuart's Ten Questions with Caster Semenya: https://www.runblogrun.com/2018/11/ten-questions-to-caster-semenya-by-stuart-weir.html). Stuart Weir sees all the athletes he interviews a people with human frailties, imperfect souls, who are challenging their limits. Caster Semenya has had many challenges to meet. Consider how you would be with thousands booing you as you get a medal?

I admirer Caster Semenya, she has shown grace and style during this decade long debacle. I have watched her reach out to athletes she has defeated, and her presser with us in London 2017 is a prime example. The situation is of some complication. Rules do need to be made to protect the integrity of women's athletics, and it has to be managed much better and with more consciousness than the global federation has used in prior efforts. At the end of the day, Caster Semenya has opened the sport to women from South Africa. Also at the end of the day, someone will be hurt by the decision.

This is Wednesday. In many parts of the country, we are having extreme weather. Please be careful on your run, and stay warm and dry. Work on you core work. Consider the upcoming races and what you want to achieve.

IMG_6754.jpgRob Napolitano, photo by Mike Deering/The Shoe Addicts

Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2019-warm up, 50 minute run, 8 x 150m, core training, cooldown

Tefara 33104.pngSamuel Tefera, photo by Getty Images/British Athletics

Ingebrigtsen_Jacob5kFL1-Tampere18.jpgJakub Ingebrigtsen, Tampere 2018, photo by PhotoRun.net

The 2019 PSD Bank Meeting Dusseldorf was a fine meeting with which to end the 2019 World Indoor Tour. The second podcast of the PSD Meeting is focused on the 1,500m men's race. For me, it was a unique way to see the Ingebrigtsen brothers compete, just two weeks before the European Indoors. The race had tension, speed and fast finishes. That Jakub Ingebrigtsen set a NR and U20 World record in 3:36.02, and new WR holder lost the next race, Samuel Tefera in 3:36.34. Filip Ingebrigtsen was third in PB 3:38.23. Both Ingebrigtsens will be doubling, most likely in Glasgow.


Here's part 2 of our PSD podcast:

IMG_6964.JPGPSD Bank, view from the Media seats, Feb. 20, 2019, photo by Larry Eder

The sixth of the 2019 IAAF World Indoor Tour was a fun ending to the fast moving indoor season. Each event had a story, and at RunBlogRun, we tried to give you that story. The Dusseldorf meeting was well run (with the exception of the 60m high hurdles), and site was fun, well lit and the crowd was into the event. The 12 events each had something to see. In this podcast, we speak about the 60m, high jump, and 400 meters.


The PSD Bank Meeting Dusseldorf was a fine end to the IAAF Indoor season. The final two events, the HJ and 1,500m were fine endings. The 60m hurdle men's event, moved to the very end of the meet, kept the fan's interest.

Also watch for part 2 and our videos on Marie Jose Ta Lou and Pavel Maslak.

Thanks to Mike Deering/The Shoe Addicts on his podcast development.

Quigley_Colleen1b-USAi19.JPGColleen Quigley holding off Shelby Houlihan, Toyota USATF Indoor Mile, photo by PhotoRun.net

In championship races, times are of little value. All that matters is the gold, silver and bronze. We, as track fans, get excited about finishes and that last lap, or straight.

Last Saturday night, Colleen Quigley, a steeplechaser, won the USATF indoor mile, over the kicker supreme, Shelby Houlihan. Colleen's exclamation at the finish was obvious and honest! It was big win for the promising middle distance runner.

Quigley_ColleenFH-USAi19.JPGColleen Quigley takes the Toyota USATF indoor champs mile, photo by PhotoRun.net

Here is how @runblogrun saw it.

IMG_6112.jpgCe'Aira Brown ran a 2:35.62 PB for 1000m, taking 3rd in Toyota USATF Indoor Champs, photo by Mike Deering/The Shoe Addicts

I was first exposed to tempo runs at the end of the 1970s. In an article by Coach Dellinger, I cobbled together his 10k and 5k drills. Essentially, they were a 400m at race pace, 400m at training pace, for 25 laps. One would then go 800 at race pace, 400m at training pace, and up to 3/4 at race pace, 400m at training pace. One spring, I did the 10k drills for 12 weeks. I was focused on a race I had run 32:40, taking second at. The year of the 10k drills, I had set PBs from 3k to 10k. On this final event of the season, I ran 31:08, and was outkicked by a guy who had just run a 3:56 mile. I felt excited. My first tempo runs were in the early 1980s, training with Tim Gruber. We did a 15k where we began at six minutes and went down to 5:10 per mile. Again, I set PBs that season, from 5k to the marathon.

Brazier_DonavanFHL-USAi19.JPGDonavan Brazier, photo by PhotoRun.net
600 m revolution at US Indoors, several World leads
STATEN ISLAND (USA, Feb 24): Last day of USATF Indoor Championships marked a revolution in indoor 600 m running. Donavan Brazier clocked 1:13.77 World all-time best and is now also 6th best performer under all conditions (outdoor best by Johnny Gray is 1:12.81 from 1986). Previous top all-time indoor mark 1:14.79 by Kenya's Michael Saruni set last January in Albuquerque altitude. Behind him improving Sam Ellison 1:15.20 and Kameron Jones 1:15.32. Even more sensational 1:23.57 in women 600 m by 16 years old Athing Mu (will be 17 in June). The Youth Olympic medalist from Buenos Aires 2018 is now second best ever indoors behind Russian Olga Kotlyarova who clocked 1:23.44 back in 2004 and 8th fastest ever taking into account also the outdoor marks (World best here by Caster Semenya is 1:21.77 from ISTAF 2017). Of course also World U20 and U18 all-time best in or out. Second Raevyn Rogers 1:24.88 (7th best all-time indoor performer). Another WL for Ajee Wilson 2:34.71 in the 1000 m beating Hannah Green 2:35.40 and Ce´Aira Brown 2:35.62. Shelby Houlihan after losing the mile won the 2 miles in 9:31.38 WL ahead of Katie Mackey 9:33.70. Sharika Nelvis won the 60 m Hurdles in another WL 7.85 over Evonne Britton 7.86 PB. Nelvis was also third in the 60 m 7.32, winner Shania Collins was timed with 7.16. Demek Kemp equalled his PB 6.55 to win the 60 m ahead of Cordero Gray 6.59 PB. Olympic medalist Clayton Murphy won the 1000 m in 2:20.36, Craig Engels the mile 3:59.69 and Devon Allen hurdles in 7.60. Women triple saw Keturah Orji with indoor PB 14.55 beating US record holder Tori Franklin 14.45. Donald Scott topped men triple 16.85 and in women shot Chase Ealey with 18.62 beat Maggie Ewen 18.45.
Mu_AthingFH-USAi19.JPGAthing Mu, AR/HSR of 600m, photo by PhotoRun.net


Brown 35.95 WL, Crouser 22.22
STATEN ISLAND (USA, Feb 23): Fast women 300 m highlighted second day of US Indoor Championships. Brittany Brown clocked World leading 35.95 (also 6th best performer ever) ahead of Gabby Thomas 35.98 (7th best perfomer ever) and young Kayla Davis 37.46 U18 All-time indoor best. Men 300 m was not that fast with Dontavius Wright getting 32.81 as winner. Another top mark of the day was the 22.22 in shot put by Olympic winner Ryan Crouser (missed his WL by 11 cm) over 2015 World champion Joe Kovacs 21.40 (missed indoor PB only by 6 cm) and third Nigerian Josh Awotunde 20.63. Coleen Quigley beat in the mile Shelby Houlihan 4:29.47 to 4:29.92 with Cory McGee close third 4:30.14. Men 2 miles had surprise overall winner Drew Hunter from B race 8:25.29 WL as the winner of the top heat Eric Avila clocked 8:32.41. In other technical events wins for Jeron Robinson 224 and Vashti Cunningham 196 in high jump, Jordan Downs 773 and Kate Hall 651 in long jump with Andrew Irwin clearing 580 to win the pole vault and Tim Ehrhardt 5868 PB in heptathlon. From prelims to note Ajee Wilson 2:37.96 PB in the 1000 m, U18 All-time indoor best in the women 600 m 1:26.23 by Athing Mu. In men´s 600 m prelims Donovan Brazier 1:15.64, Clayton Murphy 2:20.23 in the 1000 m and Demek Kemp was the fastest in men´s 60 m heats 6.61. Alex Donigian who runs for Armenia clocked 6.64 National record.
Cunningham_Vashti1i-USAi19.JPGVashti Cunningham, 1.96m, photo by PhotoRun.net
Kendricks_Sam1c-PreC18.jpgSam Kendricks, 5.92m WL, photo by PhotoRun.net
Lisek_Piotr-Pre18.jpgPiotr Lisek, 5.92m WL, photo by PhotoRun.net
Lisek and Kendricks 593 WL
CLERMONT-FERRAND (FRA, Feb 24): Piotr Lisek and Sam Kendricks both cleared a world-leading height of 5.93m at the All-Star Perche with Lisek defeating the world outdoor champion on countback. Australia's Kurtis Marshall improved to 5.87m to finish third. In another excellent competition in Clermont-Ferrand, three more vaulters cleared 5.80m: Poland's Pawel Wojciechowski, Brazil's Thiago Braz and Italy's Claudio-Michel Stecchi (PB). For Stecchi, he was only two centimetres adrift of Giuseppe Gibilisco's long-standing Italian indoor record. In the women's competition, Anzhelika Sidorova defeated Angelica Bengtsson on countback at 4.81m, an outright Swedish record for the latter. Ninon Guillon-Romarin cleared a French indoor record of 4.73m to finish joint third with Canada's Alysha Newman whose clearance also represented a national indoor record. There was another national indoor record for Belarus in fifth for Iryna Zhuk who cleared 4.65m.
Bengtsson_Angelica1-Stockholm17.jpgAngelica Bengstsson, 4.81m NR, photo by PhotoRun.net
Sidorova_Anzhelika-Worlds18.jpgAnzelhika Siderova, 4.81m, photo by PhotoRun.nnet
VanNiekerk_WaydeSt1a-London17.jpgWayde Van Niekerk, photo by PhotoRun.net
Van Niekerk is back
BLOEMFONTEIN (RSA, Feb 23): Olympic 400m champion Wayde van Niekerk made his comeback after injury by winning the 400m at the Free State Championships on Saturday in 47.28. The South African, who last competed at the 2017 World Championships before suffering a knee injury during a rugby match that October, beat hurdler Cornel Fredericks.
runblogrun opines: One of the most exciting athletes in our sport, Wayde Van Niekerk was injured while playing rubgy in October 2017. Lots of people should be given credit on helping Wayde rehab his knee, as the adidas sponsored and current Olympic, World Champion and World record holder returns to form. His win in 2016 was exciting and his 2017 win built on the legend. We look forward to his return to form.
VanNiekerk_Wayde1a-BosOut17.jpgWayde Van Niekerk, photo by PhotoRun.net

This past six weeks, I travelled to Boston, then, Germany, Poland, Spain, the UK and Germany once again to see some of the finest athletes in the world compete and how each country puts on their events. I was fascinated with some of the new stars coming up, and like to observe Coaches with their athletes. The big lesson? The attention and the wins are made in the daily details: sleep, hydration, nutrition, core work, and focus. This past weekend at the USATF indoors, I watched some exciting races and world bests. Again, the athletes who excell, like Ce'Aira Brown and her HOKA ONE ONE NJNYTC team mates work every day to get something better. Follow your heart. Stay focused.

Brown_Ce'AiraQ-USAi19.JPGCe'Aira Brown, photo by PhotoRun.net

Monday, Feb. 25, 2019-warm up, 40 minute run, 8 laps, 400m track, sprint straights, jog turns, core work, cooldown

If you are a distance runner, you do long runs. Today, enjoy your long run, and then, watch USATF-TV and check out the USATF Indoor champs!

IMG_5000.jpgEnjoy the long run, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Sunday, Feb. 24, 2019-warm up, 60-65 minutes, cooldown

Erik Sowinski has made the last 11 outdoor USATF finals in the 800 meters. Erik Sowinski has also made 13 indoor USATF championship finals as well! This past indoor season, @runblogrun watched Sowinski all over Europe. Erik ran 1:16.75 on Jan. 26 at Dr. Norb Sander Invite. On Feb. 2, in Karlsruhe, Sowinski took 2nd in 1:46.69 SB. At Torun, on Feb. 6, won the 800m in 1:47.49. Sowinski flew back to US, took 5th in Millrose in 1:46.61. On Feb. 13, at Athlon, Erik took 2nd in 1:47.64. At Muller (Feb. 16), Erik Sowinski took 4th in 1:48.29.

Erik Sowinski answered 9 questions from Jeff Benjamin, prior to his racing at Ocean Breeze AC this weekend!

Sowinski_ErikFHH1-Sander18.jpgErik Sowinski, photo by PhotoRun.net

Craig Engels is a member of the Nike Oregon Project, coached by Peter Julian and Alberto Salazar. On Jan. 12, Craig won the UW Preview 3000m in a big PB of 7:50.79. Craig won the 1000m at the Dr. Norb Sander Invite, in 2:18.98 on Jan. 26. On Feb. 9, at the NYRR Millrose, Craig took fifth in the Millrose miler in 3:54.18.

Thanks to Craig for answering 9 questions from Jeff Benjamin.

Engels_Craig-Sander18.jpgCraig Engels, photo by PhotoRun.net

Heather Kampf, one of the US finest milers, and USATF road mile champ, answered 9 questions from Jeff Benjamin, prior to visiting the 2019 Toyota USATF Indoor Champs on Staten Island this weekend.

Kampf_Heather-Falmouth17.jpgHeather Kampf, photo by PhotoRun.net

IMG_0190.jpegWill Leer is the clean shaven Lad on the right, photo by Jeff Benjamin

Will Leer, one of our favorite and most enduring American distance runners, who is racing the 2019 Toyota USATF Indoor Champs this weekend. We thank him for answering 9 questions from Jeff Benjamin.

image1.jpegJeff Benjamin and Emma Coburn, 2018 Millrose Games, photo by Jeff Benjamin

The following interview was with Emma Coburn, the 2017 World Champion at the steeplechase, who is in Staten Island to race at the 2019 USATF Indoors.

Kendricks_Sam-Pre18.jpgSam Kendricks, World Leader, PV at 5.90m, photo by PhotoRun.net
Both World leaders Kendricks and Sidorova, but not Lavillenie
CLERMONT-FERRAND (FRA): All-Star Perche special pole vault meet (EA Indoor Permit) will offer on Sunday the last top clash of the season before the European Indoor Championships. Unfortunately local hero and co-organiser Renaud Lavillenie will not be able to jump. Main favorite of the men competition will be so reigning World champion Sam Kendricks who is also World leader with 590. His main rivals will be top Polish jumpers Piotr Lisek and Pawel Wojciechowski, Olympic winner Thiago Braz, Commonwealth Champion Kurtis Marschall, former World indoor champion Kostadinos Filippidis and this season improved Swedish Melker Svard Jacobsson and Italian Claudio Stecchi. Women contest has also as big favorite fresh World Indoor Tour winner and World leader with 491 Anzhelika Sidorova with Canadian record holder Alysha Newman and former World champion Yarisley Silva. Best French Ninon Guillon-Romarin could not be missed.
Sidorova_Anzhelika-Worlds18.jpgAnzelhika Siderova, World Leader, PV, 4.91 meters, photo by PhotoRun.net

Outdoor season is beginning and indoor season is coming to the climax. The big season is coming, and you are seven weeks into the training season. In early season, you race relays, long and short distances, and build your fitness. Shake it up.

Brown_CeAiraLeds-Martinez18.jpgCeAira Brown, 800m, photo by Kevin Morris

Saturday, Feb. 23, 2019-warm up, race 800m if you do mile, 5000m if you do 3200m, 400m or 600m if you race 800m (also 4x400m), cooldown, if you do not race, then, 45 minutes Holmer Fartlek, 22.5 minutes out, 22.5 minutes faster, cooldown

The highlights of Day 1 were the weight throw and women's pentathlon. We have the updates from USATF's Ashely Mitchell. The action resumes on Saturday around 12:30 PM. RunBlogRun will see you in the evening in the Ocean Breeze Athletic Complex!

Anna Hall finished with a 2:16.11 800m, in this amazing performance in the pentathlon.

anna hall .jpgAnna Hall, HSR Pentathlon, 4,302, photo by USATF

The 2019 European Indoor Championships will be held at the Emirates Arena in Glasgow, Scotland on 1-3 March 2019. 637 athletes from 49 countries will be competing. Alfons Juck is the EME News service, daily, he provides news of the sport via EME News for managers and those interested in the sport. Here's the breaking news on Glasgow.

1130122999.jpgHolly Bradshaw, photo by Getty Images/British Athletics

1.jpgThe Emirates Arena, photo by Arena Management
637 athletes from 49 countries
GLASGOW (GBR): A total of 637 athletes representing 49 nations (including ANAs) will compete at the European Indoor Championships in Glasgow from 1-3 March. Out of the 26 gold medal winners from Belgrade in 2017, 20 will be returning to defend their titles, including home favourite Laura Muir in the 1500m and 3000m. Fifteen individual gold medallists from the European Championships will also be in action: Swiety-Ersetic and Sprunger (400m, 4x400m), Muir (1500/3000m), Herman (60mH), Lasitskene (HJ), Stefanidi (PV), Mihambo (LJ) and Papahristou (TJ) on the women's side and Warholm (400m), Jakob Ingebrigtsen (1500/3000m), Martinot-Lagarde (60mH), Przybylko (HJ), Tentoglou (LJ), Evora (TJ) and Haratyk (SP) on the men's side. From European Athletics

The Muller Indoor GP is always a fun event. The final two events this year showed just how very good and very classy. In the men' 1,500 meters, Yomif Kejelcha had run 3:51.70 on January 26 and 3:48.46 on February 9. His coach, Alberto Salazar went on the record as noting Yomif was ready to challenge the 1500m/Mile records of one Hicham El Gherrouj (3:31.48, 3:48.45).

The pace was perfect: 55.8, 1:52.7 and 2:49.25. Bram Som, a man who has a metronome beating in his ears, paced the event just past 900 meters as Yomif Kejelcha took the lead, his long and tall image leading the race, with nineteen year old Samuel Tefera in tow. One watched Tefera hanging on, and then, with 100 meters to go, charge by Kejelcha, who was, by this time, spent.

Tefara 33104.pngSamuel Tefera sets WR of 3:31.04, photo by Getty Images/British Athletics

Samuel Tefara ran 3:31.04, breaking the 22 year old WR of Hicham El Guerrouj (3:31.48). Yomif Kejelcha was rewarded with his efforts in a PB of 3:31.58.

In the final event, the women's mile, this was a build up for Laura Muir, UK Athletics' true rock star. I am a Muir liever. Yes. Laura has the talent to be in the medal hunt from 1,500m to 5,000m in major events. In Birmingham, she took down the 1,500m NR and Mile records, showing that she is a true talent and ready to double in Glasgow.

BL2_7487_2019021651744847_20190217020351.JPGLaura Muir, sets NRs of 4:01.83 and 4:18.75! photo by Getty Images/British Athletics

At 800 meters, passed in 2:12, Laura was on her own, her long, muscled stride churing up the track. That 1000m speed she possesses showed on the Arena Birminghad track as she ran negative splits, hitting 1200m in 3:16 and the final mile time in 4:18.75, for a 2:06.5 last 800m! En route, Laura Muir hit 4:01.83 for the 1,500m, showing once again, that Coach Andy Young and Laura Muir get the work done to be world class.

Enjoy our podcast.

Thanks again to British Athletics, Nike, USATF and of course, Mike Deering, who produces the podcast for the Shoe Addicts.

Remember, it is all about the fans.

fans at bhx.jpgBritish Athletics fans, photo by Getty Images/British Athletics


On the pictures from the left are India's high Commisioner to Kenya Mr.Rahul Chhabra, the Deputy governor of the Uasin Gishu county Mr. Daniel Chemno, Hon. Mishra Kiprop of Mediheal Hospitals, Athletics Kenya president Major Jackson Tuwei and legendary Kenyan runner Kipchoge Keino. photos by Justin Lagat

SP022329-384598 (1).JPGLaura Muir , 3000m, British Trials, Feb 9, 2019, photo by Getty Images/British Athletics

The SPAR British Trials were a two day affair at the Arena Birmingham. About 4,000 fans a day (site seats 7,500) were entertained by some fine performances. On Saturday, highlights were Holly Bradshaw equalling the British record of 4.80m, and Laura Muirs' fine and fast 56.4 last 400m in the 3,000m win. Katrina Johnson-Thompson finished second in the 60m hurdles.

Bradshaw_Holly1-London17.jpgHolly Bradshaw, photo by PhotoRun.net

On Sunday, the fans saw final after final. Exciting 1,500m action, as well as a down to the wirer men's 3000 meters an tough men and women's 400 meters. I was impressed by Morgan Lake in the HJ, Katrina Johnson-Thompson in the LJ, and Chris O'Hare in the 3000m.

Chris O'Hare wins.JPGChris O'Hare, photo by Getty Images/British Athletics

Below is my podcast, produced by the Shoe Addict's Mike Deering. This was my first British Trials, and I will be back!

The day after a hard workout, one must be easy on the body. Warm up well, do your run and strideouts, focus on some core work, and then, cool down, long and with thoroughness. Drink lots of water too.

IMG_5139.jpgStride outs, photo by HOKA NAZ Elite

Friday, Feb 22. 2019-warm up, 50 minute run, 8 x 150m, core training, cooldown

Bekele_KenenisaPC-Berlin17.jpgKenenisa Bekele, photo by PhotoRun.net
Bekele withdraws from Tokyo Marathon
TOKYO (JPN): Kenenisa Bekele has pulled out of the Tokyo Marathon on 3 March due to a stress fracture. "Bekele has a stress fracture and it takes time to make sure it will heel for 100%. He is very motivated to get fit again and focus on a new goal, but unfortunately he will need more time for that," read a statement from the organisers. Other withdrawals include Kenya's Marius Kipserem from the men's race and Ethiopia's Feysa Tadese and Japan's Yuka Ando from the women's race.
runblogrun opines: In Bekele's last marathon, he dropped out with 2k to go. He has been less that a big hit with marathon directors, who pay him loads of money to see him fail spectacularly. Mr. Bekele has the talent to run a 2:02 marathon. It is all about his body holding up to the training. At one point, his manager, Jos Hermans, noted that Bekele did not respect the marathon. Today, it is all about his body reminding him that 42.2 kilometers at 2:52-2:54 is something only a few can do. We applaud Bekele pulling out. He needs a great performance now. Only he will know when that is coming.

Ta Lou 7.02 WL, J. Ingebrigtsen 3:36.02 World U20 indoor record
DUSSELDORF (GER, Feb 20): Final meet of the 4th IAAF World Indoor Tour PSD Bank Meeting (capacity crowd 2000 spectators) was highlighted by 60 m World Lead 2019 (and meet record with PB) 7.02 by Marie-Josee Ta Lou who after season best 7.14 in heats gave the first loss of 2019 to Ewa Swoboda 7.10. Another top higlight was the men´s 1500 m where winning Jakob Ingebritgsen achieved not only World U20 record but also national record 3:36.02. Second in his first loss ever indoors at 1500 m WR holder Samuel Tefera 3:36.34 and third Filip Ingebritgsen indoor PB 3:38.62. Asian high jump duel saw Naoto Tobe remaining unbeaten indoors 2019 and winning on count back over Yu Wang, both 234, for Chinese national indoor record and overall PB, also meet record for both. Anzhelika Sidorova set a meet record of 4.77m to win the Tour title in the pole vault. Nikoleta Kyriakopoulou was second with 4.67m, five centimetres more than third-placed Ekaterini Stefanidi.
IMG_6962.JPGThe view from media stand, 2019 PSD Bank Meeting Dusseldorf, 20 Feb 2019, photo by Larry Eder
Controversy surrounded the heats of 60 m hurdles as Jarret Eaton was disqualified for a false start, while Orlando Ortega after similar starting reaction at 0.07 (0.10 allowed) level in the second was allowed to run and ultimately progress despite initially being shown a red card for a false start. After protest the final was moved to after high jump slot and Ortega beat Milan Trajkovic of Cyprus by 0.003 (7.515 to 7.518). Habitam Alemu secured maximum points in the Tour with another win in the 800m. Clocking 2:00.70 she convincingly stretched away from Shelayna Oskan-Clarke (2:02.25). Oscar Husillos won the first 400m final in 46.96, but his result was surpassed in the second final by Nathan Strother (46.48) who became Tour winner and Pavel Maslak (46.73). Yulimar Rojas secured the all-but-certain tour win in the triple jump, registering 14.46m to beat Patricia Mamona (14.22m) into second. Outside of the tour events, Su Bingtian was a convincing winner of the 60m, just outside of his world lead with 6.49, with Bryce Robinson second and Mike Rodgers third, both in 6.57. Also not on the tour, the two 800m races were won by Andreas Kramer (1:48.19) and Alvaro de Arriba (1:46.63) respectively. German Christina Schwanitz confirmed her tour win with another first place in shot put (19.14).

The PSD Bank Meeting Dusseldorf was a fine ending to the season. The IAAF World Indoor Circuit had six stops in 2019, beginning with Boston on January 26, Karlsruhe on Feb. 2, Torun on Feb.6, Madrid on Feb.8, Birmingham on Feb. 16, and now, Dusseldorf on Feb.20. Each meet got better, and so did the athletes.

IMG_6962.JPG2019 PSD Bank Meeting, 20 Feb 2019, photo by Larry Eder

The Dusseldorf meeting was excellent. Eleven finals, plus some local events, and an enthusiastic crowd! Each final had something of interest to fans. The site was intimate, exciting and well organized. And we have had rave reviews of the streaming video.

To check out the complete streaming program, please go here: https://www.runblogrun.com/2019/02/iaaf-world-indoor-tour-2019-dusseldorf-livestream.html

Here's my quick tour of the Sporthalle Dusseldorf :

Thursday was one of my favorite days to workout in high school. We did lots of 300 meter repeats and 200m repeats. The following workout I recall completing 4-6 times each spring. In my junior year of high school, i finally ran competitive times over 880 yards, mile and 2 mile. I would move with 300m to go and the workouts gave me confidence.

Confidence is key in your daily running, find one thing to commend yourself on each day.

_DSC0529.jpgGreat races are built over many, many workouts, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Thursday, February 21, 2019-warm up, 8 x 400m, 300m jog, (Mile pace) 20 minute run, 8 x 300m jog, (800m pace) 20 minute run, 8 x 300m, (800m pace), 20 minutes run, cooldown

The Sporthalle Dusseldorf is a training facility that gets fine use. It is only fitting that a World Indoor Tour ends on a place that builds the dreams of athletes and fans alike. PSD Bank Meeting Dusseldorf delivererd with drama, close races and some dominating finishes, portending what could happen later in 2019!

My comments, event by event are coming. Enjoy checking out the complete results!

IMG_6964.JPGPSD Bank Meeting Dusseldorf, Feb 20, 2019, photo by PhotoRun.net

The Live streams of Karlsuhe, Madrid, and now Dusseldorf have been tremendous. An amazing 11 finals tonight, do not miss a moment! The quality is quite high and it shows how much potential this World Indoor Circuit has!

IMG_6963.JPGPSD Meeting Dusseldorf, Feb. 20, 2019, photo by Larry Eder

Thanks to the IAAF, PSD Bank Meeting Dusseldorf, and my sponsors, USATF and Nike, on supporting our coverage of the 2019 World Indoor Tour!

See you at Staten Island Ocean Breeze AC on Feb. 22, 23, 24!

1130126511.jpgSamuel Tefara, WR, 3:31.04, photo by Getty

This video is on my deep thoughts on the circuit. I did this in Ratigen, at the Ibis Budget Hotel near (well, ten miles/16k) from the Dusseldorf airport. I just wanted to give you my quick thoughts on the IAAF World Indoor Circuit. It is a gem. But, no one knows about it! Little focus on media, and the meets should all be streamed for free around the world on Facebook and You Tube.

The meet will be thrilling tonight. I look forward to sharing it with you! Thanks for supporting us!

The PSD Meeting Presse was held in held in the spacious Vandervalk hotel. The presser lasted 22 minutes and it was quite good. Ekaterina Stefanidi, Christina Schwanitz and Orlando Ortega were interviewed.

Ekaterine Stefanidi is always a fun interview, and she noted, quite realistically that Anzehlika Siderova has to be out of the top 2, OR, Katerina has to score a PB to win the IAAF Tour title.

2019 PSd Presser .PNG2019 PSD Presser, Katerina Stefanidi, Christina Schwanitz, Orlando Ortega, Feb 19, 2019, photo by Larry Eder

Christina Schwanitz has a bit of a cough, and she did not want to speak in English. My only beef here is that with media like myself from around the world, there should be translation in German und English! If one wants to promote the series, then, one must speak in the global media/marketing language!

Orlando Ortega spoke in English, and his English is getting better. He knows that he can not win, but he sure wants a sub 7.50!

Stay tuned!

As part of the Tour de Larry, I have included my hotels and travels. I have stayed at discount hotels or used hotels.com last minute to get a good deal. This is the Ibis Budget Airport Dusseldorf, about ten miles and world apart from Dusseldorf. It is modest, and just what I needed, and 3 nights costs less than 1 night in HQ hotel (one of the 3).

Rojas_Yulimar-WORLDi18.jpgYulimar Rojas, photo by PhotoRun.net

I took this video in the morning after a great night sleep, and thought you might enjoy it, from my hotel and hotel window. It does look like Wisconsin countryside, which I miss immensely.

Watch for the presser, which will be my next post.

IMG_4833.jpgEnjoy the runs with your friends, photo by HOKA NAZ Elite

Today is a moderate day. Enjoy the run, focus on your core and stay focused.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019-warm up, 50 minute run, 8 x 150m, core training, cooldown

The Muller Indoor GP Birmingham is one of the finest meets on the circuit. The 200m banked Mondo at the arena Birmingham is fast and provides good footing for middle and long distance races. The seating of 7500 is such that there is not a bad seat in the house. The fans are enthused, and feature, new, old and consistent fans. The announcing is very good and the fields are picked to feature top Brits, developing and top Americans,top global athletes and some surprises.

fans at bhx.jpgThe fans in Arena Birmingham, Feb. 16, 2019, photo by Getty Images/British Athletics

The 2019 version, the fifth stop on the 2019 IAAF World Tour, was no different. From a real battle for a WR, to two superb sprints and hurdles, to a fine PV, , the meet was competitive and entertaining.

Katerina Stefanidi is the Olympic, World and European champion in the pole vault. She is also one of the most prolific vaulters of her era. In 2019, for example, she competed in Reno, Nevada, Boston, MA, Karlsruhe, Germany, Birmingham, England, and now Dusseldorf, Germany.

Stefanidi_Ekaterina1a-Monaco18.jpgKaterina Stefanidi, photo by PhotoRun.net

This interview was done on February 15, 2019, in Birmingham, England, by Andy Edwards of Race News service, prior to the 2019 Muller Indoorr Grand Prix Birmingham.

The Meeting International Madrid was the most intimate setting of the circuit. By intimate, I meant that I could not sit at the media desk assigned to me. I was surrounderd by coaches, loudly speaking, cajoling, and using hand singles to speak to Russian, Greek, Italian and Spanish pole vaulters, Long jumpers and Triple jumpers.

After I sat my computer down, knowing I would not write a paragraph, I relaxed, and tweeted the meet out, enjoying the unique view of the elite meet, as the crowd went crazy, from one event to another, Spanish athletes and global heroes impressed.

Madrid5.jpgMy workspace in Madrid, Spain, Februarry 8, 2019, photo by Larry Eder

The meeting in Torun, Poland is called the Copernicus Cup. It was one of my favorite destinations. The food at the HQ hotel, the Bulvar, was excellent. I stayed in the Hotel Nicolaus, a beautiful hotel, with fine breakfast and very reasonable rates. The city of Torun, Poland is 220,000, and and has fun culture, fun restaurants and a wonderrful feel.

The facility at Torun is well, glorious. The track is banked Mondo 200m, from Sopot and the World Indoor champs. Not a bad seat in the house and a loud, Polish crowd rocks the house!

IMG_6623.JPGTorun, Poland, February 6, 2019, photo by Larry Eder

On February 2, I visited the Meeting Karlsruhe at the Messe Karlsruhe. The Messe Karlsruhe seated 4,500 fans, and was sold out from mid December. In the two weeks it took to build the track and seating, the management added five hundred seats and sold them out. Seating was fantastic and the banked 200m track is fast!

Here are my five big moments from the second meet of the 2019 IAAF Indoor Circuit.

IMG_6451.JPGThe view from my seat, February 2, 2019, photo by Larry Eder

peterconnerrton.jpgPeter Connerton, Dubai Marathon, photo from You Tube

Peter Connerton is the Race Director of Standard Chartered Dubai Marathon. He has done this job for 20 years and watched it grow from a minor marathon to the top rated marathon in the world. The marathon is about fast, deep finishes. In 2018, he had 7 men under 2:05, and 4 women under 2:19. In 2019, the Dubai had 2 men under 2:04 and 2 under 2:18 for women.

Why is Dubai so successful?

Like Mr. Connerton, the Dubai Marathon is a bit eccentric. No appearance money, the athletes put it on the line, and fine athletes from Ethiopia and Kenya show up each year, to put themselves on the map and pick up a strong pay day.

In 2019, the weather was near perfect, the course is fast, and the competition did not relent.

This interview was done on January 25, 2019, about two hours after the race, and Peter Connerton was just coming down from his race attitude. Thanks to Peter Connerton for his time and Brian Eder for producing the interview.

Tempo runs and some 200 meter repeats seem to put you in a good fatigue state. Get into the habit of doing you last couple of stride outs, repeats with a bit more effort. It reminds those muscles to work hard when they are fatigued. My buddy, Danny Gruber, a fine coach at Aptos HS and a fine runner in his own right, reminded me that it is called "reinforcing the neuromuscular loop".

IMG_5139.jpg200m repeats, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Tuesday, February 19, 2019-warm up, 20 minute temp run, run at 30 second per mile above your 5k current race pace, 8x200m, jog 100m, 1 mile race pace, 4 x150m stride outs, , cooldown

Paquette_Lauren1-Sander18.jpgLauren Paquette, photo by PhotoRun.net

Jeff Benjamin caught up with Lauren Paquette, via email and we thank Lauren for getting back to fast. We look forward to seeing Lauren at the Ocean Breeze AC for the 2019 USATF Indoors later this week. This season, Lauren ran a 4:41.15 for 8th place on 26 January at the Dr. Norb Sander Invite. On 9 February, at the Millrose ran 8:57.51 for 8th at 3000m.

Tefera_SamuelFH-WorInd18.jpgSamuel Tefera, photo by PhotoRun.net
Tefera unbeaten indoors
BIRMINGHAM (GBR): Fresh World indoor record breaker at the 1500 m Samuel Tefera is indoors unbeaten after 7 races of his career. There are four in 2018 including heat at World Indoors and three so far in 2019. The runner who is based in one of the Addis Ababa clubs said after the race: "I can't believe that. I'm delighted with the outcome and to have the world record is a special feeling." Legendary former record holder Hicham El Guerrouj congratulated Tefera. "I am very proud and happy to have held the world indoor 1500m record for 22 years," said the Moroccan. "I would like to congratulate Samuel Tefera for his excellent race and wish him good luck for the rest of his career." His duel with three Ingebrigtsen brothers on Wednesday in Dusseldorf will be something special and also the end of the indoor season for him. After well deserved rest his preparation for Doha 2019 World Championships will start. With the help from IAAF and his agent Hussein Makke.
Tefara 33104.pngSamuel Tefera defeates Yomif Kejelcha, photo by PhotoRun.net

The @runblogrun tour of the IAAF World Indoor Tour, aka Le Tour de Larry, is sponsored by USATF and Nike, reminding you that the 2019 Toyota USATF Indoor Championships are February 22, 23, and 24 at the Ocean Breeze AC, on Staten Island. To purchase tickets, please use this link:


Support the brands that support your favorite athletics media!

USATF indoors Okolo.jpg

Wayne Levy.jpgWayne Levy, photo courtesy You Tube

Wayne Levy is the new Director of Athletic Programs at the Boston Athletic Association. A long time high performance runner, Wayne Levy was a previous winner of the BAA Half Marathon. RunBlogRun met with Wayne at the B.A.A. offices on December 10, 2018, and he spent 30 minutes going on the records. Wayne's job is to oversee, develop and manage the outreach to athletes in the community with B.A.A. programs. As the the overseers of themost iconic marathon in our sport, the B.A.A. takes their responsibility to support runners in all parts of our community.

We thank Wayne Levy for his time and enthusiasm. We thank Brian Eder for his production skills on this Audio production.

We try to change things up every three weeks. Change is good and it keeps you attentive. This week, just a few changes, but core ideas are same!

IMG_5330.jpgTrain with your friends, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Monday, February 18, 2019-warm up, 40 minute run, 8 laps, 400m track, sprint straights, jog turns, core work, cooldown

Tefera_Samuel-Pre18.jpgSamuel Tefera, photo by PhotoRun.net
Tefera WR and Muir two national marks
BIRMINGHAM (GBR, Feb 16): Ethiopian festival in men´s 1500 m resulted in a superb world indoor 1500m record by last year World Indoor champion in the same hall Samuel Tefera at the Muller Indoor Grand Prix Birmingham at Arena Birmingham. The mark - which is still to be ratified - of 3:31.04, took 0.14 seconds off the previous best and he did it in brilliant fashion, powering away from Yomif Kejelcha 3:31.58 and Australian Stewart McSweyn 3:35.10 Oceanian record with Briton Josh Kerr fourth in 3:35.72 PB. Tasked with closing the show Laura Muir crossed the line at the end of her mile race, shattering Kirsty Wade's 31-year-old national record with a mark of 4:18.75 (also a World lead), and also revised her own 1500m British mark which was recorded at 4:01.83. Second Winnie Nanyondo Ugandan record 4:29.40. Chinese World indoor silver medalist Su Bingtian cotinued his solid indoor form as he sealed victory in the men's 60m race, winning from Britain's European 100m silver medallist Reece Prescod in a World leading 6.47 to 6.53 of Prescod (equalled hiS PB). Third Mike Rodgers 6.54 and fourth Japan's Takuya Kawakami also 6.54 NR. It was difficult to distinguish the top three in the women's 60 metres in real time with just 0.02 seconds separating Elaine Thompson, Asha Philip and Marie-Josee Ta-Lou with 7.13, 7.14 and 7.15. An unsurprisingly popular victor on home soil for olly Bradshaw on countback in the women's pole vault with 4.81 over Katie Nageotte and Nikoleta Kiriakopoulou (equalled PB - both 481) and Olympic winner Katerini Stefanidi 471. Shelayna Oskan-Clarke took the 800 m in 2:01.16 for another home win. US Jarret Eaton came out on top in both of his heat and final to claim victory and maximum World Indoor Tour points in the men's 60m hurdles in a swift time of 7.51. Japanese World leader Naoto Tobe notched up another victory on the circuit with a near perfect score-card through to his winning height of 229 in the high jump. After a cautious opening series of laps in which it looked like the field was heading towards a finish dead on 9 minutes, the women's 3000m concluded with an Ethiopian 1-2-3-4 as a frantic final 400m saw the pace wind up and Alemaz Samuel strike for victory by less than half a second ahead of Axumawit Embaye who clocked 8:54.97. Samuel is also the winner of IAAF World Indoor Tour 2019. Joseph Deng broke the indoor Oceanian record with a time of 1:47:27 while winning the 800 m, the race was marred by collision. Last year's world indoor champion Ivana Spanovic claimed another win in the second city, a 6.78m season's seeing the Serbian go from strength to strength in 2019 following an injury lay-off at the back end of 2018. In the men's equivalent, event-favourite Juan Miguel Echevarria lived up to his billing as the one to watch in the field, with a sixth-round best of 8.21 and also celebrated the IAAF World Indoor Tour win. In the women's 400m Jamaica's Stephenie Ann McPherson took the overall victory in 400 m with 52.24 with Eilidh Doyle quick on her heels in 52.43. US Nathan Strother took a commanding and comfortable win over two laps of the track with 46.45. The women's sprint hurdles saw Evonne Britton find personal best form at just the right time, with a swift 7.91.
IMG_6881.JPGArena Birrmingham, photo by Larry Eder

P1080769.JPGStuart Weir with colleague, Brit Bear, photo from the Stuart Weir collection

Stuart Weir has the kind of mind that is always buzzing. In 2014, he suggested to a group of Scottish papers that America just might want to join the CG Games as they were a former colony. This time around, in his column three of 3 for the 2019 Muller Indoor GP Birmingham, Stuart provides some comic relief in the mostly serious world of athletic journalism.

One thing, Stuart, Laura Muir set two NRs in her mile (1,609 meter) run, a 4:01.83 for the 1,500m and a 4:18.78 for the mile!

laura muir.jpgLaura Muir now has Indoor NRs at 800m, 1000m, 1,500m, Mile, 3,000m and 5,000m! photo by British Athletics

Asha Philips.jpgAsha Philip, photo by Getty Images/British Athletics

Prescod_ReeceSF-WC17.jpgReece Prescod, photo by PhotoRun.net

One of the huge stories in athletics is how British Athletics has gone from being a mediocre team with great history in the last decade, to one of the top 4 most powerful players globally. The success and reemergence of British Athletics has to do with funding, which has allowed nearly 100 athletes to have support, travel and training camps worth nearly $100k US each. The money has allowed athletes to focus, coaches to focus and a long term approach to major global championships.

There are many reasons for this, including the saving of British Athletics by Alan Pascoe and his team at Fastrack (among them, Jon Ridgeon, Ian Stewart). The AVIVA sponsorship deal of 55 million sterling a year, done by Pascoe and team and lost by British athletics subsequently, was the largest sponsorship deal in athletics. BBC TV coverage of the meets in UK have provided the British Isles with some of the finest athletic programming in the world, and the social media of British athletics inspires a new generation of athletes and fans.

Even with some missteps, the next generation of British Athletics elite athletes and events continue to build the sport. British events are amazingly successful. In this piece, Stuart Weir speaks on the 60 meters on Saturday and cautions us not to read too much in it. 2019 and 2020 are huge years. Some athletes have focused completely on the late date of Doha 2019, which will affect the Olympics in 2020 as well.

Stuart makes several good points on the 60 meters sprint. The British standards may need to be reaassessed, as the need to put young sprinters in front of big champs is huge. One has to gain experience, so that they do not crumble in front of boisterous, non-GBR crowds.

How will British Athletics fare? History notes good relay form, and the middle and long distances continue to shine. Field events need some work as the potential is there, but the focus has to be out six to ten years, not in 18 months.

Johnson_KaterinaFL1-WorInd18.jpgKaterina Johnson-Thompson, pentathlon, photo by PhotoRun.net

Reekie gettyimages-1128708100-1024x1024.jpgJemma Reekrie, 1,500m, photo by Getty Images/British Athletics

Chris O'Hare wins.JPGChris O'Hare, 3000m, photo by Getty Images/British Athletics

Stuart Weir is a long time writer for runblogrun. He wrote 150 stories in 2018, and we hope that we have not exhausted him for 2019. This past week, we sat next to each other, and even shared a meal on Valentines Day. His sense of humor keeps me smiling. His admiration and knowledge of the athletes is why his writing is so popular with our readers. This is 1/3 on the Muller Indoor GP Birmingham.

Like the steeplechase, cross country is considered a national point of pride. Kenyan athletes have built thei careers on the success of the cross country. Justin Lagat wrote this piece on the upcoming championships in Eldoret and how interested local fans are in seeing the stars of the sport. Justin's description of an incident with his child and wife is quite scary, and reminds one of the strength of a crowd, no matter what the enthusiasm.

Kamworor_GeoffreyPort1b-IAAFgala18.jpgGeoffrey Kamworor, photo by PhotoRun.net

Kipruto_RhonexPort-IAAFgala18.jpgRhonex Kipruto, photo by PhotoRun.net

wanders003.jpgJulian Wanders, photo by NN Running team

Julian Wanders has been quite busy. Julian set a European 10k record of 27:25 in the fall and on February 8, ran 59:13 to set a new European record of 59:13 at the RAK half marathon. Today, February 17, 2019, Julian Wanders ran 13:29 for 5k, a new World and European 5k road record. Please remember that, in January 2018, the IAAF began accepting WRs on the roads. Julian Wanders was paced by Bram Som for 3000 meters. Bram Som had also paced the 1,500 WR the afternoon before in Birmingham, England. Sondre Moen was second in 13:37.

Julian has been training in Kenya, which has changed his focus, his fitness and his approach to running.

hassan001.jpgSifan Hassan, photo by NN Running Team

Sifan Hassan, who won the European Championship at 5,000m last year in Berlin, set the European HM record in the fall, slowed down after 3k today and was not confident on the new record. But, Sifan called on her inner strrength and ran 14:44, a new WR and ER as well. Laura Weightman was second in 15:29.

Sifan Hassan trains with the Nike Oregon Project in Oregon.

To read more on the records, please read the following piece by Nicole Jeffrey: https://www.iaaf.org/news/report/wanders-hassan-world-record-5km-monaco

Long runs give you time to reconsider the week. Do not use earphones, enjoy the sounds of nature and remember to listen to your body, your surroundings and your footsteps. Something magical happens. After the 2 hour, 20 minute Sunday runs I did for fifteen years, I could handle anything. When I took up long walks, I found the same thing. The great poet and painter, William Blake, used to walk two to six hours on Sundays, in old London (17th century), and then, take a ride back in a haycart. You do not have to do that, but the long run gives you a special treat for your heart, your brain and your soul.

IMG_5275.jpgKellyn Taylor on a run, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Sunday, February 17, 2019-warm up, 60-65 minutes, cooldown

Thompson_ElaineSF1-Rio16.jpgElaine Thompson, photo by PhotoRun.net

KINGSTON (JAM): The general secretary of the Jamaica Athletics Administrative Association suggested the organisation had no plans to change the date of the country's national outdoor trials this year from 20-23 June despite concern over the date from international meeting organisers. "Suffice to say that the executive has reviewed the (world governing body) IAAF calendar along with our domestic and local events including our local championships and at the moment the dates that have been put to the press and into the media, the public domain, remains the date for the senior and junior championships," Garth Gayle told Television Jamaica. Amid concerns of clashes with other meetings on the calendar, the IAAF confirmed to Reuters on Wednesday there were "ongoing discussions between the IAAF and JAAA about this scheduling issue."

runblogrun: What is the JAA thinking? They have annoyed major sponsors and the IAAF over purposely moving the National Outdoors to conflict with the global circuit. Rumors are flying. We hope that the issues can be negotiated.

JackPf002.pngJack Pfeiffer, with the late Dr. Norb Sander, photo by The Armory

Jack Pfeiffer is one of those true characters who have given much to the sport. When I first met Jack, he scared me. Jack is eccentric, wears his emotions on his sleeve and lives for indoor high school track. He was there with the good Dr. Norb during the challenging years. I am happy to see him get the Stan Saplin award.

IMG_6886.JPGMy office in the Arena Birmingham, February 16, 2019, photo by PhotoRun.net

The 2019 Muller Indoor GP Birmingham showcased the finest of indoor athletics in 2019, from field events to sprints and middle distances. Ending with a WR in a terribly hot men's 1,500 meters in 3:31.04, to Laura Muir running an enticing Mile, where she broke both the 1,500m in 4:01.83 and the Mile, in 4:18.78.

The sprints, won by Bingtian Su in 5.47 WL and Marie Jose Ta Lou, in 7.13, were very exciting!

And the pole vault, with the entire crowd behind Holly Bradshaw, and her 4.81m clearance, obviously one of the highlights of the event. Here is the complete results!

Tamberi_GianmarcoSelf-Euro16.jpgGianmarco Tamberi, photo by PhotoRun.net
Tamberi 232 European lead 2019
ANCONA (ITA, Feb 15): World Indoor champion 2016 Gianmarco Tamberi was the man of the evening at Italian Championships opening day with 232 clearance in high jump. It is new European lead 2019 and also 2nd best in the World 2019. First day was devoted only to high jump and Tamberi proved with his show it was a good idea as 1800 spectators came to see only two competitions. Tamberi cleared first season best 230 in second attempt and then 232 in first, had also attempts at 234 and specially the second one was good. Second Mexican guest Edgar Rivera 226 (tried twice at 230 and once at 232) and third Greek Kostadinos Baniotis 222. In the women competition season best for Elena Vallortigara with 192 and attempts at 194. Second Alessia Trost 188.
Tamberi_Gianmarco-Monaco18.jpgGianmarco Tamberi, photo by PhotoRun.net


Laura Muir, Juan Miguel Echevarria, Elaine Thompson, Reece Prescod, photo by Larry Eder

The Pressers in Bimingham are always a blast. Goeff Wightman emceed the presser, providing ten minutes of fine questions and comments. I then, was allowed, per European Union law, to ask ONE question to each athlete.

My questions;

1. Reece Prescod: What have you improved on this season and how important is your start?

2. Elaine Thompson: With no championships this season, what is importance of indoor in 2019?

3. Juan Miguel Echevarria: Compare your fitness to Karlsruhe?

4. Laura Muir: Will we see you run a 10,000m? How did you feel in the 5,000m?

The presser broke up into small groups then for each athlete.Below is my video of the entire presser.

Lasitskene and Chicherova both 202
MOSCOW (RUS, Feb 15): Final day of Russian Indoor Championships saw a great high jump duel which was won by World champion Mariya Lasitskene on count back over Anna Chicherova as both cleared 202 in first attempt and both tried at World leading 205. Chicherova lost the title when she cleared 200 only in third attempt, whereas Lasitskene in second. Third Aleksandra Yaryshkina 192.
Lasitskene_MariyaPC-Lausanne17.jpgMaria Lasitskene, photo by PhotoRun.net
Triple jump win as expected for Yekaterina Koneva 14.51, in the men contest Aleksandr Yurchenko 1 cm over Dmitriy Sorokin 16.84 to 16.83. The 1500 m titles for Konstantin Plokhotnikov 3:43.09 and Anastasiya Kalina 4:12.94. In the 5000 m men´s race again Rybakov twins dominated, Yevgeniy clocked 13:35.74 over Anatoliy 13:36.08. In the women 5000 m Yelena Sedova achieved 15:49.27. Ilfat Sadeyev in 21.20 and Kristina Khorosheva in 23.50 took the 200 m gold medals. In the 4x400 m relays men and women of St. Peterburg achieved the first position with 3:10.85 and 3:36.98.
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Финальный аккорд! Да, серебро, да трудно было сегодня. Но... я люблю тебя моя высота! Я люблю и благодарю тебя , моя планочка- ты дала мне аванс сегодня дважды! Я люблю тебя , моя Вселенная! Я люблю тебя, моя семья! Я люблю вас, мои болельщики и зрители! И спасибо тому «незрячему» , который не протаранил нас сегодня насквозь при въезде в Цска - слава тебе, Господи, за бдительность . Я вас всех благодарю от души, от сердца, не знаю чем ещё можно сказать СПАСИБО всем вам... СПАСИБО! БЛАГОДАРЮ! МНЕ ЭТО ВСЁ БЫЛО ОЧЕНЬ ВАЖНО!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!и да ) рекорд для 35+ #202 #чемпионатроссии #всёвтвоихруках #спасибомоявселенная #доновыхвстреч

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IAAF_WIT_Social_Icons_Round_Dark-Birmingham.pngI have been fortunate to visit the Birmingham Indoor GP for over a decade. I first began coming to the meets in Birmingham as the guest of Ian Stewart, who was the meet director of all meets British. I had asked him at the Pre one year, what makes British meets special? Now, after having witnessed Ian Stewart's era and now, Spencer Barden managing the fields at the events, I believe the Birmingham Indoor has athletics magic!

Kambundji_MujingaQ-WorInd18.jpgMujinga Kambundji, photo by PhotoRun.net

A big weekend of National indoor Championships across Europe and some fine performances picked up by Alfons Juck and his team at EME News. Konstanze Klausterhalfens' 3000m WL and Mujinga Kambundji's 60m WL equalling performance of 7.08 were 2 highlights.

Racing longer or shorter. That gives you some variety in athletics. Top 5000m athletes race from 1,500m to the half marathon. The top high school distance runners race cross country in the fall. Enjoy a different challenge.

Steph Bruxe.jpgAfter running back to back marathons (NYC and CIM), where she set a PB, Stephanie Bruce ran a 5000m PB! photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Saturday, Feb 16, 2019-warm up, race 800m if you do mile, 5000m if you do 3200m, 400m or 600m if you race 800m (also 4x400m), cooldown, if you do not race, then, 45 minutes Holmer Fartlek, 22.5 minutes out, 22.5 minutes faster, cooldown

Menkov_Aleksandr-WorC17.jpgAleksandr Menkov, photo by PhotoRun.net
Menkov 822, Krivoshapka sub 52
MOSCOW (RUS, Feb 14): World junior champion 2014 Mikhail Akimenko improved his in-and-out personal best to 230 to win men's high jump during second day of Russian indoors. Second Ilya Ivanyuk, third Daniil Tsyplakov and fourth Alaksandr Asanov all cleared 226. World champion 2013 Aleksandr Menkov leaped to 822 in men's long jump ahead of Anatoliy Ryapolov 790. London Olympic medallist Yelena Sokolova won in women's competition with 663. Yekaterina Zavyalova (Poistogova) finished first in 800 m final with 2:00.59 ahead of Aleksandra Gulyaeva 2:00.86 and Svetlana Uloga 2:01.83. Konstantin Kholmogorov 1:49.43 was fastest in men's final. Antonina Krivoshapka clocked 51.97 in women's 400 m ahead of Yekaterina Renzhina 52.67. In very close men's final Artem Araslanov won in 47.11 ahead of Yaroslav Tkalich 47.14 and Rudolf Verkhovykh 47.15. Champion Yevgeniy Lukyanenko and silver medallist Georgiy Gorokhov both went over 550 in men's pole vault. Maksim Afonin 20.70 and Alyona Gordeyeva (Bugakova) 18.20 topped shot put events. Mariya Aglitskaya sprinted 8.14 over 60 m hurdles. In men's final Konstantin Shabanov clocked 7.62 ahead of decathlete Arten Makarenko 7.67 PB and Fillip Shabanov 7.74 PB
Menkov_Alexsandr-WC17.jpgAleksandr Menkov, photo by PHotoRun.net

Klosterhalfen_Konstanza1b-NewBalance19.JPGKonstanze Klausterhalfen, photo by PhotoRun.net

LEIPZIG (GER): After breaking the 4:20-barrier for the mile in New York last weekend, Konstanze Klosterhalfen will contest the 3000m at the German Indoor Championships in Leipzig this weekend, informs Leichtathletik.de.

GLASGOW (GBR): Rectangular designs for the medals for next month's European Indoor Athletics Championships have been unveiled. They were designed by Andrew Fleming, resident designer of the Glasgow School of Art. According to Glasgow 2019: "Drawing inspiration from Glasgow and the built environment, the design of these medals is a representation of Glasgow's heritage of construction. The overlapping grid like patterns also creates a sense of movement and is an abstract snapshot of the city itself. Andrew wanted every winning athlete to have their own key to the city."

1.jpgEmirates Arena, Glasgow, Scotland, photo by bluecube.com

Ajee' Wilson is the finest American women's 800m runner of her generation. With silver medals at the 2016 and 2018 World Indoors, and a bronze at the 2017 World Outdoors, Ajee' Wilson has run 1:55.61 AR outdoors and 1:58.60 Indoors, also an AR. Jeff Benjamin caught up with Ajee', who is always a fun interview, with our series prior to the USATF Indoors!

Wilson_Ajee-USind18.jpgAjee' Wilson, photo by PhotoRun.net

Updated February 20, 2019: Ajee' Wilson will not run 600, but focus on 1000.

Sidorova_Anzhelika-Worlds18.jpgAnzelhika Siderova, photo by PhotoRun.net

MOSCOW (RUS): Pole vault European indoor champion 2015 Anzhelika Sidorova said that she expects very tough competition in Glasgow. "My goal [for the European indoors] is to show very strong result and to be satisfied with my jump. Strong performance for me is all what is higher than 490. When you clear 490 then everything that is lower is no longer perceived as really strong," Sidorova told reporters after her victory at Russian indoors in Moscow. Before Glasgow, the 27-year-old Russian plans to perform at the last stage of the IAAF World indoor tour in Dusseldorf on February 20 and at the All Star Perche meeting in Clermont Ferrand on February 24.

Sidorova-MorrisR-Worlds18.jpgAnzelhika Siderova, Katie Nageotte, photo by PhotoRun.net

Friday is a to keep it moderate, so get in your run, and the core work.

IMG_5274.jpgKellyn Taylor, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Friday, February 15, 2019-warm up, 50 minute run, 8 x 150m, core training, cooldown

Rodgers_MikeFL-NBin16.jpgMike Rodgers, photo by PhotoRun.net

Mike Rodgers is one of the most talented and experienced sprinters in the U.S. Rodgers is also a senior statesman in the sprinting ranks, hoping to compete through 2020.

In 2019, Mike Rodgers has lead much of the indoor season, with his 60m sprint times and 9 wins out of 12 races (heats and finals), in 2019, Mike is enjoying the season and has carried one of the fastest 60m all season (6.55 on 4 Feb), and will finish the season in Europe, bypassing USATF Indoor Champs. Mike will then take a break and build for the long outdoor season, with the Doha 2019 World Champs at the end of September 2019.

Rodgers_MikeQ1d-USAo18.jpgMike Rodgers, photo by PhotoRun.net

Mike Rodgers was a fine high school athlete, having gone to Berkeley High School in St. Louis, Missouri. Mike sponsors a high school invite at his high school each year, the largest meet in Missouri in the early outdoor season. A ten time NAIA champion, Mike Rodgers is still the 60m NAIA record holder at 6.65m.

Coleman-Rodgers4x1Q-Rio16.jpgChristian Coleman takes baton from Mike Rodgers, Rio 2016, photo by PhotoRun.net

We at @runblogrun have admired Mike Rodgers for several years, always catching up at the Birmingham Indoor, where, Mike would run the 60m and 200m. On Feb 16, Mike Rodgers will take on the fastest of 2019, including Su Bingtian of China over 60 meters. Mike is enthused, in good health and was kind enough to give me nearly a half hour, on Friday night, February 8, 2019, in Madrid, Spain, at the HQ hotel restaurant. Mike Rodgers is represented by Tony Campbell, of TC Management, one of the most colorful and experienced managers on the circuit.

Mike Rodgers is a man of some complication. A fine 60m and 100m sprinter, Rodgers is also a fine relay runner. A keen observer of the sport, this writer has enjoyed Mr. Rodgers watching and analyzing his fellow sprinters during an indoor broadcast. Nearing the end of his carear, Mike watches everything, from his training, travel, racing and management. No wasted energy. Mike Rodgers will, if time is appropriate, give a young sprinter the value of his experience. At 33, Mike Rodgers has raced through a mercurial time in American and global sprinting.

Two more comments. This should be listened to by all high school sprinters and high school coaches. Mike Rodgers is thoughtful, considered and focused, a great example for young athletes.

Thanks to Mike Rodgers for his time, Tony Campbell for setting it up and my brother, Brian Eder, for producing this inteview.

Thursdays are long track days, and the workout is three sets of repeats, plus 20 minute runs. Warm up and stay focused. Make sure you cooldown.

IMG_5141.jpgWorking on the track, photo by PhotoRun.net

Thursday, February 14, 2019-warm up, 8 x 400m, 200m jog, (Mile pace) 20 minute run, 8 x 300m jog, (800m pace) 20 minute run, 8 x 200m, (800m pace), 20 minutes run, cooldown

Jepkosgei_Joyciline-RAK18.JPGJoyciline Jepkosgei, photo by PhotoRun.net

Joyciline Jepkosgei will debut at the HASPA Hamburg Marathon on 28 April. A very anticipated debut, how will Joyciline handle the move from 13.1m to 26.2m? It could be a fascinating race!


DUSSELDORF (GER): Olympic 110m hurdles silver medallist Orlando Ortega from Spain will go head-to-head with world indoor silver medallist Jarret Eaton from the United States at the PSD Bank Meeting in Dusseldorf on 20 February, informs organisers.

Eaton_JarrettSF-USind18.jpgJarret Eaton, photo by PhotoRun.net

The @runblogrun tour of the IAAF World Indoor Tour, aka Le Tour de Larry, is sponsored by USATF and Nike, reminding you that the 2019 USATF Indoor Championships are February 22, 23, and 24 at the Ocean Breeze AC, on Staten Island. To purchase tickets, please use this link:


Support the brands that support your favorite athletics media!


Meadows_Jenny-Zurich16.jpgJenny Meadows, photo by PhotoRun.net

Stuart Weir sent me this interview a few months ago. In Karlsruhe, I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Jenny Meadows, who is co-emceeing the streaming video programing of Karlsruhe, Torun and Dusseldorf for the 2019 IAAF World Indoor Circuit. I promised Jenny Meadows that I would post this feature in the next week!

Hahner_LisaR1-Frankfurt15.jpgLisa Hahner, photo by PhotoRun.net

HANNOVER (GER): Germany's 2:28 marathoner Lisa Hahner will compete in the Hannover Marathon on 4 April, organisers announced today. She will compete in the first 26-miler since the 2016 Olympics. From Leichtathletik.de.

Sidorova_Anzhelika-Worlds18.jpgAnzelika Siderova, photo by PhotoRun.net

The Meeting Indoor Madrid in 2019 has been the most exciting meet of the season. Mike Rodgers told me after the meet that Madrid was much more exciting than 2018 version.


Well, the crowd was into it. The announcers were keeping the meet light and taking the focus from event to event. The 60m sprints and 60m hurdles had the crowd pumped. The middle distance races had some fine Spanish athletes busting their butts to get the European standards.


The two finest events were the Women's Triple Jump and Women's Pole Vault.

Yoland Rojas took the WL to 14.92m, just within a short distance of the 15 meter mark. In second, Tori Franklin leaped 14.57m on her second attempt, setting the American record, inside and out, showing that Franklin has the talent to get that 15 meter mark.

Franklin_ToriH-USAo18.jpgTori Franklin, photo by PhotoRun.net

In the pole vault, Anzelhika Siderova is rounding into shape, and her 4.86m, then, 4.91m, took the WL and showed her emerging presence for the 2019 European Indoor Championships.

Kejelcha_Yomif1b-NewBalance19.JPGYomif Kejelcha, photo by PhotoRun.net
Kejelcha in the 1500 m
BIRMINGHAM (GBR): More than 50 global medallists will compete at the Muller Indoor Grand Prix in Birmingham on 16 February which is part of the IAAF World Indoor Tour. World indoor 3000m champion Yomif Kejelcha will compete in the 1500m and could challenge Hicham El Guerrouj's world indoor record of 3:31.18 while European indoor 1500m and 3000m champion Laura Muir will line up in the mile in the final event of the programme. Olympic champions Elaine Thompson from Jamaica and Ekaterini Stefanidi from Greece will compete in the 60m and pole vault respectively with the latter facing strong opposition from Katie Nageotte and Cuba's former world champion Yarisley Silva. Four world indoor champions from Birmingham last March are also confirmed: Kejelcha, Juan Miguel Echevarria, Ivana Spanovic and Samuel Tefera. Another highlight will be the men's 60 m featuring in-form Brit Reece Prescod against China's world indoor silver medallist Su Bingtian. World indoor silver medallist Marie Josee Ta Lou from Ivory Coast lines up against Thompson in the women's 60m. From organisers.

When I arrived at the Meeting Madrid on 8 Februay, there was already a buzz in the air. The small arena housing the 200m banked track looked to seat 2,500 to 3,000.

The sprints and hurdles would attract, but the jumps, the women's Pole Vault, the women's TJ and the men's LJ would also be fine fields. In the men's shot, a resurging David Storl, European, Olympic and World gold medalists, has the WL in the shot right now.

In the mix, Spanish runners in the 800m, 1,500m and 3000m were there to get European Indoor Standards.


My seating was in a media section that was challenging to work in, as if the media section was an after thought. What made it highly entertaining though, to this writer, was the animated comments by coaches and wanna be coaches with athletes in the Long Jump, Triple Jump, Shot put and especially, the pole vault.

Madrid5.jpgMy view in Madrid, photo by Larry Eder

The arena had excited and knowledgable announcing, that whipped up the SRO crowd. Whatever it was supposed to seat, it surpassed the reccommended audience numbers.

What made this meet so hot? The fans got into it! From the 400 meters and sprints, to the hotly contested 3000 meters! The fans of athletics were satiated by the Meeting Indoor Madrid.

Please enjoy our podcast part 1 on the flavor and performances of the meet!

Special thanks to Mike Deering of The Shoe Addicts for his hard work on the podcast.

Ryan Hill is one of America's finest distance runners. Competing for the Nike Bowerman TC, Ryan has PBS at 1500m of 3:35.59, 3000m of 7:30.93 and 5000m of 13:05.69. A four time medalist at US champs (2013-3rd, 2015-gold, 2017-bronze, 2018-silver) at 5000m, Ryan answered nine questions from RBR senior writer, Jeff Benjamin.

Hill_Ryan-USAout18.jpgRyan Hill, photo by PhotoRun.net

Core work keeps your body together during race stress. Medicine balls, bent leg sit ups, pull ups, push ups, weight work, jump rope, plyo work, all add up to a strong athlete who can keep his or her form together at the crucial end of a race.

IMG_5330.jpgRunning with friends, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Falah, official mascot of the IAAF World Athletics Championships Doha 2019 (LOC)
Falah, official mascot of the IAAF World Athletics Championships Doha 2019 (LOC) © Copyright
The new mascot of the IAAF Doha World Outdoor Champs was announced in the following release.

2019 Eubonne Diary: Levchenko 2.00m

Levchenko 200 cm
EAUBONNE (FRA, Feb 12): Ukrainian World medalist Yulia Levchenko confirmed top shape before European indoor championships with 200 cm clearance indoor PB. She cleared the height in second attempt and tried at 203. At the women only meet in Eaubonne second Iryna Herashchenko 196 and third Kateryna Tabashnyk 190 with young star Yaroslava Mahuchikh no-height at 185. Another top mark in pole vault as Katie Nageotte went over 482 and tried at 492. Second Morgann Leleux 459 and third French record holder Ninon Guillon-Romarin 450. In long jump also Ukrainian win for Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk 660. European champion Elvira Herman won the hurdles in 8.03 over Hanna Plotitsyna 7.04. In the 400 m fastest for Tetyana Melnyk of Ukraine 52.87 beating European champion Justyna Swiety-Ersetic 52.94 and Anna Yaroshchuk 53.14, in another race hurdles double world champion Zuzana Hejnova 53.29. Latvian win in the 800 m as Liga Velvere clocked 2:01.10 ahead of Cynthia Anais 2:01.75. Moroccan Rababe Arafi topped the 3000 m in 8:54.92 beating country-mate Tigist Ketema 8:56.63 and French Ophelie Claude-Boxberger 8:59.57. Remona Burchell of Jamaica was the best in the 60 m 7.29.
Nageotte_Katie1-NewBalance19.jpgKatie Nageotte, photo by PhotoRun.net

IMG_3882.jpgStacy Dragila and Seb Coe, with Stacy's donation to IAAF Heritage Collection, March 2018, photo by Mike Deering/The Shoe Addicts

The IAAF Heritage Department celebrates and curates the historical reminders of our sport. Our sport has much history. The IAAF's Chris Turner is the person given this task and he loves his work. We encourage you to check out the new Heritage exbhibition coming to Doha in April, priorr to the Doha DL meeting!

To learn more about the Heritage Department,please read the articles linked here: https://www.iaaf.org/heritage/news

Houlihan_ShelbyFH1a-Pre18.jpgShelby Houlihan wins Pre Classic 1,500m in 2018! photo by PhotoRun.net

The worst kept secret was that the Pre had to move in 2019. The hubub was, where? Well, Stanford, although smaller, is an excellent facility. With temp seating, the Stanford event will hold 5000 track fans. More to come!

Lisek_Piotr-Pre18.jpgPiotr Lisek, photo by PhotoRun.net
Lisek wins in jump-off
SZCZECIN (POL, Feb 12): Special pole vault meet had ending in a three way tie with 578 clearance in second attempt by Piotr Lisek, Kurtis Marschall and Claudio Stecchi (PB). No one went over 585 three times and then once in a jump-off. At 580 Stecchi gave up and Lisek with Marschall were not succesfull. Then at 575 Lisek jumped and Marschall was not competing anymore. Fourth World champion Sam Kendricks 561 and fifth Robert Sobera also 561. Canadian Alysha Newman won women with 463 over Chinese record holder Li Ling also 463 and US Kristen Leland 453.
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Met a legend today!

A post shared by Sam Kendricks (@samkendricks) on

Sam Kendricks is one the nicest guys you could ever want to meet. Never, ever underestimate Sam Kendricks, as this guy is the Zen warrior of the pole vault. Allow me five minutes of your reading time to prove my point. This guy has heights to achieve and is also medals to win. His approach to life, to competition and to his focus reminds me of the focus of a Samurai warrior, protecting what is important, and focused on the present.

Kendricks_SamFL-Worlds18.jpgSam Kendricks, World Indoor 2018, photo by PhotoRun.net

Ennaoui 4.05.22 and Vrzalova 4:05.73 NR
OSTRAVA (CZE, Feb 12): Packed Ostrava hall saw excellent women 1500 m at 3rd Czech Indoor Gala as Sofia Ennoaui clocked 4:05.22. Czech Simona Vrzalova who lives and trains in Ostrava broke as second the nearly 28 years old national record (4:06.22 by Ivana Kubesova from World Indoors 1991 in Sevilla) with excellent 4.05.73 and PB for third steeple specialist Marusa Mismas of Slovenia 4:08.09. Another top quality mark was the 6.56 60 m win by Mike Rodgers ahead of Bryce Robinson 6.69 (but 6.66 in heats). European lead in men´s 300 m for another local hero Pavel Maslak with 32.79 clearly over Rafal Omelko of Poland 33.32. In the final 800 m Bosnian Amel Tuka beat in 1:46.75 best Czech Filip Snejdr 1:46.99. In women 300 m Latvian Gunta Vaicule from lane 1 won in 37.44 over Slovenian Agata Zupin 37.79 and Hungarian record Evelin Nadhazy 37.89. Other winners include Luxembourg´s Bob Bertemes 20.50 in shot put, Bulgarian Inna Eftimova 7.42 in the 60 m, Ukrainian Yulia Chumachenko 190 in high jump, Czech Amalie Svabikova 425 pole vault in jump-off and Hungarian Anasztazia Nguyen 635 in long jump.
Ennaoui_SofiaFV-EuroXC16.jpgSofia Ennaoui, European XC 2016, photo by PhotoRun.net

Campbell_KemoyQ-Rio16.jpgKemoy Campbell, Rio 2016, photo by PhotoRun.net

The good news is that Kemoy Campbell is awake and recovering. The sad news is that some outlets need to be told to respect privacy in such a situation. Keep Kemoy Campbell and his family, friends and training partners, in your thoughts and prayers.

The RAK Half Marathon is, year after year, an amazing race, and a great place to view the next great Ethiopian and Kenyan distance runners. This year was no different. as Stephen Kiprop and Sanbere Teferi upset a few form charts. Julian Wanders, the hot European who is training in Kenya, continues to learn lessons with his training partners.

GudetaLedsTeferi-Yimer-RAK19.jpgGudeta Leads Tefari, photo by PhotoRun.net

One of the reasons that we publish Justin is that he provides us a view into Kenya's distance running scene. We ask you to remember that when Justin provides his sometime parochial viewpoint. Justin is asked 2 things: write his view and cover the Kenyan running scene. That, Justin Lagat has done well for over six years, and we are thankful.

Tempo Runs make you a tougher runner. That's the truth. The repeat 200 meters afterwards get you tired. On the last couple repeats, see what you can do, not all out, but say, 90 percent, smooth effort. Cool down well.

IMG_5139.jpgStride outs on the track, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Tuesday, Februarry 12, 2019-warm up, 20 minute temp run, run at 30 second per mile above your 5k current race pace, 8x200m, jog 100m, 1 mile race pace, 4 x150m stride outs, , cooldown

Gierisch_KristinFL-Worldi16.jpgKristin Gierisch, photo by PhotoRun.net

CHEMNITZ (GER): Despite breaking the German triple jump record with 14.59m in Chemnitz, Kristin Gierisch is prioritising medals over records, informs Leichtathletik.de. "Records can be broken. Medals are more important, they stay forever. But it's also nice to know that I can jump as far as no other German," she said. Gierisch added that she had a marginal no-jump of a similar distance in Madrid on Friday night and that she believes she can extend her record out to 14.80m.

Giersch_Kristin1-RioOlyG16.jpgKristin Gierisch, photo by PhotoRun.net

Kendricks_Sam1c-PreC18.jpgSam Kendricks, photo by PhotoRun.net
Kendricks against home stars
SZCZECIN (POL): Pole vault elite will compete at the special meet in this Polish city on Tuesday. Mainly men competition with World champion Sam Kendricks against the home stars Piotr Lisek and Pawel Wojciechowski. Also there Commonwealth Games winner Kurtis Marschall. Also Robert Sobera and Italian Claudio Stecchi. In the women competition in shape Czech Romana Malacova but top favorite is Canadian record holder Alysha Newman, Swiss star Angelica Moser, Chinese Li Ling, Wilma Murto from Finland and Australian Liz Parnov.
Lisek_Piotr-Pre18.jpgPiotr Lisek, photo by PhotoRun.net
Maslak_PavelSF-WorInd16.jpgPavel Maslak, photo by PhotoRun.net
Maslak and much more
OSTRAVA (CZE): Tuesday´s Czech Indoor Gala (EA Indoor Permit) offers in direct TV transmission in Czech TV home stars Pavel Maslak in the 300 m (against in-shape Jan Tesar) and Radek Juska in the long jump. In women 1500m in-shape local runner from Ostrava Simona Vrzalova is facing Sofia Ennaoui. Michaela Hruba in high jump will fight for win against Ana Simic of Croatia and Ukraine´s Yuliya Chumachenko. Mike Rodgers and Bryce Robinson are getting against fastest Czech Zdenek Stromsik in the 60 m. Konrad Bukowiecki is the favorite of shot put as Czech record holder Tomas Stanek withdrew because of a small injury. In the 800 m World medalist Amel Tuka hopes for a fast time.
Maslak_PavelFV-Worldi16.jpgPavel Maslak, photo by PhotoRun.net

Chris O'Hare wins.JPGChris O'Hare savors the thrill of victory, photo by Getty Images/British Athletics

morgan lake getty spar 2019.jpgMorgan Lake, photo by Getty Images/British Athletics

Oskan Clark.JPGShelayne Oskan Clarke, photo by Getty Images/British Athletics

Here's the update from the official site, www.britishathletics.org.uk on Day 2 of the SPAR British Champs.

Asha Philips.jpgAsha Philip, photo by Getty Images/British Athletics

laura muir.jpgLaura Muir takes the 3000m, photo by Getty Images/British Athletics

Holly.JPGHolly Bradshw, 4.80m, photo by Getty Images/British Athletics

Here's the update from the official site, www.britishathletics.org.uk on Day 1 of the SPAR British Champs.

P1080769.JPGStuart Weir and a keen observer of the sport, photo by Stuart Weir

I asked Stuart Weir, our English Senior correspondent, why at the SPAR British Champs that athletes wore their club colors. In the US, athletes wear the colors of their sponsoring footwear club, for the most part. Stuart found this piece for our edifcation.

Monday is the beginning of the week. Wam up well, enjoy the 50 minute run, explain your weekend, then, do 8 strideouts on the track in spikes, core training, cooldown.

IMG_4945.jpgA good run in the fog, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Monday, February 11, 2019-warm up, 50 minutes, 8 x 150m stride outs, core training, cooldown

gettyimages-1128514271-1024x1024.jpgArena Birmingham, photo by Getty Images/British Athletics

This is the third article by Stuart Weir on the SPAR British Champs by Stuart Weir. One of the themes in this meeting is the fine performances and next generation of British women athletes.

IMG_0605.jpgLea Sprunger, 2018 WIC Bimingham, photo by Mike Deering/TheShoeAddicts
Sprunger 36.72 NR at 300 m
METZ (FRA, Feb 10): At the Meeting Elite de Metz (EA Indoor Permit), Switzerland's Lea Sprunger won the 300m in a national record of 36.72 ahead of fellow 400m hurdles specialist Ayomide Folorunso whose time of 37.38 was also an Italian record. There was also a Swiss one-two in the 60m with Mujinga Kambundji winning in 7.27 ahead of Ajla Del Ponte in 7.34. Turkey's Emre-Zefer Barnes won the men's 60m in 6.55 (6.60 heat) ahead of US veteran Mike Rodgers in 6.60 and Jarret Eaton took a narrow win over Wilhem Belocian in the 60m hurdles, 7.60 to 7.61. Finland's Nooralotta Neziri also won the women's 60m hurdles in 8.03. Elsewhere on the track, Australia's Stewart McSweyn won the 3000m in a fast 7:44.90 ahead of Jimmy Gressier's 7:58.70, Algeria's Abderrahmane Anou won the men's 1500m in 3:41.46 from Australia's Jordan Williamsz' 3:41.95 and Sweden's Lovisa Lindh won the 800m in 2:02.70. Elsewhere, Belarus' Nastassia Mironchyk-Ivanova won the long jump with 6.67m ahead of former world indoor champion Eloyse Lesueur's 6.60m and Azerbaijan's European U23 champion Nazim Babayev won the triple jump with 16.67m.

Ella Turner.JPGElla Turner, photo by J. Stuart Weir

Stuart Weir's job is to communicate his observations to the readers of @runblogrun. The 2019 SPAR British Champs had some amazing performances, and the theme of another generation is showing its promise. In the past 2 decades, British athletics has reinvented itself from a country with a fine athletic history, but now, the athletes from the UK are among the top 3-4 teams in the world.

The Copernicus Cup has a great facility, a great sell out crowd, fantastic events, and two exciting final events! Torun is a city of 220,000 and has nice hotels, great food, and it is easy on the pocket book!

Do not miss European Indoor and World Indoor (Fly into Bydgodcz, or Warsaw, and try LOT airlines or Lufthansa).

This is part 2 of the RBR Podcast on the Copernicus cup. Special thanks to Mike Deering of The Shoe Addicts on his production, editing and speed with the RBR Podcasts.

The second to last event in Torun was the Men's 1,500 meters. Marcin Lewandowski was second in the 1,500m with a NR of 3:36.50, just as he promised. Marcin is an 800m/1,500m specialist and he is one of the most dangerous kickers in the sport.


Ewa Swoboda is coming into her own. Her wins this season, Karlsruhe (7.08, 7.10), Lodz (7.13, 7.13) and then, Torun (7.25, 7.15). Her start is solid and she looks ready to bust it open outdoors. Ewa Swoboda is just getting used to the media attention that comes with running so well. I look forward to interviewing her in the future. Her win over Marie Jose Ta Lou and over Dafne Schippers are true highlights of her career.

Enjoy the podcast!

IMG_6596.JPGEwa Swoboda speaking with Polish TV, photo by Photorun.net

Asha Philips.jpgAsha Philip, photo by British Athletics

laura muir.jpgLaura Muir, photo by British Athletics

Here is the first article on the SPAR British Athletics from Stuart Weir. Stuart covered both days for us and I joined him on Day 2. His sense of humor and his observation skills kept me smiling during our watching of Day 2 from row DD at the Arena Bimingham.

1015150238.jpgJakob Ingebrigtsen, 2018 Berlin, photo by Getty Images/Berlin 2018

World U20 record for J. Ingebrigtsen
BAERUM (NOR, Feb 10): Sweden won both the men's and women's matches at the Nordenkampen against Norway, Finland and a combined team from Denmark and Iceland. There were good marks in the pole vault as Michaela Meijer set a Swedish record of 4.75m while teammate Melker Svard Jackobsson improved his lifetime best to 5.82m ahead of Norway's European U18 champion Pal Haugen Lillefosse who cleared a national U20 record of 5.56m. There were also records for Norway on the track: Karoline Bjerkeli Grovdal broke Ingrid Kristiansen's long-standing national indoor 3000m record with 8:44.68 and Jakob Ingebrigtsen opened his season by smashing the World indoor U20 record with a European-leading 3:36.21 in the 1500m, also a Norwegian record. Jakob's older brother Filip also won the 3000m in 7:49.73. World and European 400m hurdles champion Karsten Warholm just missed his national record in the 400m flat with victory in 45.65. Other top marks from the victorious Swedish team included Thobias Nilsson Montler's 8.05m in the long jump and Fanny Roos winning the shot put with 17.94m. Elsewhere, there was a Finnish double in the 60m hurdles courtesy of Reetta Hurske (8.07) and Elmo Lakka (7.70) and Matilde Kramer won the women's 60m in an equal Danish record of 7.34. Erika Kinsey won high jump 190 and Marcus Thomsen shot put 20.30.
Kemoy Campbell, Rio 2016, photo by PhotoRun.net
New York, February 10, 2019 - Yesterday at the NYRR Millrose Games, Kemoy Campbell collapsed during the men's 3000 meter race. He was treated trackside by on-site doctors and medical personnel from New York Presbyterian/Columbia University Hospital and NYPD emergency services units, FDNY and EMS. He was then transported to New York Presbyterian/Columbia University Irving Medical Center, where he remains this morning. We are thankful for the team of doctors and first responders who assisted Kemoy and for the outpouring of support from the track and field community. Our thoughts and prayers are with Kemoy and his family.
Further updates on Kemoy's condition will be provided by his family at the appropriate time.
RunBlogRun opines: Kemoy Campbell collapsed at the 1k mark of the 3000m. We will update our readers on updates. Please keep Kemoy and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

The Copernicus Cup was held on 6 February 2019 at the Orlen Stadium (Orlen is a energy concern). The sell out crowd of five thousand was entertained by some fine peforrmances in both field and track. We did two podcasts on the 3rd event in the IAAF World Indoor Circuit.


Seven women went over 18 meters, with Christina Schwanitz taking the win in 18.97 meters. Juan Miguel Echevarria exacted some revenge with a leap of 8.12m over Tobias NIlson Montler of Sweden, who leaped 7.97m, after upsetting Echevarria in Karlsruhe.

Sam Kendricks won the endurance contest that was the pole vault at 5.78m. He made 3 game attempts at world leader 5.91m. After the amazing high jump in Karlsruhe for men on Feb 2, the men's HJ in Torun was won by Ilya Ivanyuk at 2.25m.

IMG_6584.JPGThe 2019 Copernicus Cup presser, photo by PhotoRun.net

The men's 400 meters continues to build to a very hot event in 2019. Nathan Strother won heat 1 in PB 46.32. Pavel Maslak won heat 2 in 46.19 SB. Erik Sowinski won his first 800m of the season in 1:47.49. Orlando Ortega hurdled the WL in 7.49.

The women's 800m was won by Halitam Alemu, in 1:59.49. Laura Muir was second in 1:59.50. In the 400m, Iga Baumgart won in 51.91, a non-Russian WL.

The two final events will be discussed in part 2 of our podcast. Special thanks to Mike Deering on producing the podcast series on the IAAF World Indoor Circuit.

The NYRR Millrose Games in 2019 had an amazing series of performances. The biggest was Yomif Kejelcha, who ran 3:48.46, just missing the WR indoor set by Hicham El Guerrouj (3:48.45), by one tenth of a second! Yomif was exasperated! This was two weeks to the day that Yomif had run 3:51.70 in Boston at the Reggie Lewis.

temp.jpegYomif Kejelcha, photo by Jeff Benjamin

Konstanze Klausterhalfen ran 4:19.98, the fifth fastest mile ever, just 2 weeks after a 15:15.81 for 5,000 meters in the Reggie Lewis Center. In the mile, Konstanze took the lead by 800 meters.

IMG_6788.jpegKonstanze Klausterhalfen, photo by Jeff Benjamin

The women's 3000 meters showcased Wisconsin's Alicia Monson, who ran 8:45.97, overtaking Rachel Schneider, 8:46.44. The men's 3000m had Stanford's Grant Fisher holding off NCAA XC champ Morgan McDonald (Wisconsin), 7:42.65 to 7:42.76.

The shot put proved amazing as an on form Ryan Crouser threw 22.23m, with Joe Kovacs in second, in 20.86m.

In the sprints, English Gardner, showing that she is on the way back, won in 7.10, defeating Michelle Lee Ayhe, 7.15. John Teeters surprised many in the 60m in 6.56.

In the 800m, Donavan Brazier went out hard, hitting the 400m underr 50 seconds, and the 600m in 1:16.21, hugely fast. Donavan Brazier, faltered a bit, and Micheal Sarani went by Brazier, winning in WL 1:43.98. Donavan held on, taking second in 1:44.41, breaking Johnny Grays 1990 AR of 1:45.00!

On a serious note, Kemoy Campbell collapsed at 1k, as he paced the 3000m. He was assited by on site medical staff and taken to the hospital across street by EMTs. His family will update his condition and we will update Kemoy's condition. We know that he is under a medically induced coma, as they consider his treatment.

The long run is a tradition on Sundays. We will build you up to 90 minutes for Sundays. In college, you can build to 2 hours, if you so desire. I wrote most of my history themes on long runs on Sundays. On my moderate runs on Wednesdays (90 minutes in college), I would consider my paintings for the week (history and fine arts, what they called a professional student in the 1970s).

Enjoy the long run. We ran in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California for my Sunday runs. I recall Steve Wozniak, yep, that one, riding his Vespa alongside us, on the quiet Santa Cruz roads as we ran through ghost towns from the 1890s. But that, is another column.

IMG_5000.jpgEnjoy the long run, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Sunday, February 10, 2019-warm up, 55 minutes, cooldown

Franklin_ToriH-USAo18.jpgTori Franklin, 14.57 AR in Madrid! photo by Photorun.net

Rojas_Yulimar-WorC17.jpgYulimar Rojas, 14.92m in Madrid! photo by PhotoRun.net

Sidorova_Anzhelika-Worlds18.jpgAnzehlika Siderova flies, 4.91m in Madrid, photo by PhotoRun.net

The Madrid meeting on Friday, February 8 was FANTASTIC! Great vibe, intimate site, and athletes getting really racing fit! This was the 4th of six IAAF World Indoor Tour events, and we will be writing about all the meets prior to Muller Birmingham Indoor GP on 16 February.


Saturday in the early season, we suggest that you find races at distances shorter than your normal distance.

IMG_5330.jpgGet a race in today! photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Saturday, February 9, 2019-warm up, race 800m, 1000m or 3200m, cooldown. Or, run 45 minutes easy.

Sidorova_Anzhelika-Worlds18.jpgAnzhelika Siderova, photo by PhotoRun.net
Rojas_Yulimar-WORLDi18.jpgYulimar Rojas, photo by PHotoRun.net
World leads for Sidorova and Rojas
MADRID (ESP, Feb 8): The fourth IAAF World Indoor Tour meet in Madrid registered World leading pole vault 491 by Anzhelika Sidorova beating Nikoleta Kiriakopoulou from Greece 474. Non-Russian World lead in long jump for Greek European champion Miltiadis Tentoglou with 823 Greek indoor record. US Mike Rodgers won the 60m in 6.57 just edging Slovak Jan Volko 6.58. In the 400 m another US win for Nathan Strother 46.21 clearly over Luka Janezic of Slovenia 46.55. In the women 60 m Ewa Swoboda again after Karlsruhe beat Dafne Schippers in the 60 m with 7.11 to 7.18. Kenyan wins in men middle distances as Cornelius Tuwei got the 800 m in 1:47.76 and Bethwell Birgen the 1500 m in 3:40.17 ahead of Spanish Jesus Gomez 3:40.59 and Adel Mechaal 3:41.82. David Storl with 21.01 beat Konrad Bukowiecki 20.66, in the triple jump Yulimar Rojas World leading 14.92 over Tori Franklin 14.57 North American record with Patricia Mamona third 14.44 national record for Portugal.In men hurdles Jarret Eaton took revenge and beat Orlando Ortega 7.56 to 7.57 with Milan Trajkovic third with sema 7.57. US Aaron Mallett was fourth 7.70 but clocked 7.59 in heats. Sofia Ennaoui from Poland won the 1500 m in 4:08.31 and African domination in women 3000 m as Ethiopian Alemaz Samuel won in 8:43.76 over Romanian Claudia Bobocea 8:47.59 PB and Dutch Maureen Koster 8:48.85.
Lasitskene_MariyaR-Stockholm18.jpgMariya Lasitskene, photo by PhotoRun.net
tobe: gettyimages-955762652-594x594.jpgNaoto Tobe, photo by Getty Images/IAAF
Lasitskene and Tobe in good mood
BANSKA BYSTRICA (SVK): World high jump champion Mariya Lasitskene expressed good mood before Saturday´s jubilee 25th edition of Banskobystricka latka special high jump meeting with music (EA Indoor Permit). "I always want to jump as high as possible," she said. Organisers are hoping she will be able to attack the meet record of Blanka Vlasic 205 from 2006. In the men competition another World leader is making for the headlines. Japanese Naoto Tobe said he wants to jump higher than in Karlsruhe. "I im little bit nervous in the position of world leader. On the other hand I want to improve my best," he said.
Kiprop_StephenFH-RAK19.JPGStephen Kiprop wins RAK in 58:42, photo by PhotoRun.net
Teferi_SenbereFH-RAK19.JPGSenbere Tefere wins at RAK in 65:45, photo by PhotoRun.net
Wanders_JulienFH-RAK19.JPGJulien Wanders sets ER of 59:11, photo by PhotoRun.net
Superb level and European record
RAS AL KHAIMAH (UAE, Feb 8): Kenya's Stephen Kiprop equalled the course record in the Ras Al Khaimah Half Marathon with 58:42 to move to equal fifth on the world all-time lists. Ethiopians Abadi Hadis (58:44) and Fikadu Haftu (59:08) were second and third respectively while Switzerland's Julien Wanders smashed Mo Farah's European record of 59:32, clocking 59:13 to finish fourth. The top 11 finishers broke the one hour-mark. There was an Ethiopian clean sweep in the women's race with former world 5000m silver medallist Senbere Teferi winning in a sprint finish in 65:45 ahead of world half marathon champion Netsanet Gudeta (65:45) and Zeineba Yimer (65:46). Valary Aiyabei was the leading non-Ethiopian finisher in fifth in 66:14 while former world half marathon record-holder Peres Jepchirchir returned to top-level racing in sixth in 67:36.

A modest day, after a tough Thursday!

IMG_2688.jpgA good morning run, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Friday, February 8, 2019-warm up, 50 minute run, 4 x 150m, core training, cooldown

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BIRMINGHAM (GBR): World indoor pentathlon champion Katarina Johnson-Thompson, plus three of Britain's four current European indoor champions will be in action at the British Indoor Championships in Birmingham on 9-10 February. Johnson-Thompson goes in the 60m hurdles, where she meets returning Olympic fourth-placer Cindy Ofili, and the long jump which also features Jazmin Sawyers. Looking for national success ahead of defending their European titles will be Asha Philip (60m), Richard Kilty, who faces Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake and retirement-breaker Dwain Chambers in the 60m, and Laura Muir, who goes against Melissa Courtney and Eilish McColgan in the 3000m, the latter also entered over 1500m. British pole vaulter record-holder Holly Bradshaw highlights the women's field events, along with Morgan Lake in the high jump. The men's 3000m assembles Andrew Butchart, Chris O'Hare and Charlie Grice, while Shelayna Oskan-Clarke and Lynsey Sharp are the big names in the women's 800m. Tom Bosworth may have his 5000m walk national record under threat.

Bradshaw_Holly1-London17.jpgHolly Bradshaw, photo by PhotoRun.net

Genzebe goes sub 4 in the 1500 m
SABADELL (ESP, Feb 6): World record holder Genzebe Dibaba opened her season with a world-leading 3:59.08 (8th fastest ever indoors) in a big solo for 1500m at the Meeting Internacional de Catalunya ahead of teammate Lemlem Hailu in 4:08.90. Kevin Lopez held off Adrian Ben to win the men's 1500m in 3:41.90 to 3:42.25 and there was a French one-two in the 3000m courtesy of Djilali Bedrani (7:50.84) and Yoann Kowal (7:50.97). Fast 800m times for Jesus Gomez (1:47.93) and Esther Guerrero (2:01.46) as well. Puertorico record holder Luis Castro cleared 222 in men´s high jump. Didac Salas cleared 550 in the pole vault and Ivory Coast Artur Cisse won the 60 m in 6.64.
Swoboda beat Ta Lou, fast men´s 1500 m
TORUN (POL, Feb 6): Olympic 110m hurdles silver medallist Orlando Ortega equalled the world lead in the 60m hurdles with 7.49 (7.55 in the heats) ahead of Cyprus' Milan Trajkovic in 7.54 and world indoor silver medallist Jarret Eaton from the United States in 7.60. In the last track event of the evening at Orlen Copernicus Cup the third stop of IAAF World Indoor Tour. In summary four meeting records (women shot and 800 m and men long jump with 1500 m), World lead in men´s 1500 m and non-Russian World leads in women 400 m and men´s long jump. Poland's Ewa Swoboda maintained her unbeaten run in the 60m, just holding off treble world silver medallist Marie Jose Ta Lou from the Ivory Coast, 7.15 to 7.16 (Ta Lou 7.15 in heats). Iga Baumgart-Witan won the women's 400m on home soil in a 51.91 world lead (although Antonina Krivoshapka has run faster in Russia with 51.86) ahead of European champion and Polish teammate Justyna Swiety-Ersetic who improved her 2019 best to 52.14 and Eurowinner in hurdles Lea Sprunger 52.48. Three-time world and European indoor champion Pavel Maslak also took a big chunk off his season's best to win the 400m in 46.19, but second fastest overall winner of first race US Nathan Strother with 46.32. There was more home success in the 1500m as Marcin Lewandowski improved his Polish record to 3:36.50 to finish second to Ethiopia's world indoor champion Samuel Tefera in 3:35.57 WL/PB, third Kalle Berglund got Swedish record 3:36.63. Great improvement for fourth placed Michal Rozmys from Poland getting 3:38.53 PB. Another Ethiopian win for Habitam Alemu who edged out Laura Muir in the women's 800m, 1:59.49 to 1:59.50. Home star Sofia Ennaoui in 2:00.40 was third over double European champion Selina Buchel 2:00.98. Erik Sowinski won the men's 800m in 1:47.49. With seven athletes surpassing the 18m-line, Christina Schwanitz won a high quality shot put with 18.97m from Belarus' Aliona Dubitskaya with 18.91 (another Swedish record of the evening for Fanny Roos 18.35 as fourth and Cuba's Juan Miguel Echevarria got the better of Karlsruhe winner Thobias Nilsson Montler in the long jump, 8.12m to 7.97m. World champion Sam Kendricks cleared 5.78m to win the pole vault before three tries at a meeting record and world lead of 5.92m ahead of Piotr Lisek's 5.68m and neutral athlete Ilya Ivanyuk cleared 2.25m to win the high jump. Women hurdles saw again European domination as Pamela Dutkiewicz in 7.95 beat Finland duo Reetta Hurske 7.98 PB and Nooralotta Neziri 8.03.

Thursday is our long day at the track. Focus, and do one activity at a time. Do not think ahead. Stay focused.

Version 3-thumb-500xauto-42017.jpgRacing is coming real soon! photo by Mike Deering/The Shoe addicts

Thursday, February 7, 2019-warm up, 12 times 400 meters, 200 meter jog, at 3200m race pace, then, 6 x 300m, jog 100m, 1 mile racer pace, then cooldown.

The Copernicus meet ended only a few hours ago, and before I pack to head to Madrid. I wanted to remind our dear readers on the amazing atmosphere in Torun, Poland. The Copernicus Cup was a huge success, ending with 2 strong Polish victories! The first was the 1,500 men's event, and the final event was the women's 60 meters!

The women's 60 meters had Ewa Swoboda, who had run 7.08 WL in Karlsruhe, on 2 February, then, Feb 4 in Lodz, where she won in 7.13. On 6 February 2019, Ewa Swoboda delighted ther 5,000 Polish fans with her win, in 7.15, over Marie-Jose TaLou, who ran 7.16.


Last night, at the 2019 Copernicus Cup (Torun, Poland), five thousand Polish fans were treated to some exciting Polish performances. Among them were the final two events of the night: the men's 1,500 meters and the women's 60 meters.

In the men's 1,500 meters, Marcin Lewandowski scored a new Polish NR with his 3:36.50. Marcin had virtrually promised the NR, and as a local hero, Marcin is a rock star in Torun. Samuel Tefara won the race in 3:35.57 and Marcin was second in 3:36.50.

Lewandowski_MarcinFL-WorInd18.jpgMarcin Lewandowski, 2018 World Indoors, photo by PhotoRun.net

Marcin did an interview with me on Wednesday, February 6, 2019, about how his 800m focus has helped him in his 1,500m racing. In the 2018 European Indoor Championships, Marcin Lewandowsk went from out of the medals, into taking silver in the 1,500m. In the 2018 World Indoor Championships, Marcin was 2nd in the 1,500m, and first in the World Cup. Since 2005, Marcin had focused on the 800 meters. Coached by his brother, Tomasz, Marcin Lewandowksi is one of the most enduring and successful European middle distance runners.

Here is the @runblogrun interview from Wednesday on his middle distance success!

Jepchirchir_PeresFV-RAK17.jpgPeres Jepchirchir, 2017 RAK Half Marathon, photo by PhotoRun.net

The RAK Half Marathon will be held on Friday, February 8, 2019. Justin Lagat wrote this piece on the return of Peres Jepchirchir to racing after having a child. The men's and women's races will be hard fought. Fourteen men have PBs under sixty minutes.


The second meeting on the 2019 IAAF World Tour was a huge success! Three World Leaders, and event after event that were keeping the attention of the sold out crowd of five thousand, five hundred in Messe Karlsruhe, enjoyed a fastr 1,500m won by Vincent Kibet, a three way tie in the women's pole vault, and a come frrom behind win by Pavel Maslak in the 400 meters.

Rojas_YulimarPort-Monaco17.jpgYulimar Rojas, photo by PhotoRun.net

In the 60 meter hurdles, Nadine Visser won the hurdles in 7.97. Cindy Roleder took second in 7.98. Ana Peliteiro's win in the Triple Jump was a bit of an upset.

The meet had a feel, and the crowd, who knew track and wanted to see their European athletes were rewarded. The attention to detail that the meet management put into the meet, the support of the volunteers is obvious. And I sure hope everyone watches the rerun of the streamingr video.

Thanks again to Mike Deering of the Shoe Addicts, who produces the podcasts for the series.

IMG_6451.JPG2019 Meeting Indoor Karlsruhe, 2 February 2019, Messe Karlsruhe, photo by Larry Eder


The five thousand fans at the Messe Karlsruhe on February 2 had three world leaders: Ewa Swoboda in the 60 meters, with her 7.08 WL and 7.10, Naota Tobe's three World Leaders, NRs and Meet records in the High Jump (2.31m, 2.33m, 2.35m) and Melissa Courtney's WL, PB and win in the 3000 meters, in 8:43.36!

The Indoor Meeting Karlsruhe had the elements of all good meets: intimate surroundings, knowledgable and enthusiastic fans, and athletes who want to compete.

This podcast was prepared by Mike Deering for the Shoe Addicts. Thanks, Mike!

We send the audios post meet and Mike produces them for RunBlogRun! He sure makes me look good.

Karlsruhe is meeting 2 of six in the 2019 IAAF World Indoor Tour.

IMG_6454-2.JPG2019 Meeting Indoor Karlsruhe, 2 February 2019, Messe Karlsruhe, photo by Larry Eder

Kejelcha_YomifFHL-NewBalance19.JPGYomif Kejelcha runs 3:51.70 at the NBIGP, photo by PhotoRurn.net

Mark my word. Yomif Kejelcha is not racing in Manhattan this coming weekend to take in the sites. He ran a 3:51.70 at the Reggie Lewis on January 26, 2019 in Boston, and he seemed to not know how fast he was going. After the race, under the careful watch of Coach Pete Julian, Yomif Kejelcha ran a workout, including a 200 meters in the 24.5 region, showing this viewer that the Mile Indoor WR is in jeapordy.

In the article below, Jeff Benjamin reminds us of the upcoming Millrose Mile that could be a barn burner! Can Yomif Kejelcha break the WR for the indoor mile! In the video below, Coach Alberto Salazar more than suggests that Yomif Kejelcha can make a run for the indoor WR at the mile and the 1,500 meters.

But, for the weekend, at the NB Armory Center, all eyes will be on the Wanamaker Millrrose mile and Yomif Kejelcha, which is just what Nick Willis and Craig Engels, among others hope for!

The Millrose Games will be held Saturday, February 9, 2019! Do not miss it!

Okay sports fans! The Copernicus Cup is just about here. The stands are filling up! And the Euro beat music is waking me up, along with the strong instant coffee. I am sitting with the IAAF team, Bob Ramsak, Michelle Sammet, Tom Byrne, and Ed Gordon, the editor of the TAFWA Indoor guide. We have great seats above the entire track, and it should be a fun, if fast meet.

The track is the same as Sopot, Poland, when they hosted the World Indoor Championships in 2014. The City of Torun purchased track, and after taking it apart a few times, it became permanent, and is used Jan-March. The facility seats 5,000 and this will be sold out! Big draws

IMG_6623.JPGRight above the shot put, photo by Larry Eder, 6 February 2019

Wednesday is a moderate day, so take the pieces one at a time. Keep focus on the run, then, the strideouts, then, core work.

IMG_5274.jpgKellyn Taylor, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Wednesday, February 6, 2019-warm up, 50 minute run, 4 x 150m, core training, cooldown


Justyna Swiety, photo by PhotoRun.net

TORUN (POL): European 400m champion Justyna Swiety confirmed she is "not focusing" on the European Indoors this year, but is keen to go quicker later in the season after her stellar 2018. She said: "Now I'm hungry for more, and to go much faster looking towards the World Championships in Doha. This year, the most important thing is the World Championships." From IAAF.


Swiety, Wyciskiewicz, Gaworska, Holub, World Indoor 2018, photo by PhotoRun.net


Marcin Lewandowski, Justyn Swiety, Ewa Swoboda, Marire Jose Ta Lou, Sam Kendricks, Piotr Lisek, Pawel Wojciechowski, Juan Miguel Echevarria.

Copernicus Cup Presser, photo by Larry Eder, 5 February 2019

So, anyone who reads @runblogrun on a regular basis knows that, when given the chance, I will ask questions galore at a press conferences. Many times, there are only a few questions being asked.

IMG_6596.JPGEwa Swoboda, WL at 7.08 forr 60m, being interviewed on Polish TV, photo by Larry Eder, 5 February 2019

My question for Ewa Swoboda: Given your recent world leaders in Karlsruhe, and your big win in Lodz, how do you describe the improvements in your sprinting?

IMG_6597.JPGThe charming and fast Marie-Jose TaLou, photo by Larry Eder, 5 February 2019

My question to Marie Jose Ta Lou: Why are you so popular with your fans in C'ote D'Ivoire? My taxi driver in Boston was so excited that I had interviewedr you in past events.

My question to Sam Kendricks and Pawel Wojciechowski: Why do pole vaulters always look as if they are having fun?

Ewa Swoboda was a bit perplexed, but noted that she had improved several parts of her discipline this past season.

Marie Jose Ta Lou was pleased with the question and noted that her countrymen and women now know that African women can race with the very, very best in the world.

Sam Kendrick and Pawel Wojciechowski both agreed that they compete against the heights not each other.

A fun preview of what is to come in Torun, Poland on the 6 February.

TORUN (POL): Poland's Marcin Lewandowski will be targeting his national indoor 1500m record when he runs in Torun on Thursday. The man who ran his 3:37.37 in Birmingham in 2014 said: "I'm feeling really fantastic - so maybe I'll be running for the national record. I'm going to leave my heart on the track." From IAAF

Lewandowski_MarcinQ1a-WorInd18.jpgMarcin Lewandowski, photo by PhotoRun.net

The Press conference for the 3rd stop on the IAAF World Indoor Tour, the Copernicus Cup, to be held in Torun, Poland, was held at 4 pm local time on 5 February. A strong media turn out, TV, social media, IAAF, global media showed the interest in the presser. Marcin Lewandowski, Justyn Swiety, Ewa Swoboda, Marie-Jose Ta Lou, Sam Kendricks, Pawel Wojciechowski and Juan Miguel Echevarria highlighted the presser.

The meet will feature a huge battle in the women's 60 meters, with WL Ewa Swoboda versus Marie Jose Ta Lou, and pole vault nirvana with Sam Kendricks, Piotr Lisek and Pawel Wojciechowski. Nearly local Marcin Lewandowski is going for the Polish indoor NR for the 1,500m.

This was a well done presser, with responses in Polish, English, Spanish, enough for local and global media. We have posted part 1 of the presser below.

IMG_6584-2.JPGMarcin Lewandowski, Justyn Swiety, Ewa Swoboda, Marire Jose Ta Lou, Sam Kendricks, Piotr Lisek, Pawel Wojciechowski, Juan Miguel Echevarria.

Copernicus Cup, photo by Larry Eder, 5 February 2019

Svoboda vs Ta Lou
TORUN (POL): Poland's top stars will take on high-class opposition at the Orlen Copernicus Cup on Wednesday, the third event on the IAAF World Indoor Tour this winter. Justyna Swiety-Ersetic, the European 400m champion, is going against Switzerland's Lea Sprunger, who beat her in this meeting last year. But in better shape is Iga Baumgart-Witan. The pole vault sees world champion Sam Kendricks against Poland's European indoor champion Piotr Lisek and former World champion Pawel Wojciechowski. World 2017 sprint medalist Marie Josee Ta Lou in season debut goes in the short sprint versus current world No.1 Ewa Swoboda. European 1500m champion Laura Muir steps down to 800m to take on world indoor fourth-place Habitam Alemu. Poland's European indoor 1500m champion Marcin Lewandowski will have a tough time against world indoor champion Samuel Tefera and fellow Ethiopian Taresa Tolosa. Other main names triple World and European champion Pavel Maslak is in the 400 m, also in-shape Orlando Ortega in the 60 m Hurdles (but with US Jarret Eaton). Women sho has former world champion Christina Schwanitz, men long jump Juan Miguel Echevarria. Women hurdles are offering another clash of top Europeans, Elvira Herman vs Pamela Dutkiewicz vs Cindy Roleder.

The 2019 Copernicus Cup is the third stop of the 2019 IAAF World Indoor Tour. Five thousand Polish fans, will be in Torun, Poland with yours truly to enjoy some fast and furious action. This is the second meet of the season that the IAAF will be streaming for free around the world! Boston had a bevy of World Leaders, Karlsruhe had 3 new World Leaders, and with ther Polish stars on home ground, we can not wait to see how the night (6 February) turns out.

The video above is a teaser from the IAAF!

2019 IAAF series.png

Tuesday is all about the tempo run. Build your racing toughness with this workout. It is a good team builder as well.

Taylor_Kellyn-USAxc19.JPGKellyn Taylor, photo by PhotoRun.net

Tuesday, February 5, 2019-warm up, 20 minute temp run, run at 30 second per mile above your 5k current race pace, 8x300m, jog 100m, 1 mile race pace, cooldown

Swoboada_EvaQR-Rio16.jpgEwa Swoboda, photo by PhotoRun.net
Swoboda twice 7.13, pole vaulters tried at 590
LODZ (POL, Feb 4): Nearly 8000 spectators saw the Orlen Cup (EA Indoor Permit) here and celebrated four home winners. Ewa Swoboda confirmed her position as number one currently in the World with 7.13 (also in heats 7.13) 60 m win over Jamaican Remona Burchell 7.23 and Belarus Krystina Tsimanouskaya 7.26. Great shape also by pole vaulters as Pawel Wojciechowski and Piotr Lisek both cleared 580 and both tried at World leading 590. Third Robert Sobera 570, his best result in recent years. Olympic winner Thiago Braz was 6th (550). In his first meet of the season Konrad Bukowiecki won shot 20.95 over David Storl 20.52 and Jamaican O´Dayne Richards 20.33. European champion Michal Haratyk had three fouls and claimed the circle was not good. Fourth Polish winner was Sylwester Bednarek with 220 in the high jump. Orlando Ortega representing Spain dominated men hurdles 7.59, in wome final US Evonne Britton 8.04 over Klaudia Siciarz 8.06 and Hanna Plotitsyna 8.09 (but 8.03 in heats). Only 17 years old Pia Skrzyszowska improved hugely to 8.14 in heats and was 6th in the finals 8.42. Belarus Alyona Dubitskaya won women shot 18.64 over Klaudia Kardasz 18.14 PB and Paulina Guba 18.10. US star sprinter Mike Rodgers proved to be the best of the day in fast 6.55 ahead of Bryce Robinson 6.61 and Poland´s Remigiusz Olszewski 6.64. European indoor champs 2017 1-2 followed, Richard Kilty 6.64 and Jan Volko 6.66.

I love the European Athletics site. Their cormmentating and use of social media in their stories make for great reads. Here is their piece on the Lodz Meeting.

1286037_G08_W01.jpgOrlando Ortega, photo by Getty Images/European Athletics

Lasitskene 204, Krivoshapka 51.86, Menkov 830
MOSCOW (RUS, Feb 3): Another clash between Mariya Lasitskene and Anna Chicherova became the highlight of Russian Winter meeting. Lasitskene again took a win with new world lead 204 (also had one try over 206 and two failures over 207), when Chicherova went over 200 as second with one unsuccessful attempt at 204 and two at 206. In men's field both winner Daniil Tsyplakov and second placer Mikhail Akimenko cleared 228 over Aleksandr Asanov 226. Vladimir Nikitin improved national indoor record in the men's mile to 3:54.77 (also national title in this event) ahead of Valentin Smirnov 3:59.38 and Yevgeniy Kunts 3:59.52. In women's final Svetlana Aplachkina clocked 4:31.51 ahead of Yekaterina Storozheva-Shapovalova 4:31.68 and Anastasiya Kalina 4:31.78 (all three PBs). Another world lead was clocked by Antonina Krivoshapka at 400 m 51.86 ahead of 18-year-old Polina Miller 53.09 (iPB) and Yekaterina Renzhina 53.35. In men's competition Pavel Savin won in 46.91. Aleksandr Menkov achieved 830 WL in men's long jump, when Yelena Sokolova was best in women's field with 6.58. Mariya Aglitskaya 8.05 iPB and Konstantin Shabanov 7.65 won 60m hurdles. Yekaterina Koneva and Dmitriy Sorokin leapt to 14.67 and 16.77 respectively in triple jump. Yevgeniy Lukyanenko cleared 550 in men's pole vault. In women's field winner Irina Ivanova and second placer Yelizaveta Bondarenko (19) both cleared 450 over Olga Mullina and Lyudmila Petrova (both 445). Maksim Afonin 20.06m and Anna Avdeyeva 17.37m topped shot put competitions. Aleksandra Gulyaeva clocked 1:59.37 EL over 800m ahead of Yekaterina Zavyalova 2:02.28 and Yekaterina Kupina 2:03.92. Danil Peremetov finished first in men's race in 1:47.28 ahead of Konstantin Kholmogorov 1:47.54. Kristina Sivkova and Dmitriy Lopin sprinted 7.20 and 6.65 respectively in 60m finals.
Lasitskene_MariyaPC-Lausanne17.jpgMariya Lasitskene, photo by PhotoRun.net
Eaton 7.58, Karalis 575, Balew 7:46.00
MONDEVILLE (FRA, Feb 2): Meeting Elite here had US Jarret Eaton winning the 60 m hurdles in 7.58, fourth fastest in the World 2019 ahead of Italian Lorenzo Perini 7.66 PB and Aurel Manga 7.68. Greek former World indoor U20 record holder Emmanouil Karalis improved to 575 (his third best overall) first attempt clearance and was attempting at 586. In the 3000 m Bahrain´s Birhanu Balew clocked 7:46.00 ahead of steeple specialist Chala Beyo 7:47.29 PB.
Karalis_EmmanouilPort-IAAFgala18.jpgEmmanouli Karalis, photo by PhotoRun.net
Another Italian hurdles PB in women final by Luminosa Bogliolo 8.14. Ukrainian wins for Hrystyna Stuy 7.32 at 60 m and Tetyana Melnyk 52.99 PB at 400 m. Young Ethiopian Diribe Welteji (16) won women 1500 m in 4:16.51 PB. Belarus Nastasiya Mironchik-Ivanova was the best in long jump 652 and World medalist Amel Tuka took slow 800 m in 1:50.71. In the men´s 60 m Dutch Joris Van Gool (life-time best) and second US Bryce Robinson achieved 6.67.

The 2019 Le Tour de Larry has begun. It started on January 22, as I flew to Dubai for the Dubai Marathon. On January 26, I flew 14 hours to Boston, from Dubai, and arrived in time to cover the 2019 New Balance Indoor Meeting. I then slept, wrote and walked for 3 days.

IMG_9474.jpegA photo from past track meets, photo by Larry Eder

The next part of the journey started on January 31. I flew from Boston to Lisbon, then, Lisbon to Frankfurt. Arriving in Frankfurt, I took a train from the airport in Frankfurt to Karlsruhe. No Uber or Lyft in Germany. My taxi driver, quite solicitous did not want my credit card, so we found a Banking machine. I then called the states and told my bank of my whereabouts.

I was in Karlsruhe at the Radisson Blu, which I found on Hotels.com for $74 a night. All of this was done last minute and with some haste as i was trying to gain a sponsor. Special thanks to Nike and USATF who came on board to help me complete the Indoor Le Tour de Larry.

I will keep you updated on the various curiousities of my travel. Welcome for the ride.

EME NEWS (FEB 3, 2019)
IMG_6454.JPGIndoor Meeting Karlsruhe, February 2, 2019, photo by Larry Eder
Tobe from nowhere 235 WL, NR
KARLSRUHE (GER, Feb 2): Second leg of IAAF World Indoor Tour produced three World leads and also one meet record with full crowd seeing exciting competitions. The hero of the evening was Japanese high jumper Naoto Tobe who opened the season in superb way. Cleared first national record already with 229, but then continued in first with more records at 231 and 233 (in second try). But that was still not all as he mastered in third attempt also 235 WL, MR and had good tries at 237. It is also second place in Asian indoor all-time ranking behind Mutaz Barshim. His next meet will be Banska Bystrica on Saturday. Chinese Yu Wang equaled his PB 231 and Donald Thomas with Andriy Protsenko and Gianmarco Tamberi had 226. Poland´s Ewa Swoboda is in top shape as she clocked 7.08 60 m WL in heats and won the finals in 7.10 clearly ahead of Dafne Schippers 7.19. Third WL was in the 3000 m as British Melissa Courtney got 8:43.36 over Ethiopians Alemaz Samuel 8:43.78 and Gudaf Tsegay 8:46.27. German Alina Reh followed 8:47.40. For all top four personal bests. Surprise of the evening as Sweden´s Thobias Nilsson Montler beat with PB on count-back Cuban 2018 number one Juan Miguel Echevarria, both 808 (second attempt: 804 to 795). Another surprise in women pole vault with a 3-way tie for the top position with 471. Canadian Alysha Newman (national record), neutral Anzhelika Sidorova and Olympic winner Katerina Stefanidi. World leader Katie Nageottte fourth 463. Spain´s triple talent Ana Peleteiro with indoor PB 14.51 beat Venezuela´s World champion Yulimar Rojas 14.45 and Patricia Mamona who equaled national indoor record 14.36. Pavel Maslak with great tactical thinking won the 400 m in 46.78, Andreas Kramer topped the 800 m in 1:46.52 indoor PB and EL. Kenyans dominated the 1500 m as Vincent Kibet clocked 3:38.23 to win ahead of Bethwell Birgen 3:38.69 and French Simon Denissel getting European lead of the season 3:39.17. Nadine Visser was the women hurdles winner in 7.97 over Cindy Roleder who came on the day of the meet from Berlin 7.98, third Poland´s Karolina Koleczek equaled her PB 8.05 and fourth Reetta Hurske from Finland 8.06 (PB in heats 7.99).

The Spring season is upon us, and indoor season is flying by. We have had 8 weeks now since cross country. Most have taken a few weeks easy and thern began our daily program. Each day from now on is about Spring racing, with outdoor being the focus. I am sorry on the confusion on the Recovery title, I have removed it and replaced with Spring Track & Field Training.

Taylor_Kellyn1-USAxc19.JPGKellyn Taylor, photo by PhotoRun.net

Monday, February 5, 2019-warm up, 50 minutes, 8 x 150m stride outs, core training, cooldown

The NYRR Millrose Games will be held on Saturday, February 9, 2019 at the NYC Armory, the house that the late Dr. Norb Sander built. The New Balance Track & Field Armory puts on 85 plus meets a year and supports the activities of 165,000 athletes. It is a sanctuary for athletics. r

In that light, Jeff Benjamin, East Coast senior writer for RunBlogRun and ambassador for Staten Island, put together this piecer on some of the NYRRR Millrose Games elite and their beginnings in our sport. We hope that you enjoy this trip down athletic memory lane.

Scott-Coburn-LeerFHL-Millrose18.jpgAisha Praught Leer, Emma Coburn and Dominique Scott battle over 3000m, Millrose 2018, photo by Photorun.net

One of the ways that the B.A.A. Boston Marathon has given back to the sport is through the B.A.A. High Performance team. The B.A.A. High Performance team, now in its second generation, is coached by Ricardo Santos. athletes are supported by both the B.A.A. and adidas running, the footwear and apparel sponsors of the B.A.A. Boston marathon, the world's most historic marathon. rr

Dana Giordana is a prime example of the types of athletes that elite clubs should look for around the country. Years ago, Frank Shorter, 1972 gold and 1976 silver Olympic medalist in the marathon said it best. Shorter noted that an athlete did not want to get to the end of their careers and say, "If only." The club system in the U.S. is about the "If, onlys."

Congrats to Dana Giordano.

Dana Giordano, Photo Credit - Justin Britton.jpgDana Giordana, photo by Justin Britton/Used with permission, B.A.A.

C4_Hi_BER010219_2618.JPGSam Kendricks, photo: ISTAF INDOOR / Camera 4

TW3_5508.jpgMalaika Mihambo, photo: ISTAF INDOOR / Camera 4

The ISTAF Berlin Indoor, held on 1 February 2019, had one of the largest indoor meetings of the year, with some fine performances. The ISTAF has some unique events for indoors as well, including the discus! The large crowd was entertained. As one British journo told me, "Larry, Berlin was cracking!"

true-5_0.jpgWe at RunBlogRun have been telling you that what UA was launching in 2019 would be exciting! Our partner, Running Product Reviews, reviewed the HOVR Sonic in Spring 2018. In two short videos, produced by our partners at the Shoe Addicts in early December 2018, we reminded you once again. Well, the Under Armour HOVR Infinite is here, having launched on Friday, February 1, 2019. The press release from UA is below, along with a good video on how Under Armour listened to the performance runner as they developed the new HOVR footwear collection.

tobe: gettyimages-955762652-594x594.jpgNaoto Tobe is now a player in global HJ medal sweepstakes, photo by Getty Images/IAAF

The crowd in the Messe Karlsruhe had lots to watch. Those who were in front of ther Men's High Jump had the best seats in the house. A fine field of high jumpers had been assermbled. When German Michel Przrybylko sent out at 2.22m, the event seemed to just explode, Five men over 2.2r6m, two over 2.31rm, and Naoto Tobe added nine centimeters to his PB, equalling PB, NR, MR at 2.31m, then, setting PB, NR, MR, WL at 2.33m, and obliterating his NR, MR, WL, PB at 2.35m, on his dramatic third attempt clearance. And to consider, this was the first meet for Mr. Tobe in 2019!

My love of long runs goes back to the summer of 1977. I was entering the Jesuits (a well meaning, but short-lived time in a Jesuit seminary), and the new cross country coach at Santa Clara University, Dan Durante asked me to visit Quicksilver Park, with three road runners. It was the late Rich Stiller, Don Clary and Hollis Logue III. The twelve mile run was full of hills and jokes.

IMG_4833.jpgA long run with your personal characters is always fun, photo by HOKA ONE ONE NAZ Elite

Now, forty-one years later, I can remember the run, the conversations and the attraction of road running. I would run many runs in Quicksilver Park, and would actually win my first race (after 8 years of racing) on the trails of Almaden Quicksilver.

The long runs helped build my strength. Later, long runs up the trails, with my son Adam in baby jogger, entertained us both and kept our sanity. The wild pigs on the trails, the turkey buzzards flying above as we took on the hills of the park, are etched in memories.

Make some memories, enjoy your long runs.

Sunday, February 3, 2019-warm up, 55 minutes, cooldown

The Messe Karlsruhe is one of two German meets on the IAAF World Indoor Tour. The construction of the track and seating took two weeks, and they had four days post meet to tear it down. The Meeting Indoor Karlsruhe lived up to the pre event hype.A crowd sold out since Mid December, came to see a celebration of athletics, with local, Under 16, Regional and the IAAF World Indoor Tour.

The women's pole vault had three women at 4.71m, with Alysha Newman setting a new Canadian record. The women's TJ has Yulimar Rojas take second, something unusual for her, with Ana Pellitero gettingr the nod, 14.51m to 14.45m.

IMG_6454.JPGA night of Athletics, Messe Karlsruhe, 2 February 2019, photo by Larry Eder

Ewa Sowoda showed her improved fitness, sprinting a fine 7.08 WL in heat 1, and following up with a win of 7.10 to Dafne Schippers' 7.19.

A fine 3000m was enjoyed by the German fans as Alina Reh took the lead with six laps to go and made the race a battle. Brit Melissa Courtney surprised 3 Ethiopians to take the win in a PB of 8:43.36 PB. Alina Reh was rewarded with a PB of 8:47.40, as was Ethiopian Gudaf Tsegay, who took third rin 8:46.27!

On the men's side, some exciting races and events as well!

Pavel Maslak, European and World Indoor champ at 400m, made his patented move by Oscarr Husillos, taking the 400m in 46.78 to 47.12.

In the 800m, Swedens' Andreas Kramer ran 1:46.52 PB to hold off Erik Sowinski, who ran 1:46.69 SB. Filip Snejdr of the Czech Republic took 3rd in 1:47.01 PB.

The men's 1,500m was fast, 57.30 at 400m, and 800m at 1:56.02 as Saul Martinez paced the field. Aman Wote lead through 1200m in 2:56.25. Bethwell Birgen, then, Vincent Kibet passed Wote, as well as France's Simon Denissel. Kibet, who was 5th in Boston over the mile, won in 3:38.23. Bethwell Birgen, 2nd in Boston, was second in Karlsruhe in 3:38.69. Simon Denissel was 3rd in 3:39.17.

The highlight of the evening, on the men's side, as Naoto Tobe battled Wang Tu. Wang Tu equalled his PB of 2.31m. Naoto Tobe went to 2.35m, clearing his NR, MR and WL on his second attempt.

In the long jump, Thobias Nilsson Montler of Sweden had to set a PB of 8.08m to defeat Juan Miguel Echevarria of Cuba, in his return to fitness, also atr 8.08m (Montler took win with better second mark, 8.04m to 7.95m).

A fantastic second meeting of the world indoor, Karslruhe had its largest crowd, and the fans were rewarded with a fine evening of athletics.

It is finally time that one of my spiritual advisors, Peanut Harms, has been been recognized for the amazing work he has done as a coach. Nut would tell you that this was Tena Harms, his lovely wife, and his work, and he is right. Nut and Tena have built the El Dorado program from a quite modest beginning.

390147_288427721180790_100000406934594_994153_1090221750_n-thumb-500x332-2439.jpgDwayne Peanut Harms, California Coach of the Year, Boys & Girls Cross Country

Coaches change lives. The late Sam Adams, mason grise at UC Santa Barbara used to scare the hell of me. A man of some stature, and a combination of the profound and profane, Mr. Adams told me that coaches were misunderstood. "They are educators, first." It was amazing to see that EDHS Principal Matt Barnes gently reminded us of the role of coaches as educators and life changers. (Now, the late Sam Adams can stop the daily whispering of that comment in my ears. )

Nut and Tena changed the lives of many athletes at El Dorardo High School. He continues to, and the world is better for it. For many years, Nut was the Track & Field guy at Reebok, then, Springco, then, HOKA ONE ONE. But he was missing something, and I seem to recall a conversation about returning to coaching. Coaching high school has been life affirming, it is the first thing that we speak about when we catch up!

And on the spiritual advisor part. I found out long ago, if I mentioned John Powell, Jan Johnson and Peanut Harms as my spiritural advisor, I would clear out the riff raff. Nut has encouraged me, like the other two gentleman, when I was ready to throw in the towel.

El Dorado High School is quite fortunate to have Peanut and Tena Harms.

Congratulations from Karlsruhe, Germany!

Oh, and here is an in interview with Dwayne Peanut Harms, from 2012. It should be read once a year:https://www.runblogrun.com/2012/01/rbr-interview-dwayne-harms-on-vs-athletics-super-clinic-by-larry-eder.html

Here's our podcast for the 2019 Indoor Tour de Larry, our @runblogrun tour of all things indoor athrletics! The series started with the New Balance Indoor GP on 26 January, and heads to Meeting Karlsruhe (February 2), Copernicus Meeting (Torun, Poland, February 6), Indoor Meeting Madrid (February 8), Mueller International GP (Birmingham, UK, February 16) and PSD Dusseldorf (February 20).

We will also go to the British Trials, February 9-10, 2019, in Birmingham and the European Indoor Champs, March 1-3, 2019.

USATF indoors Okolo.jpg

The tour is sponsored by USATF and Nike. Please support the 2019 USATF Indoor Meeting (February 22, 23, 24), to be held at the Ocean Breeze Athletic Center, on Staten Island. To purchase tickets, please go to: http://www.usatf.org/Events---Calendar/2019/USATF-Indoor-Track---Field-Championships.aspx.

We ask you to support the brands that support the sport!

Racing indoors and or in early season is something that can be done each week, or every 2-3 weeks. Always do a distance that is not your focus Go longer or shorter. The idea is to add some variety to your workouts.

Taylor_Kellyn39-USAxc17.JPGKellyn Taylor, photo by PhotoRun.net

Saturday, February 2, 2019-warm up, race 800m, 1000m or 3200m, cooldown. Or, run 45 minutes easy.

WL: Mihambo 699, Kendricks 586, Dutkiewicz 7.89
BERLIN (GER, Feb 1): European champion Malaika Mihambo produced three jumps in excess of 6.90m to win the long jump at the ISTAF Indoor in Berlin (12 100 spectators): 6.94m in round three, 6.99 WL in round four and then 6.98m in round six to defeat European silver medallist Maryna Bekh-Romanchuk from Ukraine (6.73m) with European and world indoor champion Ivana Spanovic third on her comeback from injury with 6.65m. Germany's Pamela Dutkiewicz improved her world lead to 7.89 to win the 60m hurdles ahead of teammate Cindy Roleder (7.91) with European outdoor champion Elvira Herman from Belarus third with 7.97 PB. Sam Kendricks reclaimed the world lead in the pole vault with a second time clearance at 5.86m (tried at 601) ahead of Poles Piotr Lisek and Pawel Wojciechowski who were second and third on countback at 5.76m.
There was a British double in the 60m with Reece Prescod setting a European-leading mark and lifetime best of 6.53 ahead of Ivory Coast's Arthur Cisse in the same time (also national record) and world U20 100m bronze medallist Kristal Awuah improved to 7.19 to win the women's 60m. France's Pascal Martinot-Lagarde also won the men's 60m hurdles in 7.62 ahead of Gregor Traber 7.65. In the last event after everything else ended Nadine Muller topped mixed discus with 63.89 ahead of best males Austrian Lukas Weisshaidinger 63.06 and Martin Wierig 62.55.
Mihambo_Malaika-Stockholm18.jpgMalaika Mihambo, photo by PhotoRun.net

The second meeting of the 2019 IAAF World Indoor Tour is the Indoor Meeting Karlsruhe, on February 2, 2019. The meet can be watched via Facebook, thanks to the foreward apprroach of the IAAF and the meet management! @runblogrun will be covering the event LIVE via social media, thanks to support from USATF and Nike!

Lisek 585 WL, Lasitskene 202 MR
COTTBUS (GER, Jan 30): Full hall of 2200 spectators witnessed excellent 17th edition of Springer Meeting. Poland´s reigning European indoor champion Piotr Lisek cleared World leading 585 and tried at 590. He won here for third time. Surprise second placer Melker Svard Jacobssson from Sweden with 580 PB. World champion Sam Kendricks pokered a bit. After five nice first attempt jumps he tried once 580, 585 and 590 but no success so ended third 570. Also 570 for fourth Konstadinos Filippidis and fifth Pawel Wojciechowski. Home star Raphael Holzdeppe cleared Glasgow standard 565 but did not continue due to small leg problem, but is still ok for ISTAF Indoor on Friday.
Lasitskene_MariyaR-Stockholm18.jpgMariya Lasitskene, photo by PhotoRun.net
World and European Champion Mariya Lasitskene ruled with excellent meet record 202 in first attempt (before that 201 by Irina Gordeyeva back in 2009). Afterwards first failures of the evening came for her at 205 what would be her indoor PB. In top shape also Airine Palsyte from Lithuania who as second got 198 nice clearance. After two tries at 2 meters she left the remaining one for 202 but could not clear. Ukrainian stars followed Yuliya Levchenko as third and young record holder Yaroslava Mahuchikh as fourth, both 196.
View this post on Instagram

5.85 WL 😁 #polishboy #nike #orlen

A post shared by Piotr Lisek (@lisek_piotr) on

Miller_Shaunae1e-Pre18.jpgShaunae Miller-Uibo, photo by PhotoRun.net

Shaunae Miller-Uibo is one of the finest sprinters in the world, and perhapsr, the finest long sprinter in the world. Coach Lance Brauman says that her talents over 200 meters and 400 meters are quite impressive, and I agree, but that 400 meters is something to watch and enjoy! Stuart Weir did this interview in 2018 and gently reminded me of my non-use of the piece. Thanks, Stuart, for the nudge!

Philip_AshaQ-Poland14.jpgAsha Philip, photo by PhotoRun.net
Philip 7.12 WL
DORTMUND (GER, Jan 27): After clocking 7.20 in the heats, reigning European indoor champion Asha Philip sped to a world-leading mark of 7.12 to win the 60m at the PSD Bank Indoor Meeting ahead of Norway's Ezinne Okparaebo in 7.30. Pamela Dutkiewicz just missed the world lead of 7.90 in the 60m hurdles, clocking 7.91 on her season's debut to defeat European outdoor champion Elvira Herman in 8.00 and Belgium's Eline Berings in 8.10. On the men's side, Kevin Kranz equalled his PB of 6.61 to win the 60m ahead of Joshua Hartmann in 6.64 and Belarus' Vitali Parakhonka pipped Gregor Traber in the 60m hurdles, 7.68 to 7.69. There was another Belarusian win in the long jump with Nastassia Mironchyk-Ivanova winning with 6.60m ahead of Sosthene Moguenara's 6.58m. Another leading mark came from Switzerland's Angelica Moser who cleared 4.55m in the pole vault. Elsewhere, Spain's Jesus Gomez won the men's 1500m in 3:40.24 ahead of Kenya's Cornelius Tuwei (3:40.38) and Ryan Gregson 3:41.08 and in the last event of the day, Hanna Klein won the women's 1500m in 4:11.73 from Alina Reh in 4:13.71 with Gesa Felicitas Krause fourth in 4:14.60. Women 300 m had Laura Muller winning in 37.38 over Poland´s Anna Kielbasinska 37.39.

Sarah Crouch was the top American finisher at the 2018 Bank of America Chicago Marathon. Not only did Sarah finish sixth, she ran a marathon PB, her first PB over 26.2m in four years! Sarah had been with 361 USA for a couple of years, and has now extended the relationship. Sarah was a 13 time All American while at Western Washington University. In 2011, Sarah placed 22nd in her debut marathon in 2:44.25. She set her marathon PB in 2014, in 2:32.44, a PB of 11:51, with her sixth in Chicago. In fact, the PB that Sarah Crouch set in 2018 at the Chicago Marathon, 2:32:37, was only weeks after having a benign tumor removed from her quadricep, in middle of September 2018. Her next marathon will be the 2019 BAA Boston Marathon.

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Boston Marathon 2019. Who's with me? 📸: @gnp_photos

A post shared by Sarah Crouch (@sarahcrouch1989) on

361 USA has extended their contract with Sarah Crouch, giving Sarah time to focus on upcoming 2020 Olympic Marathon Trials, to held in Atlanta, GA on February 29, 2020. Sarah Couch has an amazing spirit and drive. 361 USA has picked a fine athlete to support.

To learn more about Sarah Crouch, please go to:

Sarah Crouch Interview, after her sixth place in the Chicago Marathon, Dec 2018


361 USA partners with world class athletes, February 2017


To learn more about 361 USA and their Retailers' Cup:

361 USA announces Retail Racing Cup


361 USA Retail Racers Cup video (sponsored)


Zango_Hugues-Worlds18.jpgHughes-Fabrice Zango, photo by PhotoRun.net
Zango 17.58 and Kendricks 584 World leads
PARIS (FRA, Jan 27): Burkina Faso's Hugues-Fabrice Zango set an outright African record and world lead of 17.58m to win the triple jump at the Meeting de Paris Indoor (EA Permit) before 7402 spectators. Zango already held the African indoor record with 17.23m and surpassed the outdoor mark of 17.37m as well. Sam Kendricks also cleared a world-leading height of 5.84m in the pole vault on his first attempt although Renaud Lavillenie was a non-starter after feeling some pain in his hamstring during warm-up. After clocking a 7.15 PB in the 60m heats, Orlann Ombissa-Dzangue won the final in 7.24 (bit was accompanied by officials after possible cramp) with Switzerland's Mujinga Kambundji awarded the same time while Ivory Coast's Gue-Arthur Cisse and Ghana's Sean Safo Antwi were given a joint victory in the men's 60m in 6.60 (6.597) ahead of Slovak Jan Volko 6.64. Croatia's Andrea Ivancevic and Hungary's Luca Kozak were also given the same time of 8.07 in the women's 60m hurdles while Olympic silver medallist Orlando Ortega edged out Aurel Manga in the men's 60m hurdles, 7.63 to 7.64. World decathlon record-holder Kevin Mayer just missed out on a place in the final with 7.81 in the heats (0.02 off his PB) and also cleared 5.35m in the pole vault.

Fridays are mostly, moderate days to remind us that we gain the most in our training from the weeks, months and years of building the mortal engine. It takes 12-15 years of training to develop an elite athlete. The average Amerircan high school cross country and track athlete work out six days a week, 46 weeks a year, and two hours, fifteen minutes a day. Most of those days, a coach (37,553 coaching 1.6 million high school boys and girls in XC and track) is there, encouraging you to run, jump and throw.

Version 3-thumb-500xauto-42017.jpgTime for a race, photo by Mike Deering/The Shoe Addicts

Friday, February 1, 2019-warm up, 50 minute run, 4 x 150m, core training, cooldown

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