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Ryan Hill is one of America's finest distance runners. Competing for the Nike Bowerman TC, Ryan has PBS at 1500m of 3:35.59, 3000m of 7:30.93 and 5000m of 13:05.69. A four time medalist at US champs (2013-3rd, 2015-gold, 2017-bronze, 2018-silver) at 5000m, Ryan answered nine questions from RBR senior writer, Jeff Benjamin.

Hill_Ryan-USAout18.jpgRyan Hill, photo by

RunBlogRun, # 1. How Did You Get Involved In The Sport?

Ryan Hill: Running was clearly what I was best at growing up. I had such a love for sports that pursuing whatever I was best at was, a natural choice. I joined a youth track club in 7th grade in Hickory, NC.

RunBlogRun, #2. Did You Consider Yourself A Fast it Slow Developer?

Ryan Hill: Relatively speaking, I was a fast developer. Pretty quickly into taking track seriously, I had success. I qualified for USATF nationals in 8th grade and was 3rd at the NC State meet my freshman year of high school

RunBlogRun, #3. Most Memorable HS Race?

Ryan Hill: I won the Footlocker South Region my junior year, which was a surprise and my first big step onto the elite running stage.

RunBlogRun, #4. Most Memorable College Race?

Ryan Hill: Finishing 2nd in the NCAA Mile by a very close margin. Fantastic race that came down to the final 50 meters.

Hill_Ryan1a-PreC16.jpgRyan Hill, photo by

RunBlogRun, #5. What's the difference in being a Pro?

Ryan Hill: My perspective is much more long term as a pro. I plan training months and sometimes years in advance now. In college, I was just focused on whatever social, academic, or athletic pressures I had week to week.

RunBlogRun, #6. Can You Describe Your Training Philosophy?

Ryan Hill: My training is all based on 5,000m race pace. Doing some work a little over and a little under that year round.

RunBlogRun, #7. Do You Incorporate Weight Training/Cross-Training?

Ryan Hill: My group does gym work 3 times a week. I only cross train to overcome injury at this point.

RunBlogRun, #8. Advice For Younger Runners?

Ryan Hill: Focus on team goals. It's much more rewarding and you'll become your best individual that way too.

RunBlogRun, #9. Any Staten Island Connections?

Ryan Hill: Other than taking the Staten Island Ferry during a visit to


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