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Ajee' Wilson is the finest American women's 800m runner of her generation. With silver medals at the 2016 and 2018 World Indoors, and a bronze at the 2017 World Outdoors, Ajee' Wilson has run 1:55.61 AR outdoors and 1:58.60 Indoors, also an AR. Jeff Benjamin caught up with Ajee', who is always a fun interview, with our series prior to the USATF Indoors!

Wilson_Ajee-USind18.jpgAjee' Wilson, photo by

Updated February 20, 2019: Ajee' Wilson will not run 600, but focus on 1000.

RunBlogRun, # 1) How did you get into the Sport?

Ajee' Wilson: I got into the sport following behind my little sister Brietta. She started first and loved it - she'd come home gushing about how fun it was, and I started shortly after.

RunBlogRun, #2) Did you consider yourself a slow or fast developer?

Ajee' Wilson: Hmmm. That's tough. I'd say I was somewhere in between as a consistent developer.

RunBlogRun, # 3) Most memorable HS Race?

Ajee' Wilson: My most memorable high school race may have been at the 2011 World Juniors. I'd sprained my ankle not too long before the race, and ended up running a new PR to win.

RunBlogRun, #4) How's it different being a pro athlete from HS Collegiate?

Ajee' Wilson: From high school to pro, track became a major priority and required so much more of me. In high school, I was in a bunch of clubs and activities, academics were my focus, and track was still just something I did for fun. As a professional, it meant a less variety and more focus on my running career.

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RunBlogRun, # 5) What Training philosophy are you following?

Ajee' Wilson: Im following my coach, Derek Thompson's training philosophy. I say that jokingly, but his approach is super unique and a mixture of a bunch of different things. He's a student of the sport, always reading and learning, and then finding ways to implement that into training.

RunBlogRun, #6) Do you incorporate any cross training and/or Weight training?

Ajee' Wilson: Derek incorporates weights in our training program. As the season kicks off and we get racing, we back off and primarily just do body weight and med ball exercises.

Wilson_Ajee1-USin18.jpgAjee' Wilson, photo by

RunBlogRun, # 7) Any Staten Island Connections?

Ajee' Wilson: My sister Brietta, who got me into running, went to school and ran at Wagner College for Coach Joe Stasi in Staten Island.

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