2019 HOKA ONE ONE Spring Track & Field Training Week 23, Day 6: Find a good race to end your season!


The end of the season is a physical, psychological, and social happening. Your season needs to end, and you need to take a break to get the system working. In high school, and college, finishing with a good race, you begin the next season with a positive stance.

Enjoy your race!

Ellison_SamFH-Martinez19.jpgThe 800m, 2019 Adrian Martinez Classic, photo by Kevin Morris

Champs week 2

Saturday, June 15, 2019: warm up, race, cooldown

Recovery week 2

Saturday, week 2

Day off!

And remember, as you are ending one season, and beginning another, check out www.hokaoneone.com running shoes. Make sure you take off 2 weeks after track season.


Coach Ben Rosario with athlete Ben Bruce, photo by Justin Britton/USA XC

Weeks 22, Champ week 2, or Recovery Week 2

Monday: warm up, 30 minute run, 8 x 150 m stride outs, cooldown

Tuesday: warm up, 4x400m, mile pace, 400 m jog, 30 minute jog, cooldown

Wednesday; warm up, 45 minutes, 4 x 150m stride outs, cooldown

Thursday: warm up, 6 x 200m, 800m pace, 30 minute jog, cooldown

Friday: warm up, 30 minute run, 8 x 150m stride outs, cooldown

Saturday: warm up, race, cooldown

Sunday; warm up, 75 minute run

Recovery Week 2

Monday: day off

Tuesday: 30-45 minute run, trails

Wednesday: day off

Thursday: 30-45 minute run

Friday: day off

Saturday: day off

Sunday: Long run, 60-75 minutes

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