2019 HOKA ONE ONE Week 5, Summer Mileage, Training Week 5, Day 7: You should love the long run...


In the book Pre!, by Tom Jordan, there is an anecdote on the late American iconoclastic runner, that I must say, I truly enjoy. They said that Pre did not like runs over 15 miles, and in fact, anything over 10 miles, he got majorly annoyed. One of his team mates noted a run in the rain, when they ran 13 miles in the cemetary behind the track. In 1980, I tried to do that although I could not duplicate the rain that Pre had that day.

IMG_4945.jpgLove the long run, photo by PhotoRun.net

I ran in cemetaries alot in college. I was at Santa Clara, and my job was cemetary guard. There was a one mile loop around the cemetary, all on gravel, with some hard top. I would do this about 2-3 times a week, in the evenings, besides my morning runs. Lots of jackrabbits, some other wild creatures. I had some company on those runs, and the long conversations were always the highlight of the runs.

I always thought that I would like to build a cemetary with running and walking paths, plus playgrounds. What a better to remember those who preceeded us?

Sunday, August 4, 2019: 70-80 minute long run

Week 5, Summer mileage, Training week 5, time to get focused

Monday: 55 minute park run

Tuesday: 20 minute warm up run, 5 times hilly mile, 5 minute jog between each, 20 minute cooldown

Wednesday: 55 minute run, relaxed

Thursday: 70 minute fartlek, 25 times 1 minute hard, one minute easy, 10 minutes easy before and after, keep it good effort

Friday: 55 minute park run, relaxed

Saturday: 50 minute easy run

Sunday: 70-80 minute long run

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