Raeyvn Rogers, 2019 WC 800m silver medalist, The RunBlogRun Interview


The 800 meters is a difficult event. The need for speed, endurance, and tactical sense is key for success. The need to dream is also a key to success, as it is in all athletic events.

Raeyvn Rogers is a dreamer. She also makes those dreams a reality. Consider the 800m in Doha. Most eyes were on Ajee' Wilson. Some were on the pair of young Ugandans.

Rodgers_RaevynFL-Doha19.jpgRaeyvn Rogers, Doha 2019 silver medalist, 800m, photo by Photorun.net

In the final 80 meters, the upset became a route. Halimah Nakaayi came charging past Wilson, and took gold. As Wilson began to fade, the fastest moving person in the final, Raeyvn Rogers, churned up the track, and boldly took the silver.


Raeyvn Rogers, Doha 2019 silver medalist, 800m, photo by Photorun.net

No one should be surprised with that development. Motivated, Raeyvn Rogers can challenge anyone in her event.

This interview took place just a couple of days after her 800m final in Doha. We thank Global Athletics & Marketing for their support in organizing the interview and Raeyvn Rogers for her time.

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