2019 RunBlogRun Fall Cross Country Training & Racing Program, Week 20, Day 3, Wednesday is come...


The knowledge that one has improved fitness comes gradually, and when it does, it can be a revelation. I recall doing a track workout, just a week prior to the WCAL XC final in the fall of 1976. It was cold for San Jose, and we went to the 352 yard Bellarmine dirt track and did a fast mile. I was hoping to go under 6 minutes. I ran 5:18, and it was so easy!

Edris_MuktarLeds-Doha19.JPGThe 5000m, all of these men have and do run cross country, photo by Photorun.net

That next week I ran my best, despite falling down, and taking 10th in JV. It was a revelation that working all summer could make a huge difference.

Wednesday: 30-45 minute run, relaxed

Week 20, Fall XC Training week 20, a time to really race

Monday: 50 - 60 minute park run, 4 x 150m strideouts

Tuesday: 30 minute run, 20 minute tempo run, pace is 30 seconds per mile above current 5k race pace, 4x 150m strideouts, 20 minute cooldown

Wednesday: 30-45 minute run, relaxed

Thursday: 20 minute warm up, 2 x mile, , jog 1/2 mile btw, 10 minute jog, 30 minute fartlek, 10 times 2 minute, 5k pace, 1 minute easy, 20 minute cooldown

Friday: 30-45 minute minute park run, relaxed

Saturday: warm up, 5k race, similar to league or conference race, jog ten minutes, then 8 x 150m strideouts, cooldown

Sunday: 85-90 minute long run

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