2020 RunBlogRun presents Athletics Chat with Larry Eder & Stuart Weir, Episodes 1-6


This is a compilation on Athletics Chats, 1-6. This new program, developed by Mike Deering and Adam Johnson-Eder (both with The Shoe Addicts). The series includes Larry Eder (San Jose, CA) and Stuart Weir (Oxford, England). We speak about the topics of the day. We speak about COVID-19, Black Lives Matter and all aspects of the sport. We invite all to send us questions, comments to runblog[email protected].

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RunBlogRun presents Athletics Chat - Episode 1-Premiere

RunBlogRun Presents Athletics Chat Episode 1 In the first episode of our new series, Larry Eder and Stuart Weir communicate across the Atlantic during the Pandemic discussing the late Neil Black, future events in 2020 and more.

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0:00 Introduction 0:41 Thoughts on the passing of Neil Black, formerly with UK Performance (Larry/Stuart) 6:14 Upcoming Athletics Schedule (Larry/Stuart) 8:46 Challenges with the new Schedule (Larry Only) 14:09 How British Media has changed in athletics coverage (Larry/Stuart) 19:46 The 2020 Schedule, European Championships as example (Larry/Stuart) 23:08 London Grand Prix - How the meet was structured (Larry/Stuart) 26:31 Seb Coe, Speaking with Media (Larry/Stuart) 29:15 If i were head of World Athletics for a day (Larry/Stuart) 34:01 Will Olympics happen in 2021? (Larry/Stuart) 36:17 Epilogue, Larry wraps up his final thoughts on the first episode and topics discussed (Larry Eder)

RunBlogRun presents Athletics Chat - Episode 2

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0:00 - Intro 85th Anniversary of Jesse Owens setting 4 WR in 45 min 1:56 - Looking at how the UK is doing currently 2:44 - Updates on Mo Farah 3:34 - Thoughts on London Marathon in 2020 6:32 - The Talent of Young Athletes 7:20 - Communication with the media 9:00 - What are the three things you would tell young athletes to include in an interview? 11:43 - Athletes and their coaches 13:43 - Larry's thoughts on Coaches 15:25 - Do you think an elite athlete needs a coach? 19:22 - UK Relay Athletes vs American Relay Athletes 23:21 - Updates on Martin Rooney 26:23 - More discussions on UK Relay Athletes/Funding 28:09 - Thoughts on Tokyo 2021 & Future of Athletics 33:40 - How is Niels de Vos perceived in the UK? 35:15 - How athletes are coping with the coronavirus? 38:14 - Epilogue with Larry

RunBlogRun presents Athletics Chat - Episode 3

Time stamps for topics in Episode 3:

0:00 - Intro/ Larry stories 1:30 - Jo Coates article/UK Athletics/Media 3:24 - London Marathon updates/GB Trials 4:42 - Professional Sports rules with Coronavirus?Sports without Spectators 11:24 - What should World Athletics be doing right now to promote the sport? 15:27 - Thoughts on Andy Young (Coach of Laura Muir) 20:08 - When will we see a regular Athletics Schedule? 25:33 - USATF 27:00 - Thoughts on the Olympics 27:45 - Richard Pearlman analysis of Sports Federations/budgets 28:40 - Lamine Diack Trial 31:30 - Lets see a Shot Put world event livestream/more event ideas 33:01 - Epilogue

RunBlogRun presents Athletics Chat - Episode 4

Time stamp for Episode 4 Topics: 0:00 - Intro 2:55 - Max Siegel/Gwen Berry story 5:30 - COVID updates/Protests/Curfews 7:20 - British Athletes regarding the protests 13:52 - Updates on Olympic status 20:09 - How London is dealing with COVID (Thoughts on Mayor of London) 21:05 - Stuart's Interview with Jo Coates 24:53 - Biggest challenge for Jo Coates/Weakest events for UK Athletics 29:49 - Lamine Diack Trial updates 32:24 - Seb Coe & World Athletics updates/Upcoming events 36:00 - Edwin Moses advice for Karston Warholm 38:37 - Favorite field event: Triple Jump stories 46:16 - Hammer Throw story from Larry 56:15 - Epilogue

RunBlogRun presents Athletics Chat - Episode 5

Episode 5 is here, with Larry and Stuart discussing the Impossible Games, COVID updates, doping and more!

RunBlogRun presents Athletics Chat with Larry Eder & Stuart Weir Episode 6

Today we spoke about Svein Arne Hansen, late President/ European Athletics Association, and his legacy in the sport. We spoke about the possibilities on a 2020 season and we wonder on the possibility on 2020 global marathons. Such a huge loss with Svein Arne Hansen.

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