Catching Up With World Champion Emma Coburn!


Emma Coburn is the 2016 Olympic bonze medalist in the steeplechase. In 2017, Emma shocked many, and brilliantly took the gold in the steeplechase in London, leading a 1-2 finish by the Americans.

In 2019, in Doha, Emma Coburn took the WC silver, giving her 3 medals in her last 3 global championships!

Jeff Benjamin interviewed Emma Coburn on this piece.

Thanks Emma!

image0.jpegJeff Benjamin and Emma Coburn, photo by Jeff Benjamin

Catching Up With World Champion Emma Coburn!

By Jeff Benjamin

Even during the Covid crisis, Emma Coburn is still busy. Aside from training and a little racing (Coburn ran a 4:32.72 mile last June and last week clocked a 4:23 mile behind Team Boss pals Cory McGee (4:21) and Dani Jones (4:23 as well!)

Coached by husband Joe Bosshard, the 2016 Rio Olympic Bronze Medalist (Winner Ruth Jebet was suspended in March for doping, dating back to 2017) and 2017 World Champion has also joined the newly-formed Athletics Association as Vice President under the leadership of Triple Jumper Christian Taylor, whose goal is to fight fur the rights of Track & Field Athletes.

  1. What inspired you to not only join this new Athletics Association but also take up the mantle of VP?

"There is so much power when Christian Taylor, one of the best athletes in the world and one of the most decorated track athletes of all time, forms a group to advocate for athletes. He reached out to several athletes around the world to be involved and everyone was excited to be a part of it. My role as Vice President came because through most of the winter and spring, Christian and I were working really closely trying to organize the group and set our goals and mission. My role felt like a natural spot, and I was glad Christian was able to take the reigns not just as founder but also as President. "

  1. One always hears "Everything is political" - Are you finding that to be one of the themes the association is up against?

" The Athletics Association is trying to gather the voice of track athletes globally and communicate those voices to some of the decision makers in sport. We are the sport. We just want the athlete's opinions and voices to be fully heard, and not have decisions made on what people assume athletes want."

  1. Many times in the past Track, Field and Road Racing Athletes have tried to improve the situation by forming leagues, groups, etc - how could it be different this time and can you, Christian & others learn from the past actions of these groups?

"We know there is power in numbers. We know that track is such a diverse sport and we want to be able to unify the voices of athletes and communicate those voices. Christian took really meaningful steps by forming this group with a Board with representatives from different events, countries, sponsors, and genders. "

  1. Have any legendary names - past and present- come forward to support the movement?

"Check out our Board :)"

  1. In a short statement can you please explain what the ultimate goal of the Association is?

"An independent body that will protect and advance the future of Athletics by unifying and defending the voice of elite Track and Field athletes worldwide - ensuring that they are at the heart of the decision-making process."

  1. How is your training going during this tough time?"

" Training is going well. We are trying to race a bit and trying to make this summer somewhat productive."

  1. What advice and encouragement can you pass along to athletes - especially the youth - who are also facing this challenge as well?

" Just keep running. Everyone is going through the same thing and I found that enjoying training and enjoying the process helps."

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