2021 Muller British Championships & Olympic Trials: the Strange and Farcical story of the 100 meters...


1325612154.jpgAmo Dadzie, photo by British Athletics/ Getty Images

1325612392.jpgCJ Ujah, photo by British Athletics / Getty Images

1325613570.jpgThe 2021 Muller British Championships & Olympic Trials, Men's 100m, photo British Athletics / Getty Images

The Men's and Women's 100m Championships at the British Trials were just, well strange. Stuart Weir wrote these last month (June 26) and I am getting to them now. But the DQ in the Men's 100m and the bad timing issue in the women's 100m struck Stuart Weir as farcical. We think that word may be appropriate. The story is fascinating and shows how each Olympic Trials & Championship setting has its frustrations.

The climax of Day 2 of the Muller British Championships was to be the two 100 meter races but both ended in a farce!

1325611653.jpgZharnel Huges, DQ in 100, photo by British Athletics / Getty Images

The men's race was first with Zharnel, fastest in the semi-final the obvious favorite. Well, he was the favorite until he false-started. CJ Ujah won on 10.06 and booked his ticket to Tokyo. Eugene Amo-Dadzie was second and Jona Elfoloko third but neither has achieved the qualifying time for Tokyo. Hughes will be offered the discretionary place which the selector's reserve for themselves.

1325447348.jpgZharnel Hughes, photo by British Athletics / Getty Images

CJ summed up his performance: "It is such a relief. I knew I could do it and my coach knew I could do it but I need to put together a good serious run and stay healthy. I have been in the game long enough to know once you're fast but you need to be healthy and composed on the start line.

I wish I had run through the line but I wanted to celebrate. I was ready for everything. After the false start, I just need to concentrate. I know not to false start now, I have more experience. I have learned a lot over the last two years. I had nearly a year off with a back injury and learned a lot about myself. I now meditate a lot in the mornings and read a lot".

1325612392.jpgCJ Ujah, photo by British Athletics / Getty Images

Amo-Dadzie, who must have a great chance of selection for the relay, was one of the stories of the day: "It is mad. I only started the sport in 2018. There is a message out there for everyone. Never give up and it is never too late to start something. I am 29 and it is my first champs and look what has happened. This is just the beginning. I am made up. I really want to make the teams and give the selectors headaches. My emotions are all over the place just now".

1325612154.jpgAmo Dadzie, photo by British Athletics / Getty Images

Dina Asher-Smith won the women's race with Asha Philip surprising some observers by taking second place ahead of Daryll Neita with Imani Lansiquot fifth. Philip takes the second automatic place with Neita likely to be selected for the third place. The stadium erupted when the clock stopped at 10.71, a massive PR. A few seconds later the stadium groaned when the time was "rounded" to 10.97, to be honest, a more believable time.

Dina said afterwards: "I am really happy to have won. The sun was out and it was perfect conditions after yesterday's terrible weather. I was surprised when that first time came up as it didn't feel like a PB".

1325442899.jpgDina Asher-Smith, photo by British Athletics / Getty Images

2nd place: Asha Philip

"I am so chuffed after such a tough season. I knew I could pull it back. I am mentally tough and I knew I could do it but an Olympic trial is so stressful. Running with Dina is amazing. She is such a great asset to the team."

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