Tokyo 2021 Diary: Considering Ryan Crouser....


I had just sat down to watch the American Track League, meeting one, and on the first throw, Ryan Crouser let er rip. 22.82 meters! On January 24, 2021, just minutes into the broadcast, Ryan Crouser showed what he had done for fifteen months. He set a new world record. A couple weeks later, during an interview, I asked Ryan, "Can you go over 23.20m?" Ryan answered, yes and he thought he could do it this season.

Crouser-Ryan-W5-ATLtwo21w.jpgRyan Crouser, American Track League, photo by Kevin Morris /Kevmofoto

Now, move ahead to June 18, 2021. In the second attempt of his Trials qualifying, Ryan Crouser went 22.92m, setting a new Hayward Field record. We pretty much knew that Crouser was so fit, so tuned, so relaxed, that the world record of Randy Barnes was begging to be challenged.

In the final that evening, Ryan Crouser made history, he erased Randy Barnes's world record with his own might 23.37 meters. The throw was nearly perfect, and Ryan told us later that felt that the back part of his throw was the best he had done. "I had gotten out of my own way," Ryan noted.

Please enjoy this archived #Socialing the Distance on Ryan Crouser. Ryan is a student of his event, and it is fascinating to see how Ryan Crouser has built himself in 2021 as all roads lead to Tokyo.

Crouser_Ryan-W-OlyTrials21w.jpgRyan Crouser, June 18, 2021, photo by Kevin Morris / Kemofoto

How will Ryan Crouser do in Tokyo? Well, the favorite of the Tokyo Olympics, Ryan Crouser should put on a major display in the Olympic stadium. If, as Ryan Crouser noted himself, he can stay out of his own way, we might see something pretty special.

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