Five Deep thoughts on the 2021 BMW Berlin Marathon


After staying up a few hours later than normal in California, I watched the 2021 BMW Berlin Marathon. The NBCN app was not working on my ipad, so I found a French pirated version of the German broadcast, and then, I watched the last hour in English on Kenyan TV.

IMG_1425.JPGGuye Adole takes Berlin, photo by Sebastian Wells for SCC Events

1. The precautions and limits on marathon fields will be part of the future for the next few years.

The Berlin Marathon cut back the field, they also put together some strong hygiene protocals to keep people from getting sick with COVID. I applaud their concern and also know that costs go up, the need for volunteers is increased and the Race Directors now have to keep the health ministries happy.

2. Times slowed down, why?

Well, first reason is that the elite men when out too darn fast. Second is that, some of my keen observers noted two other reasons: Enhanced drug testing and the quality of marathoners at this time. Not sure if that makes sense, but it makes sense to me. I think that the huge reduction in out of competition testing by WADA and USADA

3. Kenenisa Bekele has a fast marathon in front of him.

Kenenisa Bekele is the former world record holder at 10,000m and 5,000m. He is a nine time WC at cross country. I watched Kenenisa Bekele run his first marathon in Paris in 2014. He did not respect the distance back then. He just went out too fast yesterday, and I was glad that he finished. He is supposed to run the NYC marathon in just over a month. In the post race interview, Kenenisa noted that he would be hoping to compete in Paris 2024.

4. Gotytom Gebraslase has made a note worthy debut.

The young marathoner, all of 20, wins her first marathon and runs a 2:20.09. What a performance! The women's race was a bit lost this year in the hype on the men's race, but note that women's marathoning continues to impress and show us new and talented athletes from around the world.

5. Guye Adole wins a big marathon.

Guye Adole came into prominence on 29 March 2014, when he placed third in the IAAF World Half, in 59:21. In 2017, Guye took second in the 2017 Berlin Marathon, running 2:03.46. With so many young athletes moving to the marathon first, Guye is 30 years old now, taking his first prominent win!

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