Ryan Crouser goes 22.84m in Zagreb! His Best ever in Europe!


All we have heard about Zagreb is superlatives! It will be on my 2022 end of season plans. Ryan Crouser threw 22.84m and Tom Walsh threw 22.39m, so a fine shot put competition! The shot put was showcased on the 13th of September, as the Zagreb Continental meeting held most of its events on 14 September.

_AG29961.JPGRyan Crouser, photo by Diamond League AG

_AG49426_1.jpgTomas Walsh, photo by Diamond League AG

Crouser 22.84 his best ever in Europe
ZAGREB (CRO, Sep 13): Shot putters offered great show at the 7th Ivancevic Memorial (part of 71st Hanzekovic Memorial) at the Zagreb´s Fountains Square (WACT Gold). World record holder Ryan Crouser delivered what was expected, a new meet record 22.84 in round five. All his six throws were over 22 metres, the top mark is his PB in Europe and the best throw in Europe since 1988. Second Tom Walsh got high quality 22.39, his second best of the year and third little bit disappointed Joe Kovacs with 21.70 coming last from the battle of Olympic medalists. Three more went over 21 metres, making the best ever Zagreb shot put competition. Fourth Armin Sinancevic 21.45 as best European of the evening over local hero Filip Mihaljevic 21.26 and Josh Awotunde 21.19.


ZAGREB (CRO): Ryan Crouser admitted after his win in Zagreb in last competition of 2021 that he still thinks he can throw farther. "It has been a long season and I feel like this was one of my better performances. Technically, I feel I competed very well. I have not been in the shape as I was when throwing the worldrecord but after travelling for 8 weeks, I was really happy for how i threw tonight. It was a lot of fun. The athletes were very excited as the music was playing, it was a fun night. I think the shot put has been continuously growing. As an event, it has been gaining more and more interest. It is an exciting event and there is a lot of energy in it. And it is one of the most competitive events in the world now. It is not only thanks to me but all of these guys are really passionate anddedicated. I still think i can throw further. I am proud and happy for the opportunity to do what I do."

ZAGREB (CRO): 2017 World champion Tom Walsh achieved in Zagreb his 7th best of the career. "I gave myself a chance to throw long way today which is all you can ask. And it is great to finish the season on such a good throw. Obviously, loosing to Ryan once again is very frustrating and not how you want it to be. But you know, I gave it a good knock. And there is still something left for the next year. I got 4 wins here and the worst position i have ever been here was second. In Zagreb, we get looked after so well at this meeting and by the crowd that is here. I really love it and I knew i was going to enjoy coming here. If you are a shot putter and you have not thrown in Zagreb, you are not a shot putter."

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