Chris Solinsky's 26:59.6-the Geek analysis, stats courtesy K. Ken Nakamura, Splits from Flotrack video, Note by Larry Eder

The heat is on! Rupp, Chelanga, Solinsky, Salel, photo by

K. Ken Nakamura, one of our top track statisticians,  scoured the lists to find out where Chris Solinsky's 10,000m debut sits on the world performance lists---with the the knowledge we have today, Chris Solinsky's 10,000 meter run is fourth best debut ever, over that distance! 

I have also provided splits, from watching the video (which is quite good!) of the race, and actually checking the splits. We hope you enjoy!

Where is Chris Solinsky on the Debut List? courtesy of K. Ken Nakamura

Fastest track 10000m debut


Eliud Kipchoge:  

First track 10000m:  26:49.02 in 2007 Hengelo 

Has ran 10Km on the road before, for example, 27:34 in Madrid in 2005


Kenenisa Bekele:

First track 10000m: 26:53.70 in 2003 Hengelo

Has ran 10Km on the road before, for example, 28:54 in 2001 in La Courneuve    

Leonard Patrick Komon:

First track 10000m: 26:57.08 in 2008 Hengelo (confirmed with his agent Marc Corstjens)

I believe he has not run 10Km (or longer) on the road before 2008

However, he has run several cross country races longer than 10Km in spring of 2008


Chris Solinsky

First completed track 10000m: 26:59.60 in 2010 Payton Jordan Cardinal Invitational

DNF at Payton Jordan Cardinal Invitational in 2009 (was a pace maker)

Has run 10Km road race on 22 Nov 2007 in Madison Wisconsin (10Km road debut)   

He has run several cross country races including NCAA cross country race (10Km) in 2005  


Charles Kamathi

First track 10000m outside of Kenya: 26:51.49 in 1999 Van Damme

Kamathi ran several 10000m races in Kenya in 1998 and early 1999.  (info from Phil Minshull)

On October 17 in 1998, he was second in Nyeri district 21Km road race


Chris Solinsky, en route to his AR, photo by

10,000 meter splits, courtesy of Larry Eder (from video)

400m: 64, Rupp is third, Solinsky is eighth

800: 2:12.49 (68), Rupp is third, Solinsky is 8th

1,200m: 3:19.51 (67), Rupp is third, Solinsky is 8th

1,600m: 4:26.01 (65.5), Rupp is third, Solinsky is 8th

2,000m: 5:31.8 (65.3), rabbit begins to push, Rupp is third, Solinsky is 8th

2,400m: 6:36 (65), 2 rabbits, Rupp, Solinsky in 8th

2,800m: 7:41.8 (65.8)

3,000m: 8:13,

3,200 m: 8:45 (64.3)-picking pace up just a bit, Rupp, Cragg, Solinsky is 7th

3,600m: 9:49 (64.7)-pace dropping, Rupp is third, Cragg, Solinsky is seventh--pace

is affecting, front pack of ten has now broken off!

4,000m: 10:54 (64.4)-pacemaker one dropps out

4,400m: 11:58 (63.9)-pacemaker, Rupp, Chelanga, Salel, Solinsky, Bairu

4,800m: 13:03.8 (63.9)

5,000 meters -13:34.3-two seconds ahead of AR pace, pacemaker, Rupp, Chelanga, Salel

5,200 meters: 14:07 (64.4) pacemaker having trouble, Rupp, Chelanga, Salel, Solinsky, Bairu

5,600 meters:15:13 (65.50) pacemaker, Rupp is just about to pass, Chelanga, Salel, Solinsky is relaxed

6,000 meters: 16:18 (65.9), Rupp near side of pacemaker, Chelanga, Salel, Solinsky, Bairu

6,400 meters: 17:24 (66), Rupp on side of pacemaker, Chelange, Salel, Solinsky, Bairu

6,800 meters: 18:28 (64.2), Rupp pushes past pacemaker, Chelanga goes past, as does

Salel and Solinsky, pace down to 27:13

7,000 meters: 19:00 (approx), down to four, Rupp, running well, Chelanga, Salel, Solinsky, floating

7,200 meters: 19:32 (64)-Rupp has increased pace, with Chelanga, Salel, Solinsky right there
7,600 meters: 20;38 (65.9) Rupp leads, no changes

8,000 meters, 21:44 (66), under AR pace, Rupp leads, Chelanga, Salel, Solinsky there, in his debut
8,400 meters: 22:51 (66), pace slows as Rupp, Chelanga, Salel, Solinsky lap runners
8,800 meters: 23:57 (66), Rupp still leads, slow pace allows Chelanga, Salel, Solinsky to relax

9,000 meters: 24;29.5 (approx)-Rupp still leads, Chelanga, Salel, Solinsky has moved into second, right behind Rupp

9,100 meters: Chris Solinsky goes by Galen Rupp, with Chelanga and Salel, as Rupp drops to third, pace quickens

9,200 meters: 25:02 (65) 800 meters to go, Chris Solinsky is beginning to fly, Chelanga there, Salel there, Rupp is moving past Salel

9,600 meters: 26:04 (62), Chris Solinsky has opened daylight, about twenty meters, Salel goes by Chelanga, Rupp right there

10,000 meters: 26:59.6: Running the last lap in 55, Chris Solinsky puts eight seconds on second place (Salel), nine on third (Chelanga), and eleven on fourth (Rupp). Both Solinsky and Rupp break the AR of 27:13.98, with their 26:59.6 and 27:10.74!

A quite relaxed, and recovered Chris Solinsky, minutes after his record breaking performance at 10,000 meters (photo by This writer would not be surpised with a 12:45 this summer for 5,000 meters by Mr. Solinsky!

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