RBR Interview: Magdelana Lewy Boulet, Olympic marathoner, by Larry Eder

Magdelena Lewy-Boulet, USA Winter XC, photo by PhotoRun.net.

Magdelana Lewy-Boulet is an Olympic marathoner, US World Cross
country team member and most recently, second place at the
Fortis Rotterdam Marathon last April 2010, where she ran 2:26:22,
a personal best, which makes her number 4 on the U.S. women's
performance list.

The following interview was done last April, just before her fine performance
at the Fortis Marathon. Magdelana is one of three Saucony athletes featured
in the Saucony 2010 Summer XC Training program, which is mailing to
coaches and high school athletes across the country in the pages of
Athletes Only, American Track & Field and Coaching Athletics Quarterly
(there is also a daily training program, located at  twitter.com.americantf,
starting July 1, 2010).

Magdalena Lewy is one of our favorite athletes. We caught up with her on June
9, in New York City, and found out,  on June 24,  that she will not be running the 10,000 meters this coming weekend in Des Moines. Look to see her in the fall! We hope that you enjoy the interview!

Updated June 24, 2010.

Q&A: Magdalena Boulet, by Larry Eder


RBR, 1. Why is cross-country important to you?

Magdelana Lewy-Boulet: Cross-Country training has become an important part of my training because it adds balance and variety to my marathon routine.  The softer, uneven surface allows for some new stimulation and makes running on smooth roads that much easier.


                              Magdalena Lewy Boulet, Fortis

                                Rotterdam 2010, photo by PhotoRun.net.

RBR, 2. What was it like racing the World Cross Country?


Magdelana Lewy-Boulet:The 2010 World Cross Country in Bydgoszcz, Poland was one of the most memorable & fun experiences in my running career.  Being a part of the best USA team assembled in a very long time, allowed setting high goals not only individually but also as a team.  My goal for placing in top 20 and bringing home a World Cross medal could not have happened without the hunger and competitive blood of my teammates.  Now I can cherish our achievement and experience foreve



RBR, 3. What would you tell high school runners about racing xc?

Magdelana Lewy-Boulet:My strongest recommendation is that when preparing to race xc an athlete should incorporate training on grass, dirt and hills.  It is important to train on the same surface you will race.  But mainly, have fun with it.  It is a great sport and you have an opportunity to be a part of a team, so have a good time with your teammates!

RBR, 4. Any tips on running hills?

Magdelana Lewy-Boulet:Drive the arms; keep the eyes fixed on the top of the hill.  Hills are a great place to "break" a competitor as well, especially if you've trained for them.  Don't forget to run hard on the downhill, too, because being aggressive when gravity is helping you can put even more distance between you and the competition.


Magdelana Lewy-Boulet, Fortis-

Rotterdam marathon, photo by


RBR, 5. What are your feelings on core training?

Magdelana Lewy-Boulet:Core exercises are very important in my daily routine to stabilize the trunk area. Every muscle relies on your abs, hips, and lower back, which is your trunk area. The benefits of these exercises help prevent injuries and improved ability to maintain good running technique when fatigued.  Some examples include variations of planks, hip raises, crunches, sit-ups and leg lifts.  My daily Active Isolated Stretching & Strengthening routine also requires the use of core muscles.  



RBR, 6. Any nutrition tips?

Magdelana Lewy-Boulet:Oh yes!  Nutrition is very important. Simple & healthful nutrition will bring out the best runner in you.  I always recommend that athletes: 

1. Prepare wholesome meals, including plenty of whole grains, fish, lean meats, vegetables and fruits. They'll provide essential nutrients, help fuel your workouts properly and aid in your post-run recovery.

2. Drink water frequently in small amounts throughout the day. 

3. Maintain energy levels by spreading the calories out. Small meal every three hours or so will prevent fatigue. 

4.  Make sure to find that magic pre workout window of when you should have your last meal.  Too much or not enough food before and after workouts can make a difference in your performance and recovery.  I use GU energy gels and recovery drinks to optimize my pre-workout nutrition and post-workout recovery.



RBR, 7. Why do you run?

Magdelana Lewy-Boulet: I run because I am passionate about the sport. I love to reward myself with racing after putting in months and miles worth of training.  I love the process of working towards a goal and love the feeling of achieving my goal.  I enjoy the journey of bettering myself and am always curious how much better I can become.


                   Magdalena after the Rotterdam Marathon,

                     photo by PhotoRun.net.

Special thanks to Magdelana Lewy-Boulet and Jessica Lupo/Saucony.




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