USADA Suspends Mark Block for ten years, by Alfons Juck, note by Larry Eder

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In articles published in Athletics Weekly on Friday, USADA suspended agent & coach Mark Block, for his involvement with the BALCO drug scandal. USADA is suspending Block from January 1, 2009 to January 1, 2019. Per the article in AW,  cited Block for supplying drugs to his wife, 2001 Edmonton 100 meter champion Zhanna Block and trying to hide his actions from USADA.

BALCO founder, Victor Conte, the former bass player for Tower of Power, and a part time nutritionist, and a tax cheat as well as a drug cheat, named Zhanna Block as one of the athletes he supplied "the cream" and "the clear". Conte has assisted USADA and WADA, after being backed against the wall, and now seems to be a source on anything drug related. (Sometimes, I think that Mr. Conte sure likes seeing himself on the TV or quoted in various media).

 Mr. Block is the twenty-fourth person indited by USADA over the BALCO affair. For more on the story, please read:

What continues to confound this writer is how USADA continues to use means that may be as pernicious as the drug cheats and drug suppliers. Hear-say, accusations from people who have everything to gain from accusing someone of drug use, evidence that may not hold up in any court around the world, and peer reviews on illicit drugs that would not pass a true peer review, those things all concern me. Do not get me wrong, I want USADA and WADA to succeed, I just want them to up their game.

Just the hint of drug use taints our sport. Someone jumps, throws or runs well, and someone thinks it has to be drugs.

COLORADO SPRINGS (USA):  USADA announced that Mark Block, a coach and agent  in the sport of track and field, has received a 10- year suspension  from an  independent three-member American Arbitration Association (AAA) panel for violating sport anti-doping rules.  Block's sanction resulted from  evidence directly connected to the  Bay Area Laboratory Cooperative (BALCO) drug  conspiracy directed by Victor Conte.  The sanction was imposed  for Block's participation in the trading  and  trafficking of prohibited substances including  "the cream" and  "the clear",  as well as  inciting and  assisting others in the use of those substances. Writes USADA in an official release. Block's ban takes effect January 1, 2009 and will continue until 2019

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