LoLo Jones to be featured on ESPN May 21, courtesy of ESPN, note by Larry Eder


ESPN has announced that it is doing a feature  on LoLo Jones, which will be shown on May 21 on ESPN. LoLo Jones, the world champion indoors in 2008 and 2010 at the 60m hurdles, is one of the most enigmatic athletes in our sport. Her real life story makes so called reality TV shows laughable. LoLo Jones will be featured on ESPN's Storied. 

In 2008, LoLo Jones was within two hurdles of taking the Olympic gold medal, she was that far ahead. But, in the hurdles, as in all Olympic events, the medals are given out after the finish. LoLo hit a hurdle and finished out of the medals. In the 2009 World Champs, LoLo did not run, but received rave reviews with her commentating on Eurosport's coverage of the World Champs. In 2011, LoLo Jones also missed out on the World Champs, dealing with some injuries. 

LoLo Jones had a surgery for a birth defect, that caused her issues in her hurdling. The surgery, quite delicate, was on her back. She told RBR at the US Open that she had to work at walking correctly at first, and that the therapy took months. The surgery was successful. LoLo's first race in 2012, at the US Open on January 28, was stunning. LoLo had a good early season indoor, and then had an injury that halted her indoor season. Her goal is to regain her 2008 fitness and win an Olympic medal. 

LoLo Jones is fascinating to follow on twitter, as her 40,000 plus twitter fans follow her every word. ASICS has used her as one of their key brand athletes for several years now. Jones was featured in an Outside cover in February 2012 and an outstanding cover of SPIKES UK and SPIKES USA over the past couple of years. 

For LoLo Jones, she has picked one of the toughest events in our sport from which make the Olympic team. The 100 meter hurdles has, at this time competing, the 2004, 2008 Olympic Champions, the 2011 World silver medalist, among others, all for the US team. Making the US final will be tough enough. Medalling in the Olympic final of the 100 m hurdles will be challenging for any athlete. 

LoLo Jones has what it takes, not only to make the final in the Olympic Trials, and make the team, but also medal in the Olympic final. The key will be, which LoLo Jones shows up in Eugene and which one shows up in London. LoLo Jones has the speed, she has the hurdling technique. She needs to have the self confidence to make it happen. The level of competition, the stress, all add up for any athlete. An Olympic athlete is a rarified breed, and an Olympic medalist is even more rare. 

LoLo Jones is one of the fastest and best hurdlers that we have. She will just have to have, as will anyone who tries to challenge her, their A game on, for all of 2012. 

This is the big times. Focus, health, training, luck are all part of the equation. 

Make sure that you check out ESPN's feature on LoLo Jones. You will find a women athlete that has survived a lot of adversity, and who is charming, beautiful and fast. LoLo Jones is one of those stories that only happens in America. 

LoLo Jones has the drive that just can not be seen or understood until one appreciates her journey. She does not make excuses, she hurdles on. We wish her fast hurdling this year of 2012 and wish her well on achieving her goal: an Olympic hurdle medal. 

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