The Wild Duck Cafe, USATF/VS Athletics 2012 Trials Super Clinic: Peanut Harms on why you should be there, June 21-July 2, 2012, by Peanut Harms, note of adoration by Larry Eder

Peanut Harms, photo from Robert Mapplethorpe collection

Look into this man's eyes. Well, sorry about that. You are looking at a legend, a tour master, coach, bon vivant, and one fast Anglo-Saxon. This is Peanut Harms. And, the man knows rock n roll. Even Keith Richards would be impressed....

Nut, as his friends and those of us who shared a room at the Lindsay Lohan wing of the Betty Ford would attest, is a good and thoughtful man. He has a colorful vocabulary and can tell stories until the morning light shines, and perhaps after Coach Larson's bedtime, but, in the end, the Nut is the light on the long journey into track & field nirvana.

Every four years, weary business people throw off their Brooks Brother suits, Izod shirts and Rolex watches and head to Eugene, Oregon, where the flip flops, Cheap Trick t-shirts, cheap sunglasses (ZZ top), and colorful golf shorts to see the BEST TRACK & FIELD MEET in the World! This wonderful demographic group, wanted by all of corporate America, will be living in the Wild Duck Cafe. 

Peanut Harms is one of the handful who actually knows what is going on in team track & field. He is also a masterful coach (along with with his wife, Tina), who has that amazing ability to converse with the 14-18 year olds of the world, who listen to every word. Sad thing is, if a brand actually listened to Nut about how to market to the 1.4 million 14-18 years olds in our sport, they would make some money, but, hey, that's corporate America (I digressed).

On this, be certain. On nine evenings in Eugene, if one walks into the Wild Duck Cafe, you will find the largest concentration of athletes, coaches, industry vips and fans outside of the stadium. You will also have a great time, good food, and perhaps, just perhaps, a nice, cool beverage of an adult nature served by someone who actually cares what you are singing very quietly.....

Runblogrun and Running Network encourage one and all to support the Wild Duck Cafe and USATF/VS Coaches Super Clinic!

Read on, gentle readers....
Peanut Harms, on:
"Fun & Business Opportunities Abound at the 2012 USA Olympic Trials"
"The Wild Duck Cafe, USATF/VS Athletics 2012 Trials Super Clinic, or Kickin' it in the Skybox- Information for

In 1988, backed by Reebok Marketing Cashola, we took over Ike & Joneses '60's Bar in Indy for The People of USA Track & Field....a Tradition was born! Since that time I have had the pleasure of seeking out and securing a Place for the Cult of Track & Field to gather, and share the most dear elements of the Track experience- Beverages and Old War Stories!

In New Orleans the party at Storyville (a former Brothel, now Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville) created the Stories of Legends. From there to the House of Blues in Atlanta, Bleachers Sports Bar & Hoppy Brewing Company in Sacramento and then to the Current Epicenter of Fun & Good Times- The Wild Duck Cafe on Villard St. in Eugene!

Visit here on any night (or early morning hours) and you will find past and future Olympians, Track Writers, Track Fans, Shoe Company People, Agents, Coaches, and Track Groupies of all shapes and sizes with one Common Goal- Total Track Immersion (TTI!). 

Something will be happening here Everyday and Every Night of theTrials (there is talk of keeping the Cafe open 24 hours serving Excellent Food and Beverages!).  Scheduled are: Track & Field Trivia, All Star Karaoke, Repeat Showing of the 1968 Olympic Trials, a Night Honoring Geoff Hollister, the Hootie 5 k or so Road Run (June 30th), and Much Much More...

"Own Eugene" & "Special Track Group Sky Box" Sponsorship Opportunities

If you want to own a piece of the Social Scene Epicenter in Eugene you can have that unique opportunity (a Great Idea for Small Money). Any Company can Sponsor the Pub for a day or two (some days are already taken). This means you can Cover the WDC with your companies banners, contests, product displays, for a small fraction of what it would cost in the Stadium.

Any Special Track Group (Alumin, Writers, Running Clubs, Running Stores, etc,) can also Rent out the Skybox on the 6th Floor of the WDC VERY, VERY Cheaply (you can see the back gates to Hayward from there!). Contact [email protected] ASAP if you or someone you know is interested.



Held every four years at the same time at the Trials we have a Super, Super Clinic
featuring some of today's Best Coaches and Clinicians! For $50 you can attend or for
$300 you can have your products shown there (some restrictions apply).
Go to for more information or contact [email protected] for more info.....

As you can see the "Fun and Good Times" continue...
I will see you there!!

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