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Molly Huddle, AR 5,000 meters, 2014 USA Champ, 5,000 meters, 
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Molly Huddle won the 5,000 meters at the USATF Outdoor Champs on Friday night, with an exciting battle with Shannon Rowbury. The race came down to the final fifty meters, actually, the final meter. 

How does one prepare for a race that grueling? It is all about building up the endurance, the strength and the speed that one needs in our sport. Want to see how fit you can get? Run Cross Country. 


This week, you'll start on the road to a good summer of training with run a long run, a tempo run and some moderately-paced runs. Don't worry too much about pace for the first two weeks; just get out there, have some fun, and get into the habit of daily running. Workouts always begin with a warmup, some gentle stretching of major muscle groups, and light jogging. Repeat for your cool down.

Monday: Warm up; 5 miles easy running (400 Mile: 4 miles/300 Mile: 3 miles); cool down.

Tuesday: 1-mile warm up; 20-min. tempo run; 1-mile cool down. To determine your tempo run pace, add a half-minute to your present mile pace for a 5K. For example: if you currently run 19 minutes for a 5K, that's 6:10 pace. Add 30 seconds and your tempo run pace is 6:40-per-mile. Recalculate your pace as your fitness improves, perhaps once a month.

Wednesday: Warm up; 5 miles easy running (400 Mile: 4 miles/300 Mile: 3 miles); cool down.]

Thursday: 1-mile warm up; 2 hill repeats (run 200 yds uphill, turn, jog downhill to start. Repeat one more time, no rest); 1-mile easy cool down.

Friday: Warm up; 5 miles easy running (400 Mile: 4 miles/300 Mile: 3 miles); cool down.

Saturday: Off. Walk, bike, see a movie, watch Game of Thrones

Sunday: Easy 6-mile run (400 Mile: 5 miles/300 Mile: 5 miles), on

grass or dirt.

Week 1&2 Totals (each wk): 500 Mile-31 (62) miles; 400 Mile-24 (48) miles; 300 Mile-22 (44) miles

Remember to post your miles on

Shay XC4 Hero_Men's and Women's.jpg

 Saucony Shay XC Hero, Men and Women's models

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