Deep thoughts on Abeba Aregawi, by Larry Eder


AregawiLedsSimpson1c-Moscow13.jpgAregawi in Moscow, photo by

The word got out today.

It always happens that way. I had just finished my reading on Aregawi's tax issues and her pretending to be Swedish, when the drug positive came on the twittersphere.

As is the case, I needed a few hours to digest, so, while sitting with my Mom, and watching E, I wrote my thoughts up on Aregawi.

Deep thoughts on Abeba Aregawi, by Larry Eder

That Abeba Aregawi is a drug cheat is sad. Many have thought, for some time, that Aregawi was a cheat. Sad to see that they were right.

That Aregawi was allowed to run for Sweden when she was a) married to two different men at same time, one in Ethiopia and one in Sweden, b) not living in Sweden, c) cheating on taxes as she surely made much more than was ever taxed means she is a liar and cheat in most of her life. Cheating via doping is just another stopping point on the depravity highway

Abeba Aregawi lied to her new country. That is a huge sin, in my eyes.

Even if Abeba Aregawi was publicly shamed, there is nothing that gives the moment this cheat stole from Jenny Simpson and the other competitors back to them in Moscow. The moment is gone and will never be returned.

Sweden has a great tradition in athletics. This besmirches one of finest traditions in Europe and insults Swedish fans. This short cut to developing the next Carolina Kluft, Stefan Holm, Christian Olsson or Kasja Berquist should be a lesson for all, as it is all too common on the global sports stage.

Like all countries, Sweden accepts immigrants who embrace their traditions and new homeland. This was planned and premeditated, and should be punished.

Abeba Aregawi lied to her new country, and should be a reminder that, besides drugs, lying about age and nationality for hire hurt all of us.

Anything good? A cheat has been stopped and hopefully will go away.

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