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Paul Halford writes for us weekly, on British Athletics. This is a fun exclusive on Isobal Pooley, the former British HJ record holder, who is moving coaches and training venues from England to Germany. Paul gets behind the drama of a two years of injuries and frustration, Isobel's appreciation for her former coach (Fuzz Caan) and her move to one of the finest German coaches (Gunter Eisinger).

We wish Isobel Pooley the best of luck in her momentous moves. We hope to see a new British record for Isobel and good health.

Pooley_Isobel-Pre16-Pre16.jpgIsobel Pooley, photo by

This is the day before the FootLocker Regionals in most of the country. Good luck to all running in the oldest high school cross country championships. It is a fun race, and if you get the chance, please run it!

Stretching HOKA .jpgTying one's shoe, photo by Justin Britton

Most of all, this is Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your roasted turkey, or roasted tofu turkey, with someone you love!

Thursday, November 23, 2017. warm up, warm up, two miles on track, sprint straightways, jog turns, cooldown

Rojas_Yulimar1-WorC17.jpgYulimar Rojas, photo by

MONACO (MON): Among Rising Star Award finalists are two World champions from London. Norway´s Karsten Warholm (400 m Hurdles) and Venezuela´s Yulimar Rojas (triple jump). The other two women are silver medalists Yulia Levchenko in high jump and Salwa Eid Naser in the 400 m. Also US Christian Coleman won a silver in London in the 100 m and another one in 4x100 m. Third male is pole vault super talent Armand Duplantis who at age of 17 cleared World U20 record 590 and was 9th in London among seniors.

Warholm_KarstenR1-WorCH17.jpgKarston Warholm, photo by

Desisa_Lilesa-NycM17.jpGLelisa Desisa, photo by

Lelisa Desisa is one of the toughest marathoners that I know. I watched him win Boston in 2013 and 2015. His races in NYC show that he wants to win in the Big Apple in a big way. Here is a Sabrinna Yohannes' article on Lelisa and his dream of winning in NYC.

Stahl_DanielQ-WC17.jpgDaniel Stahl, photo by
Stahl is Athlete of the Year in Sweden
STOCKHOLM (SWE): Discus World silver medalist Daniel Stahl is the Swedish Athlete of the Year 2017. He was named at the Awards Evening in Stockholm Waterfront. Prizes for Result of the Year for Stahl and Meraf Bahta who was the best Swedish female in London (9th in the 1500 m). Best results from the match against Finland for Erik Martinsson and Ida Storm. Sprinter Austin Hamilton and pole vaulter Michaela Meijer were awarded for the best results at Swedish Championships. Daniel Stahl and Lovisa Lindh for the best results at the Folksam Grand Prix meets. Breakthrough of the Year for young pole vaulter Armand Duplantis and 800 m runner Hanna Hermansson. Coach of the year is Vestein Hafsteinsson who leads Stahl´s preparation.
Stahl_Daniel-Stockholm17.jpgDaniel Stahl, photo by

IMG_1445.jpgPhoto of Jeff Benjamin, Roger Robinson and Katherine Switzer, photo courtesy of Jeff Benjamin,

IMG_1446.jpgPhoto of Michael Schnall, Jason Simpson, Jenny Simpson, Jeff Benjamin, photo courtesy of Jeff Benjamin

This story is on the 2017 NYRR Night of Champions, which is again, one of the fine events that fill up the NYC Marathon week. This event, as Jeff Benjamin can attest is all about raising money for Kids and getting more running in the Big Apple.

DSC03990.jpgBill Rodgers introduces the award for Tom Fleming, photo by Mike Deering for The Shoe Addicts

Tom Fleming won the 1973 and 1975 NYC Marathons. In 1973 and 1974, Tom was second in Boston. Fleming was old school, one would churn 140 miles a week with two runs a day. In 1975, in the year Bill Rodgers won his first Boston marathon, Tom ran 2:12:05, his PB.

DSC03996.jpgBill Rodgers, NYRR Kids program ambassadors, Margot Fleming, photo by Mike Deering for The Shoe Addicts

I always enjoyed my time with Tom Fleming. From a random phone call, to the long interview I did with Tom in May 2013 at his RRCA Hall of Fame induction, Tom's love of the sport, his friends and family were obvious. This part of the Awards ceremony includes comments by Bill Rodgers, and Tom's daughter, Margot Fleming . Margot spoke of her father with love, affection and was obviously proud of her late father.

Tamgho_Teddy1-PreC16.jpgTeddy Tamhgo, photo by

PARIS (FRA): Former world indoor triple jump champion Teddy Tamgho has given his fitness a thumbs-up as he battles back from long-term injury. The Frenchman posted on Twitter: "Who's back?! #triplejump #france #ComeBack #injuryfree #determination".

Tamgho_Teddy-PreC16.jpgTeddy Tamgho, photo by

RunBlogRun opines: Teddy Tamgho is one of the finest triple jumpers of all times. He won the European Indoor Champs in 2011 in Paris. He is always quoteable and a very talented, if mercurial athlete. His biggest challenge has been his body, which reminds him that he is, yes, human. Tamgho has some serious long jumps in his cv. Now that he is healthy, how far can he push his triple jumping?

Tamgho_Teddy-Pre16.jpgTeddy Tamhgo, photo by

Norb Sander won the NYC Marathon in 1974. Norb was loved by his family, friends and the thousands of kids who ran at the NB Track Armory. Norb Sander made the NB Armory his life work, and took an iconic structure and built the House that Norb built, a finely tuned athletic sanctuary. The NB Track Armory has over 85 events and 120,000 athletes a year.

DSC03988.jpgMike Frankfurt, speaking on his dear friend, Dr. Norb Sander, photo by Mike Deering for The Shoe Addicts

Norb Sander passed away on March 17, 2017. That Norb was inducted into the 2017 NYRR hall of Fame is a tribute to the amazing legacy that the good doctor left. His friend, Mike Frankurt provided a wonderful overview of Norb's life and one of Norb's lovely daughters gave a heartfelt commentary on her father.

Bernard Lagat to run marathon in 2019

Lagat_BernardQ-Rio16.jpgBernard Lagat, photo by
B. Lagat plans marathon in 2019
MANCHESTER (USA): Former world 1500m and 5000m champion Bernard Lagat has said he wants to run a marathon before he retires, informs the Hartford Courant. "I want to run a marathon to say I've run it. Not to make money, not to run a good time, just to say 'Check.' It's not going to be next year, it will be in 2019. I need to start preparing, learn how to train for it, what to do inside the race, how to mix my drinks," he said. Lagat will race in the Manchester Road Race over 4.748-miles on Thursday as a tempo-run ahead of an upcoming half marathon.
RunBlogRun opines: Bernard Lagat is one of the most decorated athletes in our sport. His wins in 2007 in Osaka over 5000 meters and 1,500 meters were masterful. I recall a series of converations over the years with Bernard, especially about his finish. Bernard believed that the longer he stayed in control, the more of a chance one had in the race.
The marathon seems like a bucket list moment for Bernard, but one never knows. How fast can the newly minted masters runner run a marathon?

DSC03987.jpgGeoff Wightman, 2017 NYRR Hall of Fame Ceremony, photo by Mike Deering for The Shoe Addicts

The NYRR Hall of Fame Awards Ceremony is held on the Thursday of NYC Marathon week. It is one of my favorite days in New York. Geoff Wightman, one of our sport's finest announcers, did the duties during the Awards Ceremony. Special thanks to The Shoe Addicts for capturing this event!

Sometimes, it is on those easy runs where you strike up a friendship. An easy run at the end of cross country kept a new friend and I running up some hilly roads in the Santa Cruz mountains in early November 1974. David Hughes was a 400 meter/800 meter guy who liked cross country, and David and I struck up a convesation goofing off at the back of the pack on an easy day. 43 years later, we get to see each other a few times a year now, but the friendship was built on those runs over forty years ago.


Talking to Coach afterwards, photo by Justin Britton

Wednesday, November 21, 2017, warm up, easy 45-55 minute minute run, four times 150 meter stride outs, cooldown, easy


Barclaycard Arena.jpgBarclaycard Arena, courtesy of Birmingham 2018

BIRMINGHAM (GBR): With 100 days to go until the World Indoor Championships in Birmingham, the organisers have announced they are giving away 100 tickets to local schoolchildren. The schoolchildren, who will be from either primary or secondary schools in Birmingham, will attend the morning session of the championships on Friday 2 March. Also limited Thursday evening and Friday morning tickets are now available to purchase, with adult tickets starting from just £20. Tickets are selling fast with four out of the six sessions already sold out.

elaine thompson.jpgElaine Thompson, photo by British Athletics

The afore mentioned good looking blokes will be dueling over 13.1 miles in the City of London for British marathon domination. Who will win? Stay tuned campers, and you will have to wait a few months!

Big half.jpg

Farah_Mo1b-WorldHalf16.jpgMo Farah, photo by

Hawkins_CallumFV-WorCH17.jpgCallum Hawkins, photo by

Flanagan_ShalaneLedsH-NYC17.JPGShalane Flanagan makes her move, NYC Marathon, November 5, 2017, photo by

MARBLEHEAD (USA): Shalane Flanagan's coach Jerry Schumacher believes she can challenge for a place on the Olympic team in Tokyo 2020 and break Deena Kastor's American record of 2:19:46 if she is still motivated to continue her career, informs Oregon Live. "She could have a few more years of doing this. She is really at her best now, and that's exciting. Do I think she could run an American record? Absolutely. Could she win Boston? Absolutely? Could she continue to perform at a high level and make a fifth Olympic team? Absolutely. Does she want to? She has to think about where she is in life and decide. If she wants to continue, there are some exciting moments ahead. If she's done, what a great way to end it," he said.

Wayde Van Niekerk, Photo by by
Mo Farah, photo by
Barshim_MutazR-WC17.jpgMutaz Essa Barshim, photo by
RunBlogRun opines #1: The men and women picked for the final three candidates for IAAF Athlete of the Year, will be named on Friday, November 25. RunBlogRun also heard some grumbling from media not understanding if, as in past, they would even be allowed in Gala evening. Kind of a strange one, what does that say about the IAAF's concern about media?

Justin Lagat covered the Tuskys Wareng Cross Country race, which happened last weekend. It is one of the important cross country races, early in the season. As Justin has been there a few years, he has seen some fine runners come up from the ranks in this fine cross country series.

IMG_20171119_102143.jpgThe Junior Men's race is about to begin, photo by Justin Lagat

IMG_20171119_100631.jpgThe lady in pink dress actually lead for much of the first kilometer, photo by Justin Lagat

No Indoors for Muktar Edris

Edris_MuktarFV-BosOut17.jpgMuktar Edris, photo by
Edris no indoors
ADDIS ABABA (ETH): World 5000m champion Muktar Edris from Ethiopia has said he will miss the World Indoor Championships in Birmingham in order to focus on the outdoor season, informs MARCA. "This year is a little special because there is no World Championships or World Cross Country Championships. I have decided not to go to the World Indoor Championship in Birmingham to focus exclusively on the Diamond League," he said. Edris has also suggested he is thinking about attempting a 5000/10,000m double at the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.

The Manchester Road Race began in 1927. This is one of over 900 Turkey Day races across the United States. David Monti wrote this piece last week on our friend, Bernard Lagat who will race the diamond of Turkey Trots (in it's 81rst year) on Thanksgiving Day!

Lagat_Bernard1-Peachtree17.jpgBernard Lagat, photo by

Huddle_MollyFV1-NYRR5k17.JPGMolly Huddle, photo by

Most of my important friendships,outside of family, forty plus years after high school are from team mates, or with running. There is just something about running, all that time spent together at a pivotal time in your life, that makes connections.

CHALL121215-8429.jpgTeam mates, photo by Justin Britton

I ran with my brother in his junior and senior year of high school, as I was his team coach, and he had to put up with me. I remember timing him then he ran 10 minutes for two miles. He wanted to break 10 minutes and I had him at 10:00.08. Some had asked me to give him a sub ten minute 2 mile. I could not do that. He knew why, as he knew that he had to earn that time.

It was a fact that, in his senior year in high school and my senior year of college, we both won our first cross country races at the same day, and a few hours apart. Our parents got to see both races. I won and was able to enjoy the victory, having won by a good margin. My brother did not know about his win until afterwards. He chased a guy the entire way, not knowing it was a college runner working out.

I learned about tempo runs from Kim Wrinkle, a 2:22 marathoner who worked with me at Runners World A great guy, Kim now runs ultras and was a football coach a few years ago. I remember doing one in Wilmington, Delaware, about 1987, on a cold, cool night on the track, all by myself, with only a full moon out for company.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017. warm up, 20 minute tempo run on track, run pace at 30 seconds per mile above our current 5k racing pace, so if you run 6 minute pace today for 5k race, run tempo at 6:30 pace, and stay focused. Jog 800 meters, and finish with 4 times 200 meters, easy jog in between, cooldown

Cheptegei thinks Valencia
NIJMEGEN (NED): After missing the world 15km record by just four seconds in the Seven Hills Run in Nijmegen, Ugandan Joshua Cheptegei is aiming to compete at the World Half Marathon Championships in Valencia next March but he doesn't plan to move up to the marathon until after the 2024 Olympics, informs Losse Veter. "For the meantime, I intend to do the half marathon next year because there is no big championships, I just try to do it for my endurance and then I come back to the track next year. After 2024, then I'll go to the marathon. That's my plan for now. Until the Paris Olympics, no marathon," he said.

@joshuacheptegei ran his heart out winning his third consecutive @nnzevenheuvelenloop. 2 seconds away from breaking the WR!

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Usain Bolt has advice for cricket



Usain Bolt, photo from PUMA communications

Bolt advice for cricket
MELBOURNE (AUS): Usain Bolt has been working with the Australian cricket team to help them improve their speed, informs the Herald Sun. "It's all about explosiveness, and that's one thing I've noticed with cricket - they don't really have a lot of explosiveness when they're running. They seem to always take off at a slow rate. Getting that right will definitely help people," said Bolt, who also reiterated that he is still serious about his bid to pursue a footballing career in retirement from athletics. "It's something that I want to do. I'm trying to get fit now. My doctor finally passed me after my hamstring problems at the World Championships, so now I can start training."
Coburn_EmmaFV1a-WorCH17.jpgEmma Coburn named JJK Award winner for 2017! photo by
Coburn and Kendricks
INDIANAPOLIS (USA): Steeplechase world champion Emma Coburn has been named the 2017 USATF Jackie Joyner-Kersee Award winner, while world champion pole vaulter Sam Kendricks has won the 2017 USATF Jesse Owens Award, USATF announced Monday. Both will be honored at the 2017 Jesse Owens Banquet on Saturday, December 2 in Columbus, Ohio as part of the USATF Annual Meeting. Tickets are available online.
Kendricks_Sam-Lausanne17.jpgSam Kendricks, photo by
RunBlogRun opines: Great choices by USATF! Emma Coburn gave us our first women's steeplechase gold, leading a 1-2 gold, silver hauld with Courtney Frerichs. Sam Kendricks continued his nice guy assault of the pole vault.
IAAF Awards on Friday
MONACO (MON): The attention of the athletics world will shift to Monaco this week as the Mediterranean Principality prepares to host the IAAF Athletics Awards 2017, the annual celebration honouring the world's best athletes. Nearly 80 of the world's best athletes will gather to help celebrate the past year and to meet with members of the media who will also assemble to cover the numerous events that will be taking place. Some of the athletes expected include recently-minted world champions Mutaz Barshim, Ekaterini Stefanidi, Yulimar Rojas, Elijah Manangoi, Hellen Obiri, Luvo Manyonga and Maria Lasitskene, to name but a few. The IAAF Athletics Awards 2017 will take place at the Grimaldi Forum on Friday. In addition to the announcement of the men's and women's Athletes of the Year, the recipients of the IAAF Rising Star Awards, Coaching Achievement Award, Women's Award and President's Award will also be revealed. The event will be broadcast live via IAAF Radio. On Saturday and Sunday IAAF Council meeting will be staged. Informs the IAAF.

In less than two weeks the IAAF World Athletes of the Year 2017 will be crowned at the #AthleticsAwards

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The NCAA champs were last weekend, NXN regionals mostly done and Nike Border Clash was on Saturday, so it was a busy weekend for cross country. Monday is a recovery day. XC tying your shoe, hoKA .jpg Monday, November 20, 2017. warm up, 50 minute easy run, 8 x 150 meter stride outs, cooldown

Frank Gagliano is a gem. He is loved by his athletes, his friends and his family. He reminds me of my father (that is good). Gags as he is called is a clear speaking man, kind of in that Harry Truman idea. Frank Gagliano is the perfect mixture between the profane and the humorous. His stories are legendary.

Title (0;00;06;01)-thumb-500xauto-28596.jpg

You know where you stand with Gags. He loves his athletes is very protective of them, always looking for opportunities where they can grow and learn. Coaching provides life lessons. And Frank Gagliano thinks that cross country is all about life lessons.

In this video, 16/34, Frank Gagliano explains why cross country is so important as a life lesson.

Here is the video. Thanks to the Shoe Addicts (Algernon Felice, Adam Johnson Eder, Mike Deering) for this work on this series.

Cheptegei_Joshua-WorC17.jpgJoshua Cheptegai, photo by
Cheptegei second fastest ever
NIJMEGEN (NED, Nov 19): Uganda's Joshua Cheptegei claimed back-to-back titles at the Zevenheuvelenloop but on a windy afternoon in Nijmegen, he missed Leonard Komon's world 15km record of 41:13 by just four seconds. Cheptegei stopped the clock at 41:17, the second fastest ever. He finished more than one minute ahead of Ethiopia's Amdework Welelegn (42:40) and Kenya's Noah Kipkemboi (42:43). In a close finish in the women's race, little-known Ethiopia's Birke Debele clocked 48:52 ahead of Kenya's Evaline Chirchir (48:54) and Uganda's Mercyline Chelangat (48:55). World marathon champion Rose Chelimo from Bahrain was fifth in 49:07.

Tom Nohilly was a steeplechaser. Tom made the 1995 and 1997 World Championship teams. A fine steepler, Tom turned his energies into massage therapy and coaching. Tom Nohilly is assistant coach at HOKA ONE ONE New Jersey New York Track Club. Tom lives and breathes the sport.Tom Nohilly is one of the three coaches at HOKA ONE ONE NJNYTC.

Title (0;00;06;012)-thumb-500xauto-28692.jpgIn this video, Tom speaks on prioritizing your racing. He makes good points that should be considered by coaches at all levels.

This is video 15/34.

Tori Bowie had an amazing 2017, from the nice opener at 10.80 (wind aided), to the win at USATF, and finally, the gold at 100 meters in one of the most exciting races of the entire World Championships.

#ValentinoResort2018 @maisonvalentino ❤️🙏🏿😊😍😘

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Tori has other likes from running, which keeps her healthy. So, we will show a few of her likes, including running, and also, how she has been recognized by her sponsors and the media world.

Finding rhythm... #Patience #Positive #WaitOnIt

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The pursuit of perfection over the 100 meters and 200 meters means a pretty solitary existence for much of the year. The hard work is done in the nine months of training a year, then, the high season of racing, then, the world championships. Keeping your head together during a season when you are racing against the best in the world means: you keep it simple, you listen to your coach and team, you stay focused when everyone around you is freaking out.

How does one keep their game during the height of competition? It is those hill repeats with Coach Bauman, when you really do not want to do 4x200m, 4x100m and 1 x 300m, all uphill. It is those workouts when your body screams at you. And it is those workouts when you know, one more repeat of anything and you are going to retire.

Take a look at the final lean of Tori Bowie in the 100 meters in London. It was insane. Best of luck training over this winter, Tori.

We look forward to seeing you race in 2018!

Vetter_JohannesQH1a-OlyGame16.jpgJohannes Vetter, 2016 Rio Olympics, photo by

I met Johannes Vetter at the Doha DL last May. I was fortunate to watch him and Thomas Rohler several times over the summer. In July, Johannes Vetter put together the second finest series of javelin throws in history, 90.75m, 91.06m, 93.06m and 94.44m!

Johannes went on to win the World Championships in cold and wet London. He was able to throw farther than all and keep his wits about him when the weather and competition was getting very dangerous.

This is the back view of three of his fine throws from Luzern, Switzerland last July.

John Trautmann is assistant coach at HOKA ONE ONE New Jersey New York Track Club. An Olympian, and the record holder for the Masters indoor mile (45-50), John trained and raced himself back into shape, with the help of his former college coach, Frank Gagliano.

Title (0;00;06;01)_7.jpg

John Trautmann provides us some deep thoughts on hill training. Hill training is key for all track athletes, heck even throwers. Great stories of Al Feurbach and Mac Wilkins doing repeat 300 meter runs up hills! 1972 and 1976 Olympic gold at 5000m/10,000m trained almost exclusively before 1976 with 800 meter hlll repeats, due to his achilles trouble.

John Trautmann, like most coaches, absolutely loves what he does and it is obvious. We thank John Trautmann, Frank Gagliano and Tom Nohilly for their support and Mike McManus for setting this all up!

Video 14/34 is right below!

Berhanu Legese winning at the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2017.jpgBerhanu Legesse wins 2017 Airtel Delhi Half Marathon, photo by ProCam International

Almaz Ayana winning at the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2017.JPGAlmaz Ayana wins 2017 Airtel Delhi Half Marathon, photo by ProCam International

Leonard Korir (USA) after finishing in the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2017.JPGLeonard Korir, just after his 59:52 finish, photo by ProCam International

The tenth Airtel Delhi Half Marathon overcame the warnings by Indian Medical community and was held, with some fine performances up front. Here is the release from Phil Minshull on the wins by Legesse and Ayana.

Well, Frank Gagliano knows a thing or two about coaching. He has coached some of the finest middle and long distance runners in America over the past fifty years. Now, the head coach of HOKA ONE ONE New Jersey New York TC, Gags sat with us last summer, and provided us a whole series of ideas from his experience on how to coach cross country. There are 34 videos in all (we will post them on one page later so you can keep them all together).

Title (0;00;06;01)-thumb-500xauto-28596.jpg

Here is part 13, how to prioritize racing over a long cross country season. Gags is all about common sense, which is, in this day and age, just not that common.

Thanks to The Shoe addicts for filming and producing the series. Part 13/34.

Here's video 13!

Today is a long run day. Enjoy the long run, enjoy the scenery and enjoy the conversation. Get on soft ground and relax a bit. If you have a race or two left this season, remember, long runs, tempo run and a quality day is about what you need for the rest of the season. 20151212-ROSA0224.jpg

Heading to the starting line, photo by Justin Britton

Sunday, November 19,2017, warm up, 80-85 minutes, in hills, cooldown

Flanagan_ShalaneLeds-NYC17.JPGShalane Flanagan battles Mamitu Daska and Mary Keitany, photo by

PORTLAND (USA): New York Marathon champion Shalane Flanagan has hinted that she will sign up for the Boston Marathon next spring, informs "I feel like I would be pretty sad and it would not feel right if I was not on the starting line. If anything, I'm leaning toward that," she said.

Flanagan_ShalaneFV-NycMar17.jpgShalane Flanagan, photo by

VE0A2897.jpgEdna Kurgat, photo by Chuck Aragon

VE0A3114.jpgJustyn Knight, photo by Justin Britton

The NCAA Cross Country is one of the most viewed, discussed, cussed at events in our sport. The team aspect of the NCAA Division 1 Champs can not be underestimated. Here's a fun article from Race Results Weekly's David Monti.

McLeod-Shubenkov1a-WorC17.jpgSergey Shubenkov, photo by

MOSCOW (RUS): Reigning 110m hurdles world medallist Sergey Shubenkov already started preparation for next year, but he again intends to miss indoor season. "I started with general physical training. Everything goes horribly, my body is painful and I get tired too fast. Such things always happen at the very beginning of preparation, but I don't want to rush things. We will increase the load gradually. I hope that everything will be fine by the start of the season in May," Shubenkov told TASS

‪Great win for @justyn.knight at #NCAAXC D1!‬

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The mild mannered, very likable Justyn Knight, the fine Canadian runner, who took ninth in the London World Champs 5000 meters last summer. His pedigree in cross country has impressed many in North America. In 2015, in NCAA cross country, Justyn took fourth, in 2016 he took second, and what would he do in 2017?

Well, he had a perfect day of running today, as he took his first individual NCAA cross country title!

Using that 3:56.7 mile speed, Justyn Knight kept his mojo behind Matthew Baxter and Tyler Day of Northern Arizona. With the finish line in site, Justyn Knight made his move, flying past Tyler Day first and then, finally, past Matthew Baxter, to win, 29:00.11 to 29:00.78!

Justyn Knight runs for Syracuse, under the thoughtful coaching of Chris Fox, who has taken the last decade and rebuilt a fine program at Syracuse, his team taking 11th today.

Knight's move was textbook Justyn, a surgical attack, clean move and bursting finish. Baxter and Day were overwhelmed, but that was okay as they lead their team mates at Northern Arizona to a second straight NCAA team victory.

The wind challenged many, but Knight was going to have his day. Last year, his second place behind Patrick Tiernan (Villanova) showed his talent and his fine training and racing all fall made this nearly a fait accompli.

Top Ten teams, NCAA: 1. Northern Arizona, 74, 2. Portland, 127, 3. BYU, 165, 4.Stanford, 221, 5. Arkansas, 259, 6. Oregon, 274, 7. Iowa State, 279, 8. Colorado, 294, 9. Colorado State, 318, 10. 328.

Top five individuals: 1. Justyn Knight, Syracuse, 29:00.11, 2. Matthew Baxter, Northern Arizona, 29:00.78, 3. Tyler Day, Northern Arizona, 29:04.55, 4. Gilbert Kigen, Alabama, 29:11.8, 5. Grant Fisher, Stanford, 29:12.06, for complete results:

And, congrats to Norther Arizona once again!

As a West Coast Athletic Conference alum (Santa Clara University, 81, 82), congrats to the Portland Pilots on their fine second place!

@nautrackfieldxc repeats as the #NCAAXC D1 men's team champs!

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No indoors for Mr. Bondarenko

Bondarenko_BohdanQ-WorC17.jpgBohdan Bondarenko, photo by
Bondarenko again no indoors
ERZURUM (TUR): Former high jump world champion Bohdan Bondarenko after medical examination in Estonia started his preparation for next season at altitude training camp in Erzurum, Turkey. "The doctor said that he does not see yet the urgent need for knee surgery. I have got some special treatment, the effectiveness of which can be assessed in a few weeks. That is why we decided to begin our traditional basic work in mountains. In one week I'll be back home to start full preparation. Then let's see how the knee will react to big loads. In any case, I'll miss the coming indoor season," Bondarenko told EME NEWS. He last time competed indoors in 2012 and his indoor PB is only 227.

The Saturday before Thanksgiving each year is now the day for NCAA cross country (and Nike Border Clash).

The women's race, over 6000 meters, had the best fans in the sport cheering them on! In the end, Edna Kurgat took the individual title, leading her team, the New Mexico Lobos, to their second win in three years!

Watching Edna Kurgat float around the course, one could see the Lobo dominating the NCAA Division 1 race like few others. And on top of that, Edna lead the New Mexico Lobos to their second NCAA division title. It was their second win at Tom Sawyer State Park.

Edna Kurgat ran 19:19.5, the fastest time ever on the NCAA courese. The @UNMLoboXCTF runner broke the former record, set in 2012, in 19:27.9 by Betsy Saina, then at @CycloneTrackXC.

What makes Edna Kurgat's win even more exciting? The wind that they ran into!

Team scores: 1. New Mexico, 90, 2. San Francisco, 105, 3. Colorado, 139, 4. Stanford, 165, 5. Oregon, 203, 6. Boise State, 264, 7. Boise State, 274, 8, Furman, 280, 9. NC State, 295, 10. Wisconsin 318.

Top Ten: 1. Edna Kurgat, New Mexico, 19.19.5 CR, 2. Amy Eloise Neale, Washington, 19:27.0, 3. Charlotte Taylor, San Francisco, 19:28.6, 4. Allie Ostrander, Boise State, 19:31.2, 5. Weronika Pyzek, San Francisco, 19:34.0, for complete results:

Congrats to the entire New Mexico team!

@unmloboxctf wins the #NCAAXC cross country title in Louisville! #NCAA #NCAAD1

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DeGrasse_Andre-Stockholm17.jpgAndre De Grasse looks into your soul, photo by
De Grasse plans for Gold Coast
TORONTO (CAN): Big plans for Olympic medalist Andre De Grasse for the Commonwealth Games next April. As informs that while he's yet to decide whether he'll do the sprint double or focus on either the 100m or 200m, De Grasse is determined to get redemption after a disappointing Commonwealth Games debut in Glasgow in 2014. "The last Commonwealth Games I didn't really do well," he recalls. "So for me it's a great opportunity to come back to my second Commonwealth Games and try to redeem myself. At Glasgow I didn't make it out of the semi-finals. While the whole thing was a great experience, I didn't do well on the track and I'm determined to change that on the Gold Coast." He missed the World Championships in London last summer due to an injury.
DeGrasse_AndreR-Stockholm17.jpgAndre De Grasse showing off the shoulders, photo by

The big races are here. Your 22-24 weeks of training are paying off! Now comes the time to put it all on the line.

CHALL121215-0014.jpgCatching your breath, photo by Justin Britton

Saturday, November 18, 2017. warm up, early season cross country race, cooldown finish up with , 4x150 meters,


I remember a few years ago, being in the offices of a footwear brand, where we were watching the NCAA cross country on streaming video. It was pretty good show, as Ritzenhein and Hall were battling for world domination. It was a fun race!

This year, Flotrack is charging their normal over priced fee, and some will watch, some will not, and for some, the streaming just will not work. Those who watch it will see two fine races, and a ton of side stories. That the NCAA does not understand how many actually watch cross country is sad, but understandable. The NCAA makes billionw off basketball, and quite frankly, it seems that cross country is an also ran.

But, in the end, it is a glorious day. Many of the finest distance runners in North America battle over 6k for the women and 10k for the men.The twitter world will go insane during both races.

On Instagram, I noticed that Olympian Carrie Tollefson, who spoke to the assembled masses on Thursday night, wrote about her first NCAA title. It was fun and positive, and it is a good way to wish the runners competing in Louisville, KY the very best this coming weekend.

Nike-BorderClash19-Poster_full.jpgThe Nike Border Clash was an idea that came out of the eccentric minds of Josh Rowe and Johnny Truax. At the time, around 1998, the brain storm of those two then Nike employees gave rise to the battle for cross country supremacy in the great North West. Which state has the finest high school cross country runners, Washington or Oregon?

That question is answered on the weekend before Thanksgiving, on the campus of Nike in Bearverton, Oregon. The courses run from 4,000 meters to 4,600 meters, and on the cool, damp, (sometimes really damp), wood chip trail that plays an integral part in the course.

Cheptegei_Joshua-WorC17.jpgJoshua Cheptegai, photo by
Cheptegei wants fast race
NIJMEGEN (NED): Uganda's Joshua Cheptegei headlines the elite field for the Zevenheuvelenloop (Seven Hills Run) where he is aiming to attack the world 15km record of 41:13. The world record stands to Kenya's Leonard Komon who is also in the line-up. Other standout names include Brit Callum Hawkins and Ethiopians Yenew Alamirew and Mekonnen Gebremedhin. The elite women's field is headed by world marathon champion Rose Chelimo from Bahrain. From Alberto Stretti.
RunBlogRun opines: Joshua Cheptegai battled Mo Farah in the amazing 10,000 meters in the London World Championships this past summer. Many consider it the finest 10,000 meters in many years, if not, ever. Joshua has a huge heart and great drive. He will be fun to watch over the next decade. Cheptegai is one to watch.

It has been fun watching Shalane Flanagan develop through her career. I recall running in some races with her father, Steve Flanagan, and have been fortunate to work with her mom, Cheryl Treworgy, on some some photography projects in track & field.

Flanagan_ShalaneH-NYC17.JPGShalane Flanagan, photo by

Shalane Flanagan has evolved into one of the finest American distance runners on any era. Shalane was raised in the Marblehead area of Massechuesetts, and ran as a high schooler in one of the finest high school states to run track and cross country. At UNC-Chapel HIll, Shalane developed into a fine athlete, and she ran and won NCAA cross country in 2002 and 2003. Her hard charging racing style gave the Tar Heels their first individual NCAA champion in the sport of cross country. She was coached by John Cook from 2004-2008. Cook was old school, and Shalane Flanagan took long warm ups and extensive cooldowns, as well as some serious European style training.

At the Payton Jordan Invite in 2008, Shalane Flanagan and Kim Smith battled, lap after relentless lap. Kim Smith was one tough hombre, and she and Shalane Flanagan battled to the end, 30:34.49 to 30:35.54. This was one of the most exceptional battles among the great races run in Palo Alto on those cool Spring nights, when the gods of running whisper: "Just a little faster."Shalane broke Deena Kastors AR over 10,000m that night.

Watching Shalane in Beijing in 2008 was pretty phenomenal. The ten thousand meters in a global champioinships is particularly difficut event. Shalane kept her cool, and ran an AR as well as the bronze medal performance in the Bird's Nest stadium. It was, as all were, a hot and humid nights. Shalane Flanagan got into a groove and did not quit, did not do the survival shuffle, but battled on, running 30:22.22.

Shalane Flanagan ran her first marathon in November 2010. She took second at New York, and she was not a happy camper. The competitiveness that flows in Flanagan's veins reminds her that victory is near, just not how near.

Her tenth place in London for the marathon in 2012 showed where she was going. I remember a nice chat in 2014 with Jerry Schumacher, her coach since 2009, and his confidence in Shalane. He knew she had great talent and great races in her and that she would win the big one one day. Schumacher would never say that on the record, he is just not that way. Jerry Schumacher wants his athletes to get the accolades. He has never seen an interview of himself that he has liked. That is just no him. But, Jerry made it quite clear that Shalane Flanagan was a special athlete. Jerry Schumacher's smile when he spoke of her running, and her drive said it all. And Coach Schumacher was right.

In 2016, Shalane Flanagan should not have made the team, based off her fitness. But, she willed herself to the win. It was amazingly emotional to watch such an athlete somehow get across that line. Her Rio run, finishing in sixth, as an amazing performance. After her Boston runs, and Berlin runs, Shalane Flanagan had run fast, but some wondered, would she ever win over 26. 2 miles?

That day came on November 5, 2017, as Flanagan kept her competitiveness in check. She was in New York to make the podium, and perhaps, improve on her second. Mary Keitany could not perform and Shalane Flanagan broke Mamitu Daska and Keitany to take the win. Her last three miles were as vicious as they come, 5:11, 5:08, 5:04. Flanagan got stronger as she broke the competition.

How many cross country races did Shalane Flanagan run in her career? How many times did she break the fields over 6k, 8k, 10k in cross country, to win the races?

That cross country heritage did much to build her as a fine athlete. In the NCAA championships tomorrow, perhaps we will see a future Shalane Flanagan.

Cross country makes marathoners.

Harting_RobertFE-Paris13.jpgRobert Harting, photo by
R. Harting confirms retirement plan
BERLIN (GER): Robert Harting has confirmed he will retire next year, informs "I have always struggled with problems for the past two years, it's the first time since 2015 that I can train almost painlessly again, and it's much more positive that you do not go through the year with such a mental load," he said. Harting is hoping to win a medal at the European Championships in Berlin next summer before bidding farewell to competition at the ISTAF in Berlin on 3 September. This year, Harting began his master studies at the University of Arts in Berlin. He also plans to throw at ISTAF Indoor on January 26.
RunBlogRun opines: Robert Harting is one of the finest discus throwers of all times. He is also one of the most entertaining athletes of all times. He also loves the sport and has defended the sport against those that he felt were damaging the sport.

If you want to be the best, you have to work consistently well all season. You also have to work consistently over the years. There are no short cuts. It takes 12-15 years to make it in our sport, whether you run, jump or throw. Athletics is a global sport, with athletes from over 209 (of the 290) countries compete in our sport. Hard work, drive, focus are key.

Schippers_DaphneSF1-WC17.jpgDafne Schippers, photo by

Dafne Schippers is a global example. Dafne was a fine multi eventer, and the heptathlon was her home. But injuries and the rigors of the heptathlon were an every ending circle for Dafne. Then, she found that her enormous strength, endurance and speed were helping her speed, from 60 meters to 200 meters. In 2013, Dafne took the bronze in Moscow at the heptathlon. Word got out that she was considering a move to the sprints. In 2014, in Zurich at the European Championships, Dafne Schippers won the 100m and 200m at the European Championships. I loved watching her win over the 200 meters, while still a bit rough, Dafne finished strong and impressed many.

Laura Muir ran the 1,500m and 5,000m in London World Champs. Her 4th in 1,500 meters and sixth in the 5000 meters were tremendous runs, considering that every top rated global woman runner in those events was present.

The women's 1,500 meters and 5,000 meters are two of the most competitive events in the entire sport. I truly love watching both events, as they are such different events. The 1,500 meter final lived up to all the hype, as did the 5,000 meters.

Muir_Laura5kQ-London17.jpgLaura Muir, photo by

So, Laura Muir, and rightly so, took some time off racing since the London World Championships. Her first race back was a Scottish short course cross country, and she defended her title.

Also, Laura Muir won the BAWA Female British Athlete of Year award for 2017 as well.

A busy year for a fine athlete. And one who has great races on the horizon.

This is Friday, day before NCAAs and other big races. You have trained 22 weeks now. You are ready. Relax today, enjoy your run, enjoy the time with your team.

Good luck!

van alstine xc .jpgSprint to the Finish! photo by Justin Britton

Friday, November 17, 2017. warm up, easy 45-50 minute run with four 150 meter stride outs, then cooldown

Mary Keitany took my breath away during her run in London last April.

Keitany_Mary-NYC17.JPGMary Keitany, photo by

She ran all out, running faster than Paula Radcliffe had early on the race. But, with no pacers after half marathon, Mary Keitany ran by herself, and with Mother Nature and some stomach distress ran 2:17:01, the fastest time EVER by a woman running with only woman. Tirunesh Dibaba was second in 2:17:56.

She is running London next year, and that WR is fixed in every run she does. It may have been why she was not at top of her game in New York, but, Mary Keitany changes perceptions. In our interview post London 2017, Mary Keitany was a bit miffed that there was not the equivalent of a breaking 2 for women. And she was right.

Women's distance running is, in many races, much more exciting than the men's races. The women, especially in marathons, are about racing and they push the pace to the very end. NYC Marathons were cases in point, as the women's race was tremendous. Even with a bad patch, Mary Keitany came back and took second.

AIMS recognized Mary Keitany as the Best Marathoner in 2017, and we concur. Here is her interview with Andy Edwards, our friend at Race-News Service.

We are fortunate to have our friends at the NCAA Cross Country Championships. David Monti will be covering the champs for RunBlogRun, among his many friends. We will post articles from Race Results Weekly, and keep you updated with the news from the most exciting cross country race of the season.


PHOTO: Samantha (left) and Jessica Drop of the University of Georgia in Louisville, Ky., prior to the 2017 NCAA Division I Cross Country Championships (photo by David Monti for Race Results Weekly), used with permission.

Elana Meyer is one of those athetes you consider in the all time great term.

Meyer_Elana-Bellin04.jpgElana Meyer, Bellin, 1994, photo by

Way back in 1991, Elana Meyer ran a WR for 15k in 46:57, it was not tied for seven teen years, and finally in 2009, Tirunesh Dibaba broke it.

In 1992, with South Africa's first diverse team, Elane Mayer took the silver in the 10,000 meters in the Barcelona Olympics. In 1994 and 1998, Elana took gold, then silver in the World Champs Half Marathon. In 1991, 1994, 1997, 1998 and 1999, Elana set WRs in the half marathon.

This past week, Elana Meyer spoke with Andy Edwards on the awarding of the Cape Town Marathon as the AIMS green award.

Ayana_AlmazH-WorC17.jpgAlmaz Ayana, photo by


Geoffrey Kirui, with Mr. Tola, World Champs, photo by

DELHI (IND): Geoffrey Kirui and Almaz Ayana dismissed concerns over air pollution in the Indian capital as they prepare for the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon. Calls had been made to cancel this Sunday's race. "I am feeling all right. Everybody is going to run and I am also going to run. I am not concerned about this (pollution)," said Ayana at the pre-event press conference, quoted by Times of India. Kirui said: ""I have come here for the race, that means I am not going to be bothered by the talks of pollution in Delhi. I ran here last year also and there is this talk of pollution. I am all right, not thinking about this pollution. I am now focussed on Sunday's race."

RunBlogRun opines: Well, I am sure no doctor, but the level of particulates in the air in New Delhi, per the Indian Medical Association last week, was 451. That is one point above the level of particulates in air in San Francisco, California one of the weekends of the big fires in Santa Rosa and Napa. At that time, US doctors told people not to exercise, to stay inside and if you had any breathing issues, stay inside.

Almaz Ayana and Geoffrey Kirui are adults. They are also being paid a ton of money to run in India. What's a lung infection among friends? I sure hope Almaz and Geoffrey aren't hacking hairballs for the next few weeks. Or, large particulates.

This kind of thing reminds me a bit of the Marlowe character in Josef Conrad's novella, Heart of Darkness. A bit of a diversion, Conrad's fifth of seven languages was English, yet his English prose is mesmerizing. You actually sweat (well, almost) as he describes the conditions for travel and transport. It is one thing to read about rank conditions, it is another to run in them. And then, if you can not breathe for much of the half marathon, well, even if you are world class, that has to be an unique day.

For those not used to the conditions, this race will be stressful, or humid and humid. Add pollution, and you are just making this a nightmere. The managers should be there to protect the athletes. Loosing a lung, or hacking up half of one for a month is a pretty sad price to pay for racing for a big purse in a venue where more floats in the air than birds.

Athens-Marathon.jpgNancy Arusei wins 2016 Athens Marahton, photo by SEGAS-AMA

Nancy Arusei had won the 2016 Athens Marathon in 2:38:23, with a margin of fifteen seconds! Nancy came back to defend her title in 2017 and she was interviewed by Race-News Service's Andy Edwards.

Nancy Arusei is one of the elite athletes who competed at the Athens Marathon. Andy Edwards interviewed Nancy before the marathon on November 12. Andy Edwards and his partner, Joerg Wenig, cover global road events for RunBlogRun through their company, Race-News Service. Nancy ended up taking third in 2:34:51.

Felix_Allyson200Q-USAout17.jpgAllyson Felix, photo by
Felix thinks Tokyo 400 m
ABU DHABI (UAE): Allyson Felix is committed to the 400m for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. She told Reuters: "I think I haven't reached my full potential in the 400s as of now. The Tokyo Olympics (in 2020) is my goal. I'm working towards that and I want to give it my all. It is a very strenuous process. If it doesn't happen, there are a lot of things to do after my running career."

Milton Rotich spoke with Andy Edwards before the 2017 Athens Marathon. Milton wanted to win Athens, and spoke with optimism before the race. Andy Edwards and his partner, Joerg Wenig, cover major events around the globe for RunBlogRun and the RunningNetwork.

Rotich_Milton-OttawaM14.jpgMilton Rotich, photo by

Milton Rotich battled Samuel Kalalei through 35k, where Kalelie took off, taking the win in 2:12:17, with Milton Rotich, finishing second in 2:14:18.

This is a fun workout. It helps you change gears, which will be important in the upcoming weeks. Warm up well, keep the focus on!

20151212-ROSA0125.jpgThe breathing is coming back, photo by Justin Britton

Thursday, November 16, 2017. warm up, 2 miles on track jog turns, sprint straights, running at race pace, cooldown

Klishina_Darya1-WC17.jpgDarya Klishina, photo by

MOSCOW (RUS): Long jumper Darya Klishina has written in the Moscow Times about how the ban on her federation has affected her and other Russian athletes. The only Russian track and field athlete to compete in Rio 2016, wrote in part: "Russia has already lost a lot of professional athletes whose careers are over because they can't just wait for the issue to be resolved. If you don't compete, you don't get paid. It's like being fired. How are these athletes supposed to live?"

RunBlogRun opines: Early in 2017, Loren Seagrave, coach of Darya Klishina (and Tianna Bartoletta) told me that once Darya understood her new leg speed, she would return to large jumps. Whoa. Tianna Bartoletta told me Darya could handle a 4x100m leg, she has that kind of speed. The London WC LJ was one of the finest competitions in recent memory. Not about huge jumps, but seven meters is always a big deal and doing it under pressure of a championships shows that Darya is back. Watching her and Sergey Shubenkov was quite sad. One appreciates that they love their country and are proud of the country. I am not sure that the IAAF had a choice with such massive cheating in her home country.

Kamworor_Geoffrey1-NycM17.jpGGeoffrey Kamworor wills himself to the win, photo by

The New York City Marathon was a battle to the very last steps this year. After 23 miles, Lelisa Desisa, Lanii Berhanu, Wilson Kipsang and Geoffrey Kamworor separated themselves from the crowd. It took until 25 miles, when Geoffrey Kamworor ran a 4:31 final mile. Kipsang found another gear and took the ten second lead down to three seconds.

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 11.13.25 PM.png

How does one describe toughness? For Geoffrey Kamworor, holding Wilson Kipsang to three seconds was the difference between first and second. Kamworor won his first marathon in six starts.

For Meb Keflezighi, 11th place and 2:15:32 for Meb's last elite marathon.

For Abdi Abdirahman, his first marathon after the age of 40 gave him a 7th place and a 2:12:48 (and a possible Master's record).

Special thanks to the The Shoe Addicts for their work on this presser.

vanNiekerk-Botha-BosOut17.jpgWayde Van Niekerk and Ans Botha, adidas Boost Boston, photo by

JOHANNESBURG (RSA): World 400m record-holder Wayde van Niekerk's coach Ans Botha hasn't given any sort of timeline on when he is likely to return to competition after undergoing knee surgery, informs the Independent Online. Van Niekerk is currently in undergoing a rehabilitation stint in Qatar and will definitely miss the Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast. "We have to wait and see after he returns from Qatar after he has completed his rehab. We have to work day by day and listen carefully to his body, adjust and work like we have the past five years," she said.

RunBlogRun opines: My few chats with Ans Botha in London left me totally impressed. A coach who gets it, who understands that each athlete is an different challenge, Botha is perfect for Wayde as he returns from surgery and rehab. Botha knows that shoe can not push Wayde Van Niekerk back. His knee will need rehab and she will have to observe how his body recovers, and how he can handle the workouts and speed work. This is a coach who understands her athlete does.

Flanagan_ShalaneLedsH-NYC17.JPGShalane Flanagan, photo by

The New York City marathon was pretty amazing this year. Shalane Flanagan's win over Mary Keitany was a surprise. Shalane Flanagan's amazing focus, and precise move over the last three miles gave her the first win by an American woman since 1977. Shalane Flanagan's press comments were very emotional, as the significance of her win, and her lifelong dream fulfilled, all came to fruition on one day. Mary Keitany gave Shalane the credit she was due and noted that she had a bad day. Allie Kiefer, who had a huge PB, thanked Nike to supporting her summer of training for the NYC marathon.

Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 11.13.25 PM.png

Thanks to The Shoe Addicts for the producing of these videos. A fun presser, and a nice presentation and great inside view of the battle in the races.

Europe versus USA in planning!

Perkovic_SandraPort-Stockholm17.jpgSandra Perkovic welcomes us to Europe! photo by
Europe vs USA in planning
MINSK (BLR): A match between Europe and the United States is expected to be staged ahead of the IAAF World Championships in Doha in the newly refurbished Dinamo Stadium in Minsk in September 2019. European Athletics President Svein Arne Hansen was present at a press conference in the Belarusian capital on Tuesday where the subject was discussed. He was joined by Belarus Athletic Federation President Vadim Devyatovskiy; Minister of Sport and Tourism in Belarus Alexander Shamko; Deputy Mayor of the City of Minsk Igor Yurkevich; as well as reigning European javelin champion Tatsiana Khaladovich and European U20 high jump champion Maksim Nedasekau. This match would be the first time Belarus has staged a global athletics competition on this level and the Minister Shamko has emphasised the match has the full backing of the local and state authorities. The redevelopment of the stadium is currently in process. It should be officialy open on June 21, 2018. Minsk will also host in summer of 2019 the European Games. Inform Belarus media.

Birmingham-EuroIn07.jpgBirmingham, European Indoor Champs, photo by

Here's a story from the IAAF Newsletter on the preparations for the World Indoor Champs in Birmingham from March 1-4, 2018. Birmingham is one of my favorite cities, great food, fun people, great history in the city.

Felix_AllysonQ-USOut17.jpgAllyson Felix photo by

ABU DHABI (UAE): Allyson Felix reaffirmed her desire to compete in a fifth Olympics in 2020 and outlined her plans for next year. The US sprinter, who has a record 14 World Champs medals, said: "I have just gone back to training recently. It is very gradual at this time of the year, I won't compete Indoors Worlds and won't be competing until April. Slowly I will build myself back up for 2019." She was quoted by Gulf News while in Abu Dhabi to promote the 2019 Special Olympics due to be held there.

This press release arrived on email this morning. Abbott World Marathon Majors has developed a program to reach out to more of the citizen runners of the marathons. And it also shows how Wanda Group, new sponsor of Abbott WMM, also through IRONMAN brand, owner of Competitor Group races, will influence the sport.

London 2017.jpgLondon Marathon, photo courtesy of Virgin Money London Marathon

NYCM17_CMS_5633.JPGNYC Marathon, courtesy of TCS NYC Marathon

Recovery days are very important all year long. They are even more important as you are peaking. And you are peaking, as only the big races are left. Get your sleep, hydrate, eat well, nap, turn off thinking about running, and stay focused.

20151212-ROSA0122.jpgCatching your breath, photo by Justin Britton

Wednesday, November 15, 2017. warm up, 4-6 miles, 4x150 meter stride outs, cooldown.

Mo Farah has been of the most dominating athletes over 5,000 meters and 10,000 meters in modern memory. Since 2011, Mo has lost one of the 5,000 meter titles and one of the 10,000m titles he ran (7 in each, six won). His last 10,000 meters may have been his finest race ever, in London, in front of his people. Mo Farah won his last track race in Zurich in a fantastic, battle to the final centimeters. It was the way for a modern gladiator to retire from the track.

Edris-Chelimo-FarahFH1a-Zurich17.jpgMo Farah battles the world in Zurich Weltklasse, photo by

Mo has moved his family from Portland, Oregon back to London, England. He has changed coaches from Alberto Salazar to Gary Lough, the husband of Paula Radcliffe.

Lots of changes in his life, and now Mo Farah gets knighted by the Queen! We have posted two Instagram shots so you can enjoy the moment!

Lowe_Chaunte1a-RioOlyG16.jpgChaunte Lowe, photo by

It is nice to see Chaunte Lowe get her just due. But, let us be honest. This is not a just due. It is eight years since Chaunte Lowe had this amazing competition, bastardized by an athlete who cheated to gain a benefit to compete at this Olympic level. Watch the high jump competition and note how little separates medal positions and fourth and fifth in a World Champs or Olympic games.

This is not really a complaint, but more, an observation. I like that the IAAF is rewarding athletes who should have medaled when drug cheats are found. I celebrate that. I also understand how lng that we have had a mess in this sport.

Congrats to Chaunte Lowe. I wish you would have gotten this eight years ago.

DSC03943_preview.jpgLarry Eder & Maurice Greene, August 2017, photo by Mike Deering/The Shoe Addicts

DSC03944_preview.jpgLarry Eder & Maurice Greene, photo by Mike Deering/The Shoe Addicts

The Mo & Larry Show, now in its second year, focused on the London World Championships. This is the playlist of the seven shows that The Shoe Addicts produced for RunBlogRun and sponsor, adidas.

Maurice Greene was the man from 1997-2001, winning three World Championship gold medalst 100 meters, plus an Olympic gold medal at 100 meters, and his career and final medals came a few years later. Now, an ambassador for adidas, and coach, Maurice's observations at these major events remind you that this guy gets the level of pressure and competition at the Global level.

Enjoy the playlist and please pass it around. Also, buy a pair of adidas running shoes, as they are sponsoring programs like this on RunBlogRun and have for nearly three decades.

Geoffrey Kamworor wins a marathon


The New York City Marathon was a battle of human wills and Mother Nature. The cool weather was a huge benefit to the runners, as was the rain. But the races in New York, at least in the front, were two very different races. On the men's side, Geoffrey Kamroror, Lelisa Desisa, Wilson Kipsang and Lemi Berhanu battled through 25 miles.


Then, Geoffrey Kamworor, with the words of his training partner, Eliud Kipchoge, repeating in his ears, " be patient", knew his time to move was finally there. After waiting 25 miles, Kamworor was ready to move.

Geoffrey had run five marathons so far, and was running his sixth marathon. Geoffrey had won two World Championship half marathons, and he had won two World Cross Country races. On the track, Kamworor had taken silver over 10,000 meters to Mo Farah in the 2015 Beijing World Champs. His most recent 10,000m at the world champs, he had taken sixth.

Since the 10,000 meters in London in August, in his training with Eliud Kipchoge, Geoffrey told @runblogrun that he had learned much about training and racing. "I must be patient", was how Geoffrey Kamworor explained it after his magnifiscent run.

In the last mile, Geoffrey Kamworor ran a 4:31 mile. He broke all but one, Wilson Kipsang.

Over the last six hundred meters, Wilson Kipsang moved from ten seconds to three, but, he could get no farther.

Geoffrey Kamworor had not come this close to finish second, and he held on.

The picture below, the embrace from Eliud Kipchoge, is a "welcome to the club" kind of message. Geoffrey Kamworor has won his first marathon, in six attempts.

He will win more.

#rp @globalsportscommunication Two champions, one team. #tcsnycmarathon @nnrunningteam

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VanNiekerk_WaydeFL-Lausanne17.jpgWayde Van Niekerk, Lausanne 2017, photo by
Van Niekerk home and heading to Doha
BLOEMFONTEIN (RSA): World record holder Wayde Van Niekerk is back from Vail (USA) after surgery. His next trip will be to Qatar for rehabilitation at the Aspetar Clinic in Doha until Christmas. He will be there treated by Dr. Louis Holtzhausen who is his former doctor from Bloemfontein, currently in Doha. His agent Peet Van Zyl said the progress in past two weeks since the surgery is very good.

Success is not final. Focus on the future. This is only the beginning. #Adizero #AdidasParley #TakeChargeLDN #ThePulseOf #ZNE

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Screen Shot 2017-08-25 at 10.28.06 AM.pngThis is the playlist from the entire World Outdoor Championships video. Included are my prognostications for the World Champs. Then, there is a near complete set (we missed day 1 ) of London pressers. The pressers were amazingly revealing about the athletes, their training and the stress involved in competing at such a high level.

Please feel free to share with your teams and coaching staffs. The pressers are tremendous. Thanks to Mike Deering and Adam Johnson Eder for recording these sessions.

Semenya_CasterFH-London17.jpgCaster Semenya, photo by
Semenya to double in Gold Coast
JOHANNESBURG (RSA): World and Olympic 800m champion Caster Semenya is targeting another 800/1500m double at the Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast next April, informs Reuters. "I will again be going for the double but I need to improve on my tactics (for the 1500m). "The 1500m is a race that excites me. I look forward to racing it," she said. Her coach Jean Verster also believes the world record of 1:53.28 might be within her grasp next year as well. "I believe a time of 1:52 is possible. It is just a matter of getting in the right race with the right pacemaker," he said.

#I AM 1 🔥🔥🔥 #loveyourself 📷@koketsomogapilj

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Nice to see this move. FBK Classic is one of the most iconic of meets in Northern Europe. I have ventured over several times, love the city of Hengelo (great beer, and great walking and running trails). And then, the meet.

I have watched Haile Gebrselassie's last 10,000m race on the track in 2012. I have watched some fantatic races with an educated crowd in a fun stadium. Nice to see Jos Hermans and his Global Sports Communication team take over from the Golazo team.

If you get a chance to see this meet, get over to Hengelo for 3 June 2018 meet!

FBK logo.png

The body takes time to recover from big races. This coming weekend is NCAA cross country crazy time. Follow your recovery days and work on your hard days. Your body needs that time to recover. Sleep well this week, and grab a nap when you can this week. Also, remember to hydrate. Stress, like big races, needs to be managed, and key to your success.

Taylor_Kellyn-NYC17.JPGKellyn Taylor, photo by

The legacy of Meb Keflezighi


The first time I saw Meb Keflezighi run was at FootLocker Cross Country. I had flown in to see the meet and the taxi driver from San Diego Airport asked me where I was going. I told him, Balboa Park for the FootLocker. He told me that a relative was running there, who was quite good. The driver was fairly knowledgable regarding running but told me as I got out of the car to watch this Meb Keflezighi.

Keflezighi_MebWave1a-NYC17.JPGMeb Keflezighi paying respect to his fans, November 5, 2017, photo by

Watching Meb Keflezighi battle on the track at 10,000 meters and 5,000 meters for several years, I recall the Kim McDonald Invite at the Payton Jordan in 2001. That year, Meb broke Mark Nenow's American record from 1985 of 27:20 with his 27:13.85. I was standing on the infield of the track and watched Meb churn lap after lap, and finishing third in the race, run his finest track race ever. The 10,000 meters is a tough race, where one runs as fast as one can for 24 laps, with the fortunate athletes, those blessed with speed, able to excel over the last couple of laps.

Taking a PB of 13:11.77 for 5,000 meters and 27:13.85 for 10,000 meter might suggest immediate marathon success, but that was not the case. His first marathon was less than exciting. He told many later that it would be his first and only marathon. Yet, Meb persevered. He is what I call a championship runner, time is not as important to him as winning races. Meb is highly competitive, as his last marathon showed, where he ran 2:15;32 for 11th place in NYC Marathon just a week ago.

My favorite marathon of Mebs? I have to admit that his 2004 Athens' silver medal was momentous. It was also hot as hell, and Meb Keflezighi ran the near perfect race. His silver medal there, and Deena Kastor's bronze medal in the women's marathon inspired a generation of American distance runners. But my favorite race has to be his fourth place in London in 2012. On that course, where nearly 300,000 fans basked in the sun and watch the multi loop course, Meb ran his most calculated race, nearly catching third place. His fourth place there was his guttiest race, as he was not having a particularly great day, and willed himself into that fine race.

The legacy of Meb is this: there are no secrets. Train hard for a dozen years, work with a fine coach or group of coaches who get you and support you. Find some sponsors who believe in you, and never, ever give up. Meb Keflezighi is one of the toughest runners that I have ever seen. He is the American dream, one of ten brothers and sisters that his parents raised to be part of the society that that travelled half way around the world to join.

I will miss Meb immensley as a competitor. I will miss him in interviews, but I am happy that we got to watch him race for so long.

The NXN began their regionals, the NCAAs are coming up this weekend and we are less than one month from NXN Champs and FootLocker Champs are just week after that. Take these easy days easy and stay focused on the prize coming soon. Key now is to work on your hard days and relax on your easy days.

Stretching HOKA .jpgTying your shoes, just before your run, photo by Justin Britton

Monday, November 13, 2017. warm up, relaxed 45-50 minutes of running, 8 x 150 meter strideouts, cooldown

4285759.jpgSamuel Kalalei wins Athens Marathon, photo by SEGAS-AMA

4285840.jpgBedatu Bedane wins Athens, photo by SEGAS-AMA

Race News Service covered the Athens Marathon, the Authentic for us this past weekend. Here is the results of the elite race on one of the toughest races in the world!

Teferi_Senbere-Campaccio14.jpgSenbere Teferi, photo by

Teferi and Molla won IAAF CC opener
ATAPUERCA (ESP, Nov 12): Ethiopia's Senbere Teferi defended her title at the Cross de Atapuerca (1st leg of IAAF CC Circuit), winning the 8km in 25:21 in a sprint finish ahead of Margaret Chelimo (25:21) and Alice Aprot (25:37). Spain's Trihas Gebre was fourth in 25:50 ahead of Ireland's Fionnuala McCormack (26:13). In the men's race, Ethiopia's Getaneh Molla took a surprise win in 24:45 ahead of world U20 cross country champion Jacob Kiplimo from Uganda (24:46) and Eritrea's Aron Kifle (24:54). Reigning champion Aweke Ayalew from Bahrain was fourth in 25:02 ahead of former winner Imane Merga from Ethiopia (25:07) and world 5000m champion Muktar Edris (25:11). Ayad Lamdassen was the top Spanish finisher in 13th in 25:41, one place ahead of Carlos Mayo (25:43).

Mutai_Emmanuel-Berlin16.jpgEmmanuel Mutai, photo by

The Valencia Marathon has a fine field up front, with Emmanuel Mutai among the talented field. But, as Justin Lagat notes, Valencia Marathon should get kudos for what they do with the next group, men desiring to break 2:20 and women desiring to break 2:45!

Rosa Mota was one of the trail blazers in women's marathoning. In her first marathon, at the 1982 European Championships, Rosa Mota won the gold medal, running 2:36:04 and defeating one Ingrid Kristiensen. Rosa then took bronze in the first Olympic marathon for women, in 1984, behind Joan Benoit Samuelson and Grete Waitz.

Mota_RosaA1-Athens12.jpgRosa Mota, AIMS event, photo by

Rosa Mota would go on to win golds in 1986 Europeans in Stuttgart and 1990 Europeans in Split. By then, she was also the Olympic gold medalist, having added an Olympic gold medal in 1988.

For her breadth of racing, and for her championing of the women's Marathon, AIMS gave Rosa Mota the AIMS Lifeteime Award in 2017. Here is the interview that Andy Edwards of Race News Service did with her this past week in Athens, Greece.

This is long run day. This past weekend was NCAA Regionals, NJCAA and NXN regionals. The planned run is a relaxed 85-90 minute run. If you feel sore and or tired, then, slow down and consider shortening the run.

Finish line van Alstine .jpgFinish the race, photo by

Sunday: November 12, 2017. warm up, 85-90 minute modereate paced long run today, watch for any injuries from your race day, cooldown.

In a race that is decided by three seconds, Geoffrey Kamworor held on and took his first marathon title. And he was being chased by former World record holder, Wilson Kipsang, a man who has run 2:03:13 and lost!

Kamworor_GeoffreyH-NycM17.jpGKamworor battles for New York, photo by

Running the last critical mile in 4:31, and the last 5k in a brutish battle between four of the finest marathoners in our sport; Wilson Kipsang, Lelisa Desisa, Lemi Berhanu and Kamworor. It was not decided until mile 25, and then, Kipsang threw in that move over the last 800 meters, nearly capturing his second title, but Kamworor wanted it more.

Here is our two minute interview (well, 1:58) on Monday! A nice commentary from Geoffrey, who takes his first marathon title back to Kenya!

Muir_Laura1-WC17.jpgLaura Muir, photo by

KIRKCALDY (GBR): European indoor 1500m and 3000m champion Laura Muir will defend her 4km title at the Lindsays Short Course Championships in Kirkcaldy on Saturday, informs Scottish Athletics. "I've raced the 4k for the past few years and I really enjoy it. I always think cross country at this time of year helps give you a good base for the following season on the track. It's been a while because I've not raced since the World Champs- with the last one being the 5000m final," said Muir.

Muir_Laura5k-WC17.jpgLaura Muir, photo by

RunBlogRun opines: Laura Muir is back at it, running her first race since the loaded World Champs. I do not want to hear any more second guessing, as her 1500m/5000m double was a very good double and she came within two meters of the bronze medal. Muir is going to win global medals, she has the tools, and needs to get that racing experience with the likes of Semenya, Simpson, Cheruiyot. That is what London 2017 was all about. This is world class athletics, not pro wrestling. Watch her in 2020.

How do you describe Raeyvn Rogers? Amazing 800 meter runner, with the NCAA titles to provie it? A gutty 4x 400 meter relay anchor runner, who thrived on the high stakes that the University of Oregon had played at NCAA champs.

Rogers_RaevynSFPort-USAout17.jpgRaeyvn Rogers, photo by

I met Raeyvn in October, at the Global Athletics & Marketing event in Las Vegas. Raeyven Rogers is a burst of energy and confidence rolled up into an amazingly talented middle distance runner. Her 400 meter skills are, well, scary and her focus on the 800 meters gives amazing cred as she moves into the world of elite 800 meter racing!

Raeyvn has run over half of her life. She loves running, but she thrives on competition. She speaks as if her future success is pre ordained, and perhaps it is. If it is in her mind, that is more than half the battle. Her level of confidence is not cocky, but it is a focusing point for the multi NCAA champion.

Watch for our audio interview, but here are three great tips on being a better 800 meter runner, on being better at anything!

Kendricks-Duplantis-LaVillenie-Lausanne17.jpgSam Kendricks, Mondo Duplantis, Renaud Lavillenie, photo by

LAFAYETTE (USA): World U20 pole vault record-holder Armand Duplantis from Sweden has announced he will study at and represent Louisiana State University, informs Mile Split.

RunBlogRun opines: Mondo Duplantis is one of the most exciting and positive examples of where our sport is going. An amazingly talented athlete, with two parents who love him and watch over him, Mondo is on the way to developing into one of the finest pole vaulters our sport has even seen. Cocky, focused, but also able to be a kid, Mondo Duplantis will develop slowly, under the eyes of his father (former vaulter) and mother (former heptathlete). What is good about Mondo is that he does not like to loose, so he will make mistakes, but probably not repeat them. This kid has the speed, agility, focus, and competitiveness to shake it up. The future of the pole vault is sitting in Lafeyette, LA with a wonderful family and support system. Sweden should be proud.

Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake was a member of the gold medal winning team at the London World Championships in the 4x100 meters. While all eyes were on Jamaica and the US, GBR, with some strong passing and some amazing running upset the whole chart, and in front of 65,000 delighted British fans. It was a magic moment, especially as the GBR relay teams were getting some grief from the British press.

Mitchell_NethaneelSF-London17.jpgNethaneel Mitchell-Blake, photo by

In meeting with Nethaneel in Las Vegas, at an event sponsored by Global Athletics & Marketing, the management group of said WC gold medalist. RunBlogRun interviewed Nethaneel on his career, and decided to do a couple of videos. I suck at videos, and my apologies, but Nethaneel had some great tips for young sprinters, so listen and watch!

STRICKLERAMELIA-1-Lille6.17.jpgAmelia Strickler, photo courtesy of British Athletics

This is Paul's column for last week. Paul Halford writes on British athletics for us on a weekly basis and provides us a view into athletes, many of us, on both sides of the proverbial pond, of whom we might not have much familiarity. Amelia Strickler is emerging as the top British women shot putter.

Michael Stigler is proof that hard work and patience pays off. After finishing second in the NCAA championships in 2013 and 2014, the Jayhawk 400 meter hurdler took the title at 400 meter hurdles for the University of Kansas in 2015. Two weeks later, he finished 4th at the ultra competitive USA Outdoor Champs, which were the trials for the Beijing 2015 World Champs. In 2017, after a year of dealing with injuries, Michael Stigler made the US team for the London World Championships at the 400 meter hurdles.

Stigler_Michael-BosOut17.jpgMichael Stigler, photo by

The 400 meter hurdles is an event made by sadists. Combine the 400 meters, which means you are running on pure guts from 300 meters on, and add ten hurdles. Michael Stigler loves the event, and he is quite good at it, with a PB of 48.26. Those sub 48 second times will come in 2018.

This past October, we interviewed Michael Stigler, then asked him for three tips on being a better hurdler and then, asked him what he loved about track & field. Watch this guy! He is an incredible talent and he is focused on challenging himself to be the best he can!

Watch Michael Stigler in 2018!

Here are his three tips on being a better hurdler!

Race day on this weekend is a big one for many highschoolers.

Good luck at the NXN! Run your race! Warm up, focus during the race, and give the finish your very best! Cool down.

CHALL121215-0019.jpgAfter the race, catching your breath, photo by Justin Britton

Saturday, November 11, 2017. warm up,big race, warm up well, race well, cool down, consider your race.

Kamworor_Geoffrey1-NycM17.jpGGeoffrey Kamworor, photo by
Kamworor to defend in Valencia
KAPTAGAT (KEN): Fresh from winning the New York Marathon, Geoffrey Kamworor has said he is thinking about defending his world half marathon title in Valencia next March, informs the Citizen Digital. "It will be my joy if I will be given an opportunity to go and defend my world half marathon title next year. I am not in a hurry to specialise only in road races. I can still compete on the track and the cross country. I do believe we have an opportunity to reclaim the 5,000m and 10,000m titles," he said. Kamworor will be looking for his third successive title after winning in Copenhagen in 2014 and Cardiff in 2016.

Kenenisa Bekele - Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2015 Event Ambassador.jpgKenenisa Bekele, photo by Procam International

Florence Kiplagat winning the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2013.jpgFlorence Kiplagat, photo by Procam International

Spainsports provides RunBlogRun and other media groups insights into races around the world. Spainsports is providing RunBlogRun on races in India.

vanNiekerk-Botha-BosOut17.jpgWayde Van Niekerk and coach, Ans Botha, photo by

CAPE TOWN (RSA): informs that Wayde Van Niekerk´s coach Ans Botha will be awarded Coach of the Year by the IAAF later this month. Van Niekerk himself is also is in line for the IAAF World Athlete of the Year. He is currently undergoing rehabilitation after a surgery for an injured knee and will be out for a period of up to six month, ruling him out of the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Interestingly this week US sprinter, Curtis Mitchell, is in Bloemfontein and started to work with Ans Botha.

4283818.jpgMary Keitany and her family, photo credit: Photo: SEGAS-AMA

kipchoge.JPGEliud Kipchoge, photo by SEGAS-AMA

AIMS awarded their Marathon Runners of the Year at the AIMS Gala. Mary Keitany ran the world record in London in April in 2017, running at a speed never seen in years. She also ran third in NYC while having a tough day. Eliud Kipchoge ran the breaking2 event, then, took on Mother Nature and Guya Adole and won Berlin Marathon. Great marathon runners for the AIMS Marathon Runners of the Year!

Flanagan_ShalaneH-NYC17.JPGShalane Flanagan, cruising the NYC Marathon, photo by

BOSTON (USA): Following victory at the TCS New York Marathon last Sunday, Shalane Flanagan says it is too early to decide whether she will next aim for the Boston Marathon in April. "It's just when you have a big moment like this and then people ask that question, but it's important right now to soak in the moment. Ever since I was a little girl and watching the Boston Marathon I always dreamed of winning my own major marathon," she told the Boston Herald in response to being courted by Boston CEO Tom Grilk. "I want to let (a decision) come naturally. Maybe in a couple of weeks."

RunBlogRun opines: Shalane Flanagan just had the race of her life. The offer from major marathons after such a win could be impressive. Boston marathon is a natural for this American star from Marblehead.

NNRunJuly17_416.jpgPhiliemon Rono on a long run in NN Running team camp, July 2017, photo courtesy of NN Running team

NNRunningDocu_120.jpgPhilemon with Eliud Kipchoge, photo by NN Running team

4282595.jpgSEGAS President Kostas Panagopoulos together with Abdelkerim Boubker, Nancy Arusei and Milton Rotich (left to right) Photo credit: SEGAS-AMA

This is one of those races I want to see and run! The Athens Marathon is the old and new of the sport. Besides the 50,000 running the marathon, there is a great conference with AIMS race directors, plus AIMS, the Association of International Marathons awards their favorite marathoner of the year awards as well. We are glad that our friends at Race News Service, Andy Edwards and Joerg Wenig are at the event to provide us insight into the event.

We are in a time of much change in our sport. The IAAF and Diamond League are looking at how to change the major meeting group in the sport. Lots of questions here. The release gives an early indication of how seriously the IAAF is taking the change in our sport.

But, the question is, what to change and what to keep?

More on that later.

Coe-TaylorA-Brussels17.jpgSeb Coe and Christian Taylor, photo by

Friday, for most of the season is an easy day. Today, the NCAA Regionals were held across the US. Tomorrow, NXN regional meets are on as well.


Friday, November 10, 2017. warm up, easy 45-50 minute run with four 150 meter stride outs, then cooldown

Manangoi_ElijahFHR1-WorCH17.jpgElijah Manangoi, photo by

NAIROBI (KEN): World 1500m champion Elijah Manangoi has spoken of how the disappointment of not making the Kenyan team for the 2013 World Championships persuaded him to move directly up from 400m, for which he had a PB of 47.33. "When I was training for the 400 metres I would always do well in the endurance sessions and I could easily run 3x800 (in training)," he told the IAAF. "I also remember my old coach Colm O'Connell telling me I could one day become world 1500 metres champion. I was so disappointed not to make another team (for the 400m) I told my coach (Bernard Ouma) I want to try the 1500. My coach said, 'no, try the 800 metres first' but I knew in my heart I needed to go directly to the 1500 metres." Manangoi is aiming to compete in the Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast next April.

RunBlogRun opines: Manangoi ran a brilliant 1500m final in London. His speed has been one of his real talents and we see him playing a big part in 1,500m global races in the future. His 400 meter PB was similar to 1992 Olympic champ Fermin Cacho from Spain.


DELHI (IND): The Indian Medical Association is urging for the cancellation of the Delhi Half Marathon on 19 November due to dangerous high levels of air pollution, informs Business Insider India. The air quality index hit the "severe" level of 451 on a scale where the maximum reading is 500 and where anything above 100 is considered unhealthy by the Central Pollution Control Board.

Runblogrun opines: BBC news just broke the terrible reading of air pollution in Delhi. For comparison, during the recent fires in northern California, an air quality reading of 441 in San Francisco was higher air pollution than a year of normal pollution in San Francisco. A score of 451 out of 500 should not be one that any runner should run through. We applaud the Indian Medical Association on their concern for runners. It is terribly sad when a running event is cancelled, but this seems to make sense.

The NCAA regionals are on Friday. There are several more high school state meets on Friday and Saturday, and many now are preparing for NXN and FootLocker cross country!

20151212-ROSA0067.jpgFinal steps for race, photo by Justin Britton

Today, warm up well, and really jog the turns and open up on the straights. It is only eight laps, it will get you sweating and then, cooldown well. The big races are here!

Thursday, November 9, 2017. warm up, 3 miles on track jog turns, sprint straights, running at race pace, cooldown

Jemima Sumgong gets 4 years

Sumgong_JemimaH-RAK17.jpgJemima Sumgong gets 4 years
Sumgong for 4 years
NAIROBI (KEN): Olympic marathon champion Jemima Sumgong has been suspended for four years after testing positive for EPO, informs AP. Sumgong failed an out-of-competition drug test on 28 February and declined to have her B sample tested. Sumgong argued the adverse finding was a bi-product of treatment at a Kenyan hospital for an ectopic pregnancy, claiming she was given a blood transfusion and other unknown medication by an unidentified doctor. Sumgong's four-year ban has been backtracked to 3 April 2017. That means she will miss next Olympic Games in Tokyo. In addition Anti-Doping Agency of Kenya also suspended Sharon Ndinda Muli with a four year ban from 29 April 2016; Ken Kirui with a one year, three month ban from 21 July 2016; Florence Chepsoi with a two year ban from 5 November 2015; Shieys Chepkosgei with a four year ban from 26 December 2016; and Joseph Gitau with a four year ban from January 2017.

Carmelita Jeter retires

Jeter_Carmelita-USout15.jpgCarmelita Jeter, photo by
Jeter retires
NEW YORK (USA): 2011 World champion at 100 m Carmelita Jeter confirmed her retirement. She is also second fastest ever with 10.64. If world records would be changed as per current discussions she might end up as the World record holder. Jeter was also part of US team winning London Olympic gold in a World record time. She is now a motivational speaker, speed coach and manager for Total Sports. She considered trying out for the U.S. bobsled team, but reaggravated her left quad injury. Informs
Obiri_HellenFV-Brussels17.jpgHellen Obiri, photo by
Obiri big plans for 2018
NAIROBI (KEN): The 5000 m World champion Hellen Obiri from Kenya plans for both World Indoors and Commonwealth Games and also wants to attack the 5000 m World record on the track circuit later in the summer. Writes Daily Nation. She will plan with her manager Ricky Simms on the best venue to break Ethiopia's Tirunesh Dibaba's nine years and five-months-old world record time. "I thank God for a great season and I hope to uphold the same form into the coming season," said Obiri. "It will now be a decade next year since Dibaba set that record. It's about time now someone else held it...that person will be me God willing," she was quoted as saying. Her event at Commonwealth Games should be the 10 000 m.

Renaud Lavillenie thinks 2024

Lavillenie thinks 2024
PARIS (FRA): Renaud Lavillenie hasn't ruled out competing on home soil at the 2024 Olympics in Paris (at the time of the Games will be nearly 38) and is also hoping to assume a role in the Organising Committee, informs "I have no idea how I can be involved - I am pretty sure I will be involved as a role model at least, and maybe I can be involved also inside the Organising Committee. I think I will not be retired when the Games come here. My goal for the Paris 2024 Olympics for sure is to be part of the athletes' team," he said.

The sport continues to change and evolve. The brands that are doing well get that. They realize that while runners are creatures of habit, there are many pretenders to the throne.

As the New York Times seems to do each and every year, around the New York City Marathon, they found a negative article on running to throw on their front page. The article, The Running Bubble has Popped, tells the story of a business that has way too many mediocre races, has not charted a reasoned approach to changes in media and has been able to sit on its behind for nearly a decade, while specialty running enjoyed double digit growth. While the numbers of bucket list runners has diminished, this writer is not sure that serious running, the folks who buy 4-5 pairs of $150 trainers , has changed one iota.

Butter_Michel-NycM17.jpGMichel Butter, a NB athlete in NYC, photo by

At this time of the year, your strength and speed are key to your success. But also important, your sleep, eating and hydration needs. If you get a chance to nap, do it. Get 7-9 hours a night of sleep. Hydrate, and cut back on soda, sugary drinks. It is the details that mean so, so much. Thinks success, dream success.

20151212-ROSA0091.jpgThe race is about to begin! Are you ready? photo by Justin Britton

Wednesday, November 9, 2017. warm up, easy 45-55 minute minute run, four times 150 meter stride outs, cooldown, easy


The nature of media has changed over the past five years. I recall covering the 1996 Olympics via our website, and it was, well, primitive. The late Doug Speck and I put alot of information out and had a strong response. Our seats were in a wonderful place to see all of the events. We posted story after story, and lots of geeky stats.

Today, social media is king. Between video, photos and quick commentary, you can follow anything off your mobile, iphone or laptop. In truth, under the watchful eye of Keith Peters, Nike got it before anyone else. Their digital programming in 1995 in Goteborg, Sweden was better than anyone elses. Upon Keith's departure, no one seemed to see the amazing opportunities for athletics and running on the web for years.

Now it is quite different. At the IAAF, from their champs coverage and Spikes, plus digital radio, you have coverage everywhere. European Athletics is doing a fine job promoting their sport to the youth of Europe. Our numbers at @runblogrun grow through each and every event.

Hats off to Nike, on their instagram comments on Shalane Flanagan and Geoffrey Kamworor. Both had tremendous runs in New York. Shalane Flanagan kept her focus, and with three miles to go, sensed a change. The 24th mile, in 5:11, then, in mile 25, 5:08, and finally a 5:04 mile sealed the deal! The final hilly 10k, run in 32:15 showed the Shalane Flanagan, as her coaches Jerry Schumacher, Pascal Dobert an Alistair Cragg noted, was ready to win!

Flanagan_ShalaneH-NYC17.JPGShalane Flanagan, photo by

Kamworor_GeoffreyH-NycM17.jpGGeoffrey Kamworor, photo by

Geoffrey Kamworor is a fine athlete. His 2 World championship wins over the half marathon and also 2 World Cross Country wins show his talent. His battles with Mo Farah, on the roads and track, showed a fearlessness that Coach Patrick Sang realized meant good things in the future. His training partner, Eliud Kipchoge, told him to keep his wits about him to the very, very end. And that is just what Geoffrey did, dropping a 4:31 mile in the final mile of the race. But, remember, dear readers, that the marathon is 26.22 miles. Wilson Kipsang, former world record holder, cut the lead down from seven seconds to three, but no more.

Geoffrey Kamworor told me on Monday, that he knew he was going to win the marathon, but he had to fight.

Congratulations to the gladiators of the marathon.

Flanagan-Daska-Keitany-NYC17.JPGAnd then, there were three: Flanagan, Daska, Keitany, photo by

Justin Lagat provided this piece this morning, and provided us 4 observations on the fine marathon we just witnessed in New York City! Tell us what you think of our coverage! Please send us a note to [email protected].

Flanagan_ShalaneH-NYC17.JPGShalane Flanagan, en route to her victory, photo by

Kamworor_GeoffreyFV-NycM17.jpGGeoffrey Kamworor, photo by

This is the feature from Race Results Weekly on the memorable weekend in New York, with the first American woman to win in 40 years and a first victory in the marathon distance for a fine Kenyan runner.

Kamworor-WilsonStands-NYC17.JPGGeoffrey Kamworor takes the win, battling Wilson Kipsang, photo by

Kamworor_GeoffreyFHH-NycMar17.jpgGeoffrey Kamworor wins NYC Marathon, photo by

Cathal Dennehy, one of our sports' finest writers, wrote this piece for @runblogrun on Monday, considering the fine performance of Geoffrey Kamworor in the city of New York on November 5, 2017.

Flanagan-Daska-Keitany-NYC17.JPGThe battle of five boroughs, photo by

Jeff Benjamin reached out to 4 time NYC champ Bill Rodgers on the importance of Shalane Flanagan's victory, an event not scene by an American woman since 1977. Forty years ago, Bill Rodgers was the male winner, and Miki Gorman was the woman's winner.

I have to admit, as I was watching the breaking 2 live stream, I started to finally get it. I was up all night in Doha, Qatar, watching on my iphone and ipad, as espressos coursed down my veins. The coverage was fantastic, and the best stream I had ever seen. I remember saying, "twitter sports is the future of sport."


Eliud Kipchoge winning Berlin, 2017, photo by

I tweeted over 150 comments during the broadcast, trying to give, especially the new runners a chance to appreciate the absolute performance we were witnessing. It was not a race, and that was okay. But, it was, in truth a two hour celebration of the finest marathoner in the world. The attention to detail by Nike was fantastic. My only beef was that, with a few thousand real fans on the field, during his last two or three laps could have pushed Eliud over the edge. I just remember his glorious smile in Chicago when he won there.

Enjoy the video an realize, that you are watching the finest marathoner in a generation. I like to call Eliud Kipchoge the zen master of the marathon.

This commercial was done just prior to Berlin. As an instagram post, it has 786,000 views. Pretty impressive. Truth is, in Berlin, Eliud Kipchoge showed he could do just about anything. His win was thoughtful and his move to the front was not a nervous reaction, but the calculated decision of a fine marathoner, who knows, if you focus, and pick up the pace just a bit you are going to catch the new guy who has had no marathon experience.

Kipchirchir_ShadrackFH-NYRR5k17.JPGShadrack Kipchirchir battles the field, 11 men in seven seconds! photo by

Huddle_MollyFH1-NYRR5k17.JPGMolly Huddle, photo by

The Abbott Dash to the Finish 5k is now one of the real closing races of the 2017 season. A fine field on both men's and women's fields, we see some fun racing and 10,000 participants. Here is RRW's Rich Sands piece on the race on Saturday, November 4, 2017.

Jeff Benjamin wrote this piece on the very moving Hall of Fame entries for 2017. It was a wonderful afternoon: fine tributes, and great attendance to honor Dr. Norb Sander, Tom Fleming, Orlando Pizzolato, Lornah Kiplagat, Ryan Hall, Tim Layden (GH Journalism Award) and Meb Kefelzighi (Abebe Bekele Award). Here's Jeff's observations on this fine afternoon.

This was Carolyn Mather's final thoughts on the importance of the Shalane Flanagan victory. Carolyn Mather has been a long time observer of the elite marathon scene. Carolyn has written for decades for Running Journal, the premier running media in the Deep South. Carolyn wrote on Shalane on Sunday for us, here is her piece on Monday, November 6, 2017.

Flanagan-Daska-Keitany-NYC17.JPGShalane Flanagan, Mamitu Daska, Mary Keitany, photo by

Tempo runs have been part of our program for the past six weeks! Tempo runs could be part of the program that work for you all year long. We believe that the runs help you build your mid race strength. We are in the championship season now. Stay smart.


Tuesday, November 7, 2017. warm up, 20 minute tempo run on track, run pace at 30 seconds per mile above our current 5k racing pace, so if you run 6 minute pace today for 5k race, run tempo at 6:30 pace, and stay focused. Jog 800 meters, and finish with 4 times 200 meters, easy jog in between, cooldown

Yesterday, Shalane Flanagan won the NYC Marathon. She was the first American woman to do so in 40 years. Not since Miki Gorman won the NYC Marathon in 1977 has an American woman won in the Big Apple.

Gags, from Shoe Addicts.pngCoach Gags, HOKA ONE ONE NJNYTC, photo by The Shoe Addicts

Shalane Flanagan, in tearful contemplation noted that she had dreamed of this since she was a little girl. Where is the next American winner of the NYC Marathon and Boston Marathon? It could be you!

Shalane Flanagan told us that with her coaches help, she came up with the plan. Listen to your coaches! And remember, Shalane Flanagan is a fine cross country runner.

Dream, always dream!

Monday, November 6, 2017. warm up, relaxed 45-50 minutes of running, 8 x 150 meter strideouts, cooldown

My first visit to the New York City Marathon was in 1986. Working at Runners World at the time, I worked the expo all weekend and then, tried to bravely stick to my racing plan of breaking 2:50 at the marathon.

I went out well, and was still on sub three hour pace at 20 miles, when, I fell apart. My 3:23 was not my slowest, but it was sure not my fastest. I did find the neighborhoods that we ran through fascinating and shere numbers of runners astounded me. Over the next 31 years, I have missed one race, in 2001, and I have enjoyed watching the runners finish and the enthusiasm of a dream made a reality.

In 2002, 2003, I walked the Columbus marathon. i was in the middle of reclaiming a bit of my life back, loosing 100 lbs and I walked Columbus in just over eight hours, with a very good friend. Race Director Mike Collins supported me on the journey and finishing the marathon was tougher than my 2:47:12 marathon all those years ago.

I was looking at the picture below from New Balance UK's Peter Riley. It shows the essense of the race, and that each of the 50,000 runners and walkers have their own story, their own journey and their own challenges.

I focus on the elite in my coverage, but I think of the citizen runners, the strength of our sport, each and every day.

TCS New York City Marathon....what an event!!!!! #running #newbalance #newbalanceuk #marathon #newyork

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You have to admire Geoffrey Kamworor. The man has two World Half Marathon titles and two World Cross Country titles. He also has a World Champs silver medal at 10,000 meters. Geoffrey Kamworor has battled the best, including Mo Farah and won.

Geoffrey Kamworor has run six marathons, and finally, he has a victory.

Training with Eliud Kipchoge, and listening to the zen master, Geoffrey Kamworor has learned a bit of patience. The pace was championship like, a 1:06:12 half way, with a big group, so Geoffrey Kamworor bidded his time. That is also what Wilson Kipsang, who already has a victory in New York was doing as well.

When Geoffrey Kamworor moved, he blasted away with a 4:31 mile! That broke Lelisa Desisa and Lemi Berhanu, but Wilson Kipsang was not giving up.

As Geoffrey Kamworor got closer and closer to the finish, Wilson Kipsang moved the difference from ten seconds to five seconds, to with the final push, three seconds!

Geoffrey Kamworor worked for his first marathon win, and he took it in three precious seconds!

All the more to savor, and be called the 2017 TCS New York City Marathon champion!

Carolyn Mather and I see each other at the big races. Carolyn and her late, beloved husband, Steve, were part of the major races in the US for several decades. Carolyn, a long time writer for Running Journal writes about the elite women for us at New York and a few other events. This was a piece on Shalane Flanagan and her masterful win!

Flanagan_Shalane1a-Baa10k16.jpgShalane Flanagan, photo by

Shalane Flanagan's entire life had been building up to this day. In her first marathon, Shalane took second, in 2:28:40 in a tactical piece of running that impressed many in 2010. That the race was run at the 2010 NYC Marathon is ironic. She would not return to the marathon in five boroughs until 2017. Perhaps it was, all along about improving the performance, but giving the gods of running their due.

Shalane Flanagan wins the 2017 #TCSNYCMarathon! She's the first American woman to win the race since 1977!

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It is Sunday, time for your long run! Watch the NYC Marathon, get inspired, then, run your long run! RunBlogRun will be covering the race nearly live,

van alstine xc .jpgKick to the finish, photo by

Sunday: warm up, 85-90 minute modereate paced long run today, watch for any injuries from your race day, cooldown.


Meb Keflezighi, photo by
Reposted November 4, 2017
This is from the MEB Archives. On Sunday, November 5, 2017, Meb Keflezighi will run his last elite marathon. He chose to run that momentous event in New York City, and his 26th marathon will be his final elite marathon race.
Originally posted March 22, 2015


Abdi Abdirahman, photo by Jane Monti for Race Results Weekly, used with permission

Can Abdi Abdirahman, who ran a poised and tactical race last year, when he took third in NYCM, repeat his podium performance. Read Rich Sands's piece and you will be convinced!

Turner_Chris-Brussels2010.jpgChris Turner, photo by

RunBlogRun opines: Chris Turner has been a great friend of our sport. Anyone who knows him knows he loves the discipline of the javelin. In 2012, Chris put together the Centennery exhibit, which was a tremendous task and well recieved! The 'IAAF Heritage' department is a perfect new opportunity for a real friend of the sport.


PHOTO: The elite women starting the 2002 New York City Marathon (from left to right): F6, Joyce Chepchumba (KEN); F9, Kerryn McCann (AUS); F60, Silvia Skvortsova (RUS/pacemaker); F8, Maria Guida (ITA); F19, Kim Fitchen-Young (USA); F10, Marla Runyan (USA); F5, Sonia O'Sullivan (IRL); F16, Milena Glusac (USA). Photo by PhotoRun; used with permission from New York Road Runners), used with permission.
Here's Rich Sands' piece on TCS NYCM and its support of women's running. The story helps put NYCM and the history of women's running into perspective.

Spring 2014 CTRN.jpgCalifornia Track & Running News/Spring 2014, Meb wins Boston, photo by

Reposted November 4, 2017

On November 5, this will be the last elite marathon for Meb Keflezighi, the 2004 Olympic silver medalist in the marathon, and the perfect example of the American story. Like all of us, Meb is an immigrant, who came to this country, with his amazing parents, and nine brothers and sisters. Meb started his running in junior high and through a remarkable serendipity, hard work, and support from his coach, Bob Larsen, and his family and sponsors, ran 25 marathons. On Sunday, November 5, this will be his very last elite marathon, anywhere. He choose to run it through the streets of New York.

Originally posted April 13, 2017

The career of Meb Keflezighi has been long and colorful. I feel fortunate to have written about most of his major races. The following piece, by Chris Lotsbom of Race Results Weekly, is a chronicle of Meb's journey through the 26 miles of Boston. It is emotional and inspiring, and we thank Chris for this fine feature. It is the perfect read on the eve of the 121 rst Boston Marathon.


Decathletes, London 2017, photo by

The IAAF is getting back into rankings and this should be good for the sport. Here is the release that came out on Friday, November 3, 2017.

This may be the biggest cross country weekend of the year in North America. From high school state meets to regional college meets, the weekend of November 3-4 is huge for cross country.

You have worked out for 23 weeks now. You are fit, warm up well and run your race. With 300-500 meters to go you need to put all that you have into it. How will you do? This is how you challenge yourself! Can you get one more competitor in the final straight?

XC tying your shoe, hoKA .jpgGetting ready, photo by Justin Britton

Good luck!

Saturday, November 4, 2017. warm up,big race, warm up well, race well, cool down, consider your race.

Orlando Pizzolato is one of the iconic Italian marathoners. He came onto the global scene with his win in the 1984 New York City Marathon. It was a terribly hot day and the field felt it. Orlando Pizzolato was affected by the heat, with Orlando stopping six times. It heightened the TV drama as Liverpoolian David Murphy gamely chased Pizzolato. But, as everyone in the race, David Murphy felt it as well.

Orlando Pizzolato would hold on that day. In 1985, he would come back and take down Ahmed Salah, the Djibouti runner who had won the World Cup Marathon. And in 1986, Orlando would medal in an Italian sweep of the European Athletics Maratho Championships.

George Hirsch, founding publisher of the Runner, long time publisher of Runners World and now, chairman of the New York Road Runners club introduced Orlando and spoke of his races and his place in NYC Marathon history.

Tom Fleming was one of the toughest marathoners of any era. In a time when marathons were won by guys in their late 20s, early to mid thirties, Tom Fleming was a marathoner at 19. Having won the New York City marathon in 1973 ad 1975, Tom's best races were some of his battles against Bill Rodgers in Boston.

Running 140 miles a week and giving no quarter, Tom Fleming had a wonderful sense of humor and his love of the sport was passed onto his children and the athletes he coached as well.

Taken too early from us, Tom Fleming was a tremendous force in the sport, and had many passions. I remember interviewing Tom in 2014 at the RRCA Hall of Fame dinner about why cross country should be part of the Olympics. Tom Fleming was totally into it.

I did not know what to say to his daughter, Margot, who I have met a few time with Tom Fleming. It is obvious that she loves and misses her father, and her words on the stage were heartfelt. Margot was right, she told Tom's athletes that Tom Fleming continued to live through them, in their running, in their living and in their breathing.

Close your eyes, you can see Tom Fleming breaking the tape at the 1975 New York City Marathon.

Back in town! @nycmarathon @nnrunningteam

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NEW YORK (USA): Geoffrey Kamworor has said his training has been going well after finishing sixth in the 10,000m at the World Championships in London, informs the Daily Nation. "In London things didn't work well for me but I have fully recovered and my training has been good and what remains is to run the race which I hope it will come out well," he said.

RunBlogRun opines: Geoffrey Kamworor is one of the finest athletes of his generation. He has battled Mo Farah, and he last some, but he has won some. Will New York be his next victory? The runner needs to use patience and keep himself in control. His finishing speed suggests that a two or three kilometer fast run to the finish could be the type of move that gives him the big win. But, the quality of these races is such that, Kamworor will have his hands full.

Reposted November 3, 2017

The NYRR Run Center and NB RunHub were introduced in January 2017. RunBlogRun and the Shoe Addicts were there there. This is the embed of the video tour we did of the facility. It is a fun place to enjoy running, take a class, sign up for a race, and learn about the NYRR. It is part of the committment that New Balance is making to running in New York City the people of New York. Check it out, and when you go to NYC, visit the NYRR RunCenter.

Originally posted January 11, 2017.

The New York Road Runners RunCenter and the New Balance RunHub were introduced offiically today. RunBlogRun and the Shoe Addicts were among the media organizations there to cover the important event.

Why is the event important? As George Hirsch, Chairman of the New York Road Runners noted today, this moment was ten years in the making. Having a running center in the center of Manhattan, near Central Park, and open to all who run was key. Having a runner center that encourages the participation of young runners, means, as Tom Carleo, VP, Global Running at New Balance told us, another generation of runners is being encouraged.

NYRR RunCenter.jpgThis was the happy crowd at the NYRR RunCenter presser, includes NB CEO Rob DeMartini, NYRR Presidents Peter Ciaccia and Mike Capiraso, Brenda Martinez, Jenny Simpson, and Tom Carleo, VP Global Running.

This video is the intro to the New Balance RunHub and New York Road Runners Run Center, and we thought it is something that you should see! The NYRR continues to lead by example and their relationship with New Balance, as their partner in all things running is another example of how running is changing, for the better in the Big Apple.

Fred Lebow and Allan Steinfeld, I believe, would be happy with the NYRR RunCenter.

The video of the intro, gives you a pretty good idea of how the live event went...

Norber Sander won the New York City Marathon in 1974. For many, that would be a total highlight in one's life. But with a lovely family, wonderful friends, Fordam classmates, and a full life, Norb Sander had many wonderful facets in his life. In my mind, the legacy of Norb Sander is many fold. But his ressurection of the 169th street Armory is every bit as amazing and exciting as Fred Lebow convicing new sponsors to sign up for a marathon through five boroughs.

The New Balance Armory puts on over 75 events a year, and over 150,000 young teenagers found the Armory as their sanctuary of sport. Alan Brooks reminded me that I coined that the Armory was the house that Norb Sander built. It is so true. Norb Sander put every cell, heck, his mitochondria into raising money and making events better. His moving the Millrose to the Armory saved the event.

At the 2017 NYRR Hall of Fame, Norb's family accepted an award in his honor. From track heaven, the good Doctor must be smiling, and missing all of his friends. Each time someone runs around the 200 meter Mondo track of the NB Armory, the legacy of Dr. Norb Sander grows. But, all of those years ago, in 1974, Dr. Norb Sander won the 1974 New York City Marathon, five loops around Central Park, an arduous course, but not the hardest (Norb won Yonkers too, and New Orleans) marathon that the good doctor had won.


NEW YORK (USA): A heightened security presence will be visible at the New York Marathon following Manhattan's terrorist attack on Tuesday, informs New York Police Department chief Carlos Gomez has sought to re-assure the public that Sunday's event will be "very safe." More trucks and blocker vehicles, as well as an increased number of heavy weapons teams and counter-terrorism officers will be implemented for Sunday's race. "We more than doubled our observation teams, our rooftop observation posts, as well as our counter-sniper teams from the emergency services unit throughout the boroughs, not just here in Manhattan," added Gomez.

RunBlogRun opines: With the attack on Tuesday, security increased immediately. This writer, on Thursday night, walked three miles in Manhattan and then another few miles early in the morning, and noticed New York's finest everywhere. Perception is reality in the world of athletic security. As the security was increased in Chicago before the marathon in the Windy City, so will NYC be on high alert. This is the zietgeist. It is not something, unfortunately, that will go away for some time to come.

ADHM 2017 HORIZONTAL EVENT LOGO.jpgKirui_GeoffreyFH-WC17.jpgGeoffrey Kirui, photo by
Ayana_Almaz1-WC17.jpgAlmaz Ayana, photo by
The Airtel Delhi Half Marathon will happen on November 19. Geoffrey Kirui, World Champion over the marathon and Almaz Ayana, World record holder over 10,000m, Olympic& World Champion champion at 10,000m, will run her debut Half Marahton in Delhi. We look forward to this race! India has a thriving series of road races with strong fields.

Cross country is a part of our sport's tradition. The Cross Country Permit series is in GBR, Italy, Spain, and Portugal, some of the oldest and most inconic of European events. It would sure be fun to have this series expand into the U.S., but that is for another day. What I like is that the series is respecting some of the historic events of the sport.

Cross country is at its high point in North America, with 560,000 high schoolers, and 98,000 college athletes running their major races over the next four to six weeks.

ElBakkali_Soufiane-Cinque17.jpgSoufiane ElBaakali, photo by

VanNiekerk_WaydeFL-Lausanne17.jpgWayde Van Niekerk, Photo by
Van Niekerk surgery went well
DENVER (USA): World and Olympic 400m champion Wayde van Niekerk underwent successful knee surgery at the Steadman Clinic in Colorado on Tuesday, informs a release from his management company. "We are pleased to have received positive news from the doctor, who says the operation went well. Wayde had his first rehab session on Wednesday and it went well," said Peet van Zyl from In-Site Athlete Management. He will now have a break from training for six months.
vanNiekerk-Botha-BosOut17.jpgWayde Van Niekerk and Coach Botha, photo by
RunBlogRun Opines: The most important 400 meter runner of his generation is human. He had a knee injury and now rehab for six months. This is hardest part of an athlete's career, where one has to call on the spiriritual, physical and mental strength to make rehab successful. We wish Wayde Van Niekerk the very best and look forward to seeing him back next summer.

Huddle_Molly1a-Baa5k17.jpgMolly Huddle, photo by

Molly Huddle is one of the finest American distance runners of her era. Totally focused, Molly Huddle has developed her racing skill set from 5000 meters to the marathon. Her future, obviously, is with the marathon. Molly told me yesterday that this next year is about learning more about the 42.195 meter distance.

Carolyn Mather caught up with Molly Huddle on November 1, 2017. We thank Carolyn for her writing and Molly for her candor.

Friday is the day before big races. This weekend may be the biggest high school state meet weekend, with over two dozen events! Good luck to all competing and all those preparing for NXN and FootLocker.

Stretching HOKA .jpgGetting ready for races, photo by

Friday, November 3, 2017, warm up, easy 45-50 minute run with four 150 meter stride outs, then cooldown

RunBlogRun opines: Gabby Grunewald is a fierce competitor, in running and in life. She is one of those rare people who shine out goodness and smiles even in the face of absolute challenges. I find her inspiring and amazing.

Here is Carolyn Mather's fine piece on this amazing athlete.

Grunewald_GabrieleQ-USOut17.jpgGabby Grunewald, USATF Outdoors, June 2017, photo by

Grunewald_GabrieleQR1-USOut17.jpgGabby Grunewald and 1,500m friends together with her after race, photo by

Ghebreselassie_Ghirmy-Philly13.jpgGhirmay Ghebreslassie, photo by

RunBlogRun opines: From the first time I met Ghirmay, I was impressed with his poise and focus. At the London Marathon last year, was able to sit down with him and do an interview. He was quite impressive. Here's Sabrian Yohannes feature on Ghirmay Ghebrselassie, the young Eritrean marathoner who has miles to go before he sleeps (yep, stolen from a famous poet).


Meb takes Boston, photo by
Reposted November 2, 2017
As part of our week long MEB Archives, we found this fun video. Meb won the Boston Marahton in 2014, and became first American male to win Boston since 1983. With the tragedy at Boston 2013, it was as if the gods of running saw it was the moment to bring us together. Meb's win in Boston, which came down to the final mile. What can Meb do at his last elite run in New York? We all want the world for him, so we will just have to wait and see!
Originally published January 10, 2015
Meb Keflezighi had an amazing year in 2014. From his victory at the 2014 Boston Marathon, to his gutty fourth place in the 2014 New York City Marathon, Meb book marked a year of fine road racing with terrific marathons runs. HIs coach, Bob Larsen noted that Meb could have finished sixth in New York, but he had 800 meters left in the Big Apple, and a marathon, as Meb knows, is 26.2 not 25.4 miles.
To top off Meb's year, USATF gave him the Jesse Owens Male Athlete of the Year award! Well done, USA Track & Field!
RunBlogRun's December 2014 Male Athlete of the month is our US Athlete of the Year: and we picked Meb Keflezighi to salute his win as the Jesse Owens award winner, but also, because, Meb, 365 days a year exemplifies what running is all about: embracing the challenges, and enjoying the run.
Meb Strong.

As we get closer to the big races, we try and give you some variety. This is one of my favorite workouts. Warm up, and begin with a jog around the turn, then, build into a sprint, running 5k pace down the straights, then, jog around turn and repeat for 12 laps of a 400 meter track. You feel good after this, with some fast running but in a gentle fashion.

Finish line van Alstine .jpgBreaking the finish, photo by

Cooldown well.

Thursday, November 2, 2017. warm up, 3 miles on track jog turns, sprint straights, running at race pace, cooldown

Today is November 1. It is a recovery day. During your run, say a prayer, or provide some good thoughts for those injured and who died during the terror attack in New York. I had just arrived at Newark Airport, hearing of the attack. There is evil and good in our world, it may seem trite, but it is true. When you run, when you go out of your way to help someone, when you listen to a friend, you put chinks in the evil in the world. What cross country and track provides you is a chance to run, jump and throw with people a little different from you, and that is good.

XC tying your shoe, hoKA .jpgTying your shoes, photo by Justin Britton

Take a moment of silence on your run today and consider the people of New York.

Wednesday, warm up, easy 45-55 minute minute run, four times 150 meter stride outs, cooldown, easy


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