Best of January 2019: 2019 IAAF World Tour: Five Key Moments from 2019 New Balance Indoor Grand Prix


Posted 13 February 2019

Reposted 19 February 2019

RePosted Dec 25, 2019

This is one of my fave meets, do not the miss the 2020 version! 2020 Indoor GP to be held on 25 Jan 2019!

This is for your enjoyment, the night prior to the 2019 IAAF World Indoor Final, in Dusseldorf, February 20, 2019

The 2019 IAAF World Indoor Grand Prix is a series of six meets, taking fans and athletes from Boston,MA (January 26) to Karlsruhe, Germany (February 2), to Torun, Poland (February 6) to Madrid, Spain (February 8) to Birmingham, England (February 16) , with the final meet at Dusseldorf (February 20). I am sitting in my room at the Garden Inn in Birmingham, and am considering the Five Key Moments from each event. Here is my deep thoughts on Boston, now in its' 24th year.

Kejelcha_YomifRL1a-NewBalance19.JPGYomif Kejelcha, photo by

Here's the Five Key Moments from the 2019 New Balance Indoor Grand Prix:

1. A fantastic men's 800 meters!

Brazier_DonavanFHL1-NewBalance19.JPGDonavan Brazier, Clayton Murphy, photo by

Donavan Brazier and Clayton Murphy battled to the very end of the meet, and the crowd went mad! Both Brazier and Murphy are being coached by Peter Julian of the Nike Oregon Project. Donovan has been training with Nike OP since the fall. Two of the top American 800 meter runners battled, with Brazier taking the win, in 1:45.91 and Murphy setting a PB of 1:45.94.

2. A down to the line Women's Mile

Stafford_GabrielaFHH-NewBalance19.JPGGabriella Stafford, Elinor Purrier, photo by

Gabriella Stafford and Elinor Purrier charged by Dawit Seyaum with 100 meters to go, leading 11 women under 4:34. Stafford, a Canadian now coached by Andy Young, coach of Euro Champ Laura Muir, just got by Elinor Purrier at the finish, 4:24.80 to 4:24.88. Stafford's 4:24.80 was a Canadian NR, Yoland Ngrambe's 4:28.30 was a Swedish NR, and in sixth, Ciara Mageen set an Irish NR of 4:28.31. In second, Elinor Purrier set a new PB.

3. Epic Pole Vault Battle, Nageotte over Stefanidi

Nageotte_KatieR1-NewBalance19.JPGKatie Nageotte, photo

The Reggie Lewis has seen WR and AR in the pole vault in the past. In 2019, Katie Nageotte battled Ekaterina Stefanidi, Olympic gold medalist, World and Euopean gold medalist, with Katie getting the upper hand with her WL 4.86m, and Stefanidi clearing 4.71m. The women's pole vault is one of the most exciting events in the sport, with some of the finest athletes as well.

4. The emergence of New Balance Women Sprinters

McLaughlin-Johnson-NewBalance19.jpgSydney McLaughling with Lewis Johnson, photo by

At the NB Indoor GP, Gabby Thomas won heat 2 of the 300 meters in 37.03. In heat 1, Kendell Ellis won the 300m in 36.97. And as the final event of the meet, Sydney McLaughlin won her debut professional race, over 500m in 1:09.46. Why is this a key moment? New Balance has now ventured into sprinters, and they see Sydney McLaughlin as an investment into one of the finest 400m hurdlers in the world.

5. Yomif Kejelchas misses MR in mile by the smallest of amounts

Kejelcha_Yomif1a-NewBalance19.JPGYomif Kejelcha, photo by

Yomif Kejelcha ran a mile in 3:51.70, just missing the MR of Nick Willis. Kejelcha looks poised to challenge the Indoor WRs. What impressed me was what Kejelcha did after the event. Yomif ran 8 times 200 meters, and his final 200 meter was, sub 25 seconds, in this writer's opinion, after a 3;51 mile. Coach Peter Julian, when asked about Yomif, just smiled. This guy is good! Although I think he will go for the 5000m WR outdoors. Yomif Kejelcha is a true talent.

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